New arrival to the PFT family

It’s a great day here at PFT; the family has grown by one.

No, we haven’t hired any new writers.  Rosenthal’s wife, Emika, has given birth to their first child.

Elly Rosenthal arrived last night at roughly 11:30 p.m. ET.  Gregg says that Emika and Elly are doing great.

During one of my upcoming trips to New York, Rosenthal and I will be enjoying a fine cigar.  As soon as he’s old enough to smoke.

Anyway, congratulations to the Rosenthals, from everyone at PFT.  Post your own thoughts and/or tastefully humorous jabs at Gregg below.

47 responses to “New arrival to the PFT family

  1. Congrats….And Elly, bless her heart, when Daddy first held her,and he looked lovingly at her, reached down at the laptop, and showed him where the spell check button is..Took less than 24 hours

  2. Hope you enjoyed your old life Gregg, it’s OVER!!!

    Welcome to your new world Hahahahahaha

    Sorry Gregg, your time as a MAN is over and your time as DAD has begun, and that really is the BEST role in life.

    Wishing your new born and wife health, rest, and healing.

    Get ready for some serious JOY Gregg.

    Mazel Tov

  3. thephantomstranger says:
    Sep 22, 2011 9:26 AM
    Congratulations, but I’m surprised he didn’t spell it Ellly.

    hahaha classic. But in all seriousness. Congrats Gregggg. I rag on you quite a bit but it seems like you do some things right. Just not legit NFL headline stories.

  4. Oh how I envy your life Gregggg. First you get to write about football for a living. Then you got to nail your middle school teacher.

    All joking aside, Congrats! Most guys want a son, (I was in this group as well), but trust me when I tell you that a daughter is just as fun. It makes a father proud when his daughter is more knowledgeable about sports than his buddys’ sons.

  5. Congrats buddy!!

    Prepare yourself for the future!!
    Girls are much harder than boys!!
    Especially once they hit double digits!!
    You have some time, but prepare pal!!

  6. A week 3 baby? Come on Ggreg, you’re supposed to get her pregnant during the season so the baby is born in the middle of the offseason. That’s poor planning bro.

  7. Congrats to the proud papa and the PFT family.

    Make sure you have the kid analyzing tape early on.

    She’ll surpass the whole staff by her first birthday.

  8. Congrats, nothing better than a baby daughter. However, maybe his kid will know something about football, and realize that a news gatherer without a football background is best at reporting the news rather than spouting uninformed opinions.

  9. Congrats. Jason La Canfora also days (maybe hours) away from another stork attack too.

    For our second daughter, we had a hard time choosing between Emily and Erika as well. Damb if the Rosenthals didn’t figure a way out of that quandry in a way that eluded us …

  10. ConGrats Gregg, Awesome news. Now I can look forward to your posts at 2, 3 and 4 in the AM couse you sure won’t be sleeping. Good luck buddy!

  11. Normally I’m skeptical of the tale of the stork bringing the baby. But in this case it seems a more likely alternative.

  12. Unless she pushed the kid out through her birth canal with an NFL helmet on, why is this news? (Just kidding…I had to).

    Seriously, congratulations. There is nothing like being a father. It is great.

  13. Congrats Rosenthal!!! PLEASE be sure to spell the babies name correctly on the Birth Certifcate!!!!! ;o)

  14. Heard the baby’s already taller than Gregg…

    Congrats on the new addition. Vegas has the over/under on the number of televised TDs you will miss this season while changing a diaper at 3.

  15. Just remeber Gregg, enjoy her while you can because babies grow up way too fast.

    Well, not YOU of course, but most of them.

    Seriously, congrats.

  16. Congratulations. Teach your daughter to never be afraid to speak her truth … no matter who it annoys.

  17. Deb says:
    Sep 22, 2011 3:50 PM
    Congratulations. Teach your daughter to never be afraid to speak her truth … no matter who it annoys.

    Spoken like a true liberal. How about teaching her to speak THE truth?

  18. Congratulations, when my daughter was born (our 1st) last October, it was the greatest day of my life. Enjoy your daughter and teach her well. You will be the first man she ever loves, that responsibility is huge, so take it seriously. Best of luck to you and your wife.

  19. thephantomstranger says:
    Spoken like a true liberal. How about teaching her to speak THE truth?
    Phantom, You surprised me. I thought all you mud-ducks were libs. Maybe there is hope for Minnesota yet.

  20. @thephantomstranger …

    Get off me. I’m tired of you following me from thread to thread and picking apart comments that have nothing to do with you–or with politics. Since you’re not female, you don’t know that it can be hard for strong women to be themselves, to speak up for themselves, to give their opinions–speak their truth–because while the world is full of strong men who aren’t threatened by accomplished women, there are also plenty of little pissants who want to muzzle women just because they’re women. I was telling Rosenthal to teach his daughter not to be afraid of those little bitty men. And you just made my argument.

    God bless, baby Elly. No matter how tall you brow in stature, the only thing that will matter is the size of your heart.

  21. “…how tall you brow in stature…”

    (Trying to get the image of an angry woman in middle of a browbeating out of my head)

    Gregg, a big hearty congratulations on your new role! As a father of two young kids, it’s a great blessing.

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