Jerome Simpson not at practice Thursday


Bengals receiver Jerome Simpson was detained Tuesday, along with teammate Anthony Collins, after police intercepted a package delivered to Simpson’s home that contained 2.5 pounds of marijuana.  Authorities found another six pounds of the leafy green non-vegetable in Simpson’s residence.

Simpson and Collins both attended practice on Wednesday.  On Thursday, Collins was there.  Simpson wasn’t.

Per WLWT, Simpson’s whereabouts were unknown.

Appearing on SiriusXM NFL Radio, coach Marvin Lewis did not elaborate on the situation, other than to claim that Collins was not involved.

“We don’t know anything, so we’re going to continue to be supportive of those guys,” tackle Andrew Whitworth said, via WLWT.  “This is a football team, and we talk about all being in together and we talk about supporting each other, so this is another instance where we’re going to do that.

“There’s no distractions. We know how to deal with situations that come up from time to time. . . . Don’t make judgments, try not to be critical,” defensive end Frostee Rucker said, also via WLWT.

Still, this isn’t a run-of-the-mill DUI, marijuana possession, and/or domestic abuse situation.  It involves enough pot and supplies to suggest that someone was distributing pot, not just selling it.  It is a distraction, and it will be a distraction.

54 responses to “Jerome Simpson not at practice Thursday

  1. 8.5 lbs. is a huge deal……someone is going to do allot of time……and nobody will trust this guy now that the story has been published… he isn’t going to be able to snitch on anyone to reduce the sentence.

  2. The cannabis intercepted at Simpson’s home was mailed from Eureka (Humboldt County), CA. Is Simpson in the business of distributing Nor Cal’s No. 1 cash crop in Kentucky on the side?

    Simpson has been a productive target for Andy Dalton in the young season, 8 grabs averaging 22.5 yards per.

    If Simpson doesn’t play Sunday it will definitely help the 49ers, whose secondary can hardly cover themselves in bed. An odd coincidence give San Fran is sort of the gateway to California’s Emerald Triangle (Mendocino, Humboldt & Trinity counties), the largest cannabis-producing region in the nation.

  3. Score another one for the Feds….What’s that make the score now??

    Feds 25
    Clinkgals 0

    I would say I’m surprised, but unfortunately, I’m not.

  4. In the Cincy area we have known about this for over 24 hours… figured you guys would have been all over this like the outstanding journalists you are……

  5. not only is he screwed with the amount but i will bet he had at least one gun in the crib and probably grow lights or a hydro set up. he is in trouble and i do feel bad for him. legalize already!

  6. “There’s no distractions. We know how to deal with situations that come up from time to time. . .

    ummmmm, yes there are

  7. @ im4cincy

    I love to bash PFT when they are late on something….but this story is clearly speaking about Simpson not being at practice TODAY….how is it that “everyone in Cincy knew about that 24 hours ago”?

  8. Simpson just needs to tell the police that the marijuana is not his. He’s just holding it for a friend. That usually works.

  9. At what point do you look down at your 2.5lb bag of weed and say, “Hey, we’re getting low, better order another 6lbs”?

  10. I am not against pot. Hell they called me Dimebag in college [more because of me playing guitar and a Pantera fan] and I have a license for it here in Denver but this guy is simply a moron. For starters even the league minimum pays 4 times as much than he would make doing this. Probably 10 times because he didn’t have that much. 6 or 8 pounds is a lot but distribution purposes it isn’t anything. Funny he is selling this stuff out of his home and I go to a store and pick what I want from a dozen different kinds and can buy butter, keefbooster energy drinks, CheebaChews and anything else you could imagine.

  11. Instead of “Crazy Train” or “Start Me Up”, they’re going to play “Because I Got High” at Paul Brown Stadium!

  12. humb0lt says:
    Sep 22, 2011 1:52 PM
    The cannabis intercepted at Simpson’s home was mailed from Eureka (Humboldt County), CA.

    Any chance this was a set up by a desperate Niners fan?

  13. “Hi Jerome, this is Roger Goodell, I understand you may have run into some legal problems recently”

    “Yo Rog, wasssssup Dog. You want the same order as last time??”

  14. Legalizing it now doesn’t change the fact that Simpson knew it was illegal. The guy is an NFL player, getting paid more money than most of us will see in a 10 year period, and that’s still not enough.

    But it’s the Bengals, so they’ll not only keep him, but give him a new contract.

  15. arodg12 says:
    Sep 22, 2011 2:22 PM
    Who the hell is Frostee Rucker?


    Cincy’s team ice cream man. Guy does a great job.

  16. Actually one gram over 15 pounds is the magic number.

    I’m retired from chasing these people around. If Simpson wasn’t famous, this would be a non story.

    It IS run of the mill regardless of which side of the law you’re playing.

  17. “We know how to deal with these situations from time to time…”
    -Frostee Rucker

    Dude, in Cincinnati, it’s a recurring theme, not a “situation from time to time”!

  18. Apparently, Jerome Simpson was just spotted outside of Sam’s Club selling “delicious brownies” to anyone that was interested. Side note….Andre Smith came out of the club and promptly purchased 4 dozen.

    As a Bengals fan, I have to just start laughing at this stuff or it will drive me crazy! Laughter is the best medicine…of course, I have not tried Jerome’s, so it’s tough to say.

  19. Maybe it was part of a brilliant bungles promotion: free dime bag with purchase of ticket to our NOT sold out home opener! Damn federalie’s! This is actually getting sad – starting to feel sorry for those poor folk down thar by the river!

  20. coach Marvin Lewis did not elaborate on the situation, other than to claim that Collins was not involved.

    Collins is at the home of a teammate who has 8 pounds of pot and is there when the bust goes down …… and YOU say he’s not involved????

    Typically clueless Lewis.

  21. Anybody that knows Frostee Rucker’s history with women(worse than Big Ben) should know that he shouldn’t be speaking publically for anybody.

  22. Memo to M. Brown…Cut Simpson, Benson and m. Lewis (The Warden)…and don’t leave out A. Jones. let’s please move the F&^%# on! I don’t care if we go 1-15…please, can we rid ourselves of these parasites and build a quality team? Concerned Bengal fan!

  23. And when will Brandon Marshall be suspended for domestic violence? Oh and yeah, whatever happened with Hines ward’s DUI?

  24. We spoke earlier of Frostee Rucker, but some family news came out today as the Bengals signed Frostee’s brother Slurpee to the practice squad.

    The youngest Rucker brother, Big Gulpee, is a massive and highly-touted DT who’s entering his junior year at the University of 7-Eleven.

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