DeMarco Murray: Tony Romo “could barely breathe”


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo turned in an incredible performance in the fourth quarter and overtime of the team’s victory over the 49ers on Sunday, playing despite suffering a broken rib and collapsed lung. Now one of Romo’s teammates has given some details about just how incredible the performance was.

DeMarco Murray, a Cowboys running back who was in the huddle with Romo on Sunday, said Romo couldn’t do much more than gasp for air.

He could barely breathe,” Murray said on KESN-FM. “We were just seeing him grunting, and when he was trying to talk, he was just kind of holding on. You could see it in his facial expressions that he was hurt.”

Hearing that, I wonder whether the Cowboys’ medical staff should have allowed Romo back onto the field. When a player has a concussion, he’s not allowed to keep playing. When a player has a broken rib and collapsed lung, should the medical staff really just give him a painkilling shot and send him back out there, even though he can barely breathe?

But while we can question the decision to let Romo keep playing, we can’t question Romo’s toughness. Murray said Romo has the admiration of every one of his teammates.

“He’s our leader on offense vocally, and he’s a guy that everybody looks to,” Murray said. “He fought his butt off for us.”

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  1. If one has even have the slightest possibility of a head injury, that player can’t take the field. Yet, somebody with a collapsed lung, a condition that can be fatal if not treated, is allowed to take the field. Something is wrong here.

  2. Tony Romo knows what Luke McCown learned. You can be replaced in a moment in this league. Its like the old “are you hurt or injured?” coach line…he was hurt and he needed to get a W so the world would get off his back for the 4th Q @ NYJ. Mission Accomplished.

  3. Are people saying Romo is now a leader/clutch because he led the Cowboys to a victory VS the hot mustard 49ers???

  4. You cannot doubt Romo’s toughness, but you can best believe that the rookie will get a talking to for opening his mouth to the media about the situation. But maybe this was done strategically to get the media and the doubters a taste of what those inside the Dallas camp already know – that Tony Romo is one tough dude and he has the respect of his teammates and owner.

    Romo’s toughness is comparable to Jack Youngblood playing on a broken leg, mainly because Romo didn’t have his linemen “Leftwich” him down the field. It is unbelievable that he played so well in that condition.

  5. Can we please have more stories on how amazing T. Romo was on coming back. You swear he saved a bus load of children from falling off a cliff. Wow, he must be the first NFL player to return to a game with a injury. The guy goes from choking master to walking on water. This topic has not been covered enough yet…more stories!!

  6. I can see how this went down….
    The Phone on the sideline rings…
    Hello? Who is this….
    Coach Jones here, how is Tony?
    Well, coach, he has a couple of broken ribs, and a collapsed lung..
    Hell, i know just the cure, I’ll have the guy who has shot up my face for like a decade now take care of him, i haven’t felt anything on my face for years, give him a few minutes and stick his overated ass back out there, i have a brand to sell and a big ass stadium that bowling tounaments aren’t paying the bills…I am afterall, the greatest GM of all time, greatest coach of all time, i might as well be the best trainer of all time……..

  7. @ jw731

    All those words.. All that thought.. All the time invested into that post.. and it was STILL lame.

    Give a little credit where credit is due.. the kid showed heart.

  8. Well is the continuing saga of the Romo Ribs/Lung story to inspire cowboy nation on to victory and promised land or something??? I mean enough of this crap already…geez i’d hate to see how much poopoo we’d be getting if it were Brady and or Brees…

  9. He should have not been allowed to go back in. Punctured lung is one thing but he’s damn lucky his heart wasn’t lacerated due to the broken rib. Guy could have freaking died on the field! Training staff should be questioned on that one….

  10. Stop s—–ing Romo’s d—k he is an average QB who has never won s–t.

    Dallas has no chance of making the playoffs this year so why are you even talking about them.

  11. I love the Cowboys as much as anyone, but this is getting a little much.

    By tomorrow, the Cowboys PR machine will release the headline:

    “Tony Romo Declared Legally Dead during 49er Game”

  12. Saying that they were unaware that he had a collapsed lung is really damning of the medical staff. They should have known. Broken rib, gasping for air…probably should have put the pieces together.

  13. This reminds me of when Drew Bledsoe got hurt and kept playing. From that point everyone never questioned his toughness again. But we all know how that turned out for him.

  14. i thought he had a punctured lung, not a collapsed lung. collapsed lung sounds really bad. of course the trainers surely didn’t know anything about his lung. one has to believe they would have held him out if they knew there vital organs in play. heroic stuff tony boy!

  15. drmonkeyarmy – its football moron……concussions are one thing……people play with bruised, cracked, broken ribs all the time…….the way it SHOULD be…..

  16. @ hit2hurt
    Yes…it took me about 45 seconds…….I should have just mentioned…’s a PR stunt, and saved 30 seconds…….There is no dumber fan than a Cowboys fan…….No kidding

  17. I had a collapsed lung just over a month ago and i can tell you it takes time to get to its worst. it doesnt just deflate in an instant. highly doubt he’ll play any time soon. still tho (from an Eagles fan) thats a pretty tough and gutty thing he did. respect.

  18. Now knows how Adam felt after that whole Eve thing. Caution: Once she hooks you, good luck catching your breath again.

  19. Golonger,
    Why the name calling and hostility? I’m saying that people shouldn’t be allowed to play with a collapsed lung and if the medical staff didn’t know then they should have. Concussions are a serious issue but they are not going to be imminently fatal. Conversely, continuing to play with a collapsed lung could cause death on the field. Something is wrong with that.

  20. “If he dies, he dies.”

    No just kidding. But it should be up to the person risking their life. Not a doctor. I know a lot of people see this as just a game, but any real fan or player knows you put your life on the line to win games. I wouldn’t want to play with someone that didn’t.

  21. I love it!! No one was saying “enough already” during the Romo bashing last week! Now those same people were piling on last week are bitching that he’s getting too much praise!! F**king hyprcrites!! Also, I had no idea there were so many Cowboys haters out there so concerned about his health. Now, all of a sudden, because a player on the hated Cowboys comes back to lead his team to a victory, you want the NFL to decide which injuries a player can and cannot play with.

  22. if he were that bad they were pretty stupid to let him back in the game…..they are just trying to make him some kind of legend…..plenty of players play hurt and dont have it on the evening news 5 days in a row

  23. He. Didn’t. Have. A. Punctured. Lung. When. He. Was. Put. Back. On. The. Field. (Had to speak 1 word at a time since so many people seem to be idiots).

    How much is this going to get dragged on? Holy crap. Ya, he’s apparently one tough son of a gun. Anyone that acts like what he played with was short of Conan the Barbarian toughness is a clown and a hater….but for goodness sakes give it a rest! And also please give the whole “That medical staff should be ashamed!” His lung didn’t get punctured until he went back in…as dumb as Jerry may be, he doesn’t want his high paid QB to die mid field (especially during an away game).

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