Fred Jackson “annoyed” he doesn’t have new contract


The Bills have been one of the feel good stories of the first two weeks of the NFL season and running back Fred Jackson has been a big reason for that.

Jackson has a league-high 229 rushing yards and his two touchdowns against the Raiders helped spur Buffalo’s comeback victory in Week Two. But he doesn’t have the new contract he wants and that’s still weighing on his mind.

“We’ve approached them, and it’s not gone the way we would’ve liked it to,” Jackson told the Associated Press Wednesday. “I’m annoyed by it. I’ve been playing at a high level for three straight years now. I would like something to be done about it this year. I want something done that’s fair for myself and the team.”

Jackson’s comments come on the heels of reports earlier this week that the two sides haven’t had any talks about a new deal. G.M. Buddy Nix declined to comment about Jackson’s status.

Jackson went on to say that his annoyance at the lack of movement on the contract front isn’t going to affect him on the field. If anything, it sounds like he’s using it as motivation to force the Bills’ hand.

“I’m just saying I can lead this team. Give me the ball and I’ll make plays for you,” Jackson said. “It’s both energizing and validating. But it’s also motivating.”

Jackson signed a four-year deal before the 2009 season and is set to make $1.75 million this year. He’s due to make $1.83 million in 2012, the final year of that contract. He’s a tremendous value at those prices, making it easy to understand both his frustration and the Bills’ desire to keep things just as they are. The Bills also have a decision to make about quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s contract, but there’s enough cap space available to take care of both players if they so desire.

Jackson turned 30 in February and that tends to be a scary age for NFL running backs. He didn’t get his first NFL chance until 2007, though, so he’s got less wear on his body than a lot of other running backs his age. That will likely be a factor in any negotiations between the Bills and Jackson, although there would seem to be a way to get a deal done if Buffalo decides to open up talks.

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  1. I don’t understand the “less wear on his body” with older backs that haven’t played much in the NFL.

    He stook snaps in the CFL, didn’t he? Running the ball is still running the ball. Sure it was at a lower “minor league” type level… but the offensive line was weaker along with the defensive line, so he was likely hit just as much there.

  2. give the guy a contract and it will change his playing, you know that is the case. So you have that to weigh vs a cancerous player in the locker room bitching about the owner

    I would pay him, and I hope this doesnt affect his fantasy #s

  3. I’ve snuck Fred Jackson onto my FF lineup 2 years straight. 2 or 3 seasons ago he rushed for 1000+ and kick returned for 1000+. He a very well rounded and durable guy. And until recently he’s highly underrated. That being may deserve a new deal but making 1.75 and 1.83 MILLION dollars is not so bad. If he wasnt so old he could wait and sign elsewhere but by the time this contract is up his value will drop below what it is now.

  4. Pay the man. He’s got a lot less fatigue on his body than other 30 year old backs and is the workhorse of the offense. He has outplayed his current contract and wants to be here. Make a statement to the rest of the league Buddy, open Ralph’s vault and give Freddy what’s due. C.J. Spiller can’t run inside all day like this guy.

  5. As great as Fitzpatrick and Stevie Johnson have become, this guy is the true heart and soul of that offense. Do the right thing, or you will be sending a horrible message to all the other players in that locker room.

  6. First of all let me say that Fred Jackson has the heart of a lion. If he had the God given talent of a Adrian Peterson or a Chris Johnson, Freddy with his heart, would be the best RB that ever put on an NFL uniform. Jackson hardly ever makes a mistake, hardly ever is thrown for a loss, always falling forward to gain positive yardage. The guy is a beast and hardly anyone can deny him. Pay the man!!!

  7. When will these running backs learn. They are a dime a dozen. If your team has a good offensive line any NCAA back should be able to run through the hole. Take a look at the footprint put out by the Packer’s. They don’t need a special back. One to just pound the line every couple downs to give the qb a rest. The only back worth more than he makes right now is AP. He’s the only guy consistently breaking tackles and a threat on every play. Fred Jackson, Matt Forte, and more importantly Frank Gore are not special in any way.

  8. I hope Freddy gets paid…..I think he’s a good player and he deserves it……however, I am getting a little irritated with hearing that he is upset via public forum……lots of players are upset for one reason or another…..most of them don’t feel the need to talk it over with the media.

    Fitzpatrick should be the role model…..when Fitz is asked about his contract he replies, “that’s not for me to worry about. That’s between the Bills and my agent”.

  9. @ bombacim…I wish i could dislike your comment a million times…wtf are you talking about man?

    Fred literally puts the team on his back an carries them into the endzone…he can completely change the game in one play..

    listen to the players..EVERY ONE of them says they get inspired by Fred…

    Ralph..PLEASE…. pay this man…and Stevie…and Fitzmagic…they love being Bills, lets keep it that way…


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