Rams linebacker says Giants’ Perry Fewell coaches faking injuries


After two Giants players faked injuries on Monday night against the Rams, one Rams player says he knows where they got the idea: Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, who coaches players to fake an injury when they need time to get the right personell on the field.

Rams linebacker Bryan Kehl, who played for the Giants last year, says that Fewell tells his players to buy themselves free timeouts by faking injuries.

“Perry Fewell coaches that,” Kehl said, per Howard Balzer of The Sports Xchange and 101sports.com. “He’s their DC [defensive coordinator]. He coaches that.”

Kehl’s comments could raise some eyebrows at the league office, which issued a memo in response to the Giants’ fake injuries saying “all those suspected of being involved in faking injuries will be summoned promptly to this office.”

So far, the Giants are taking the approach that the league can’t prove they were faking, so they won’t admit it. At the very least, Fewell should be put on the spot and asked how it is that two of his current players both faked injuries at the same time — and one of his former players says that’s what he coaches.

52 responses to “Rams linebacker says Giants’ Perry Fewell coaches faking injuries

  1. Bryan Kehl is being very short sighted and should of just stay quiet. Perry Fewell could of been an employer looking for your services, now he will completely ignore you.

  2. Back in high school, my coach asked me to flop right before the end of the first half in order to get a much needed timeout. On the play that I was supposed to go down, the opposing QB threw an interception to a DB on my team. I remember thinking of how scared my mom would have been to see her son laying motionless on the field.

  3. slippy…he already parted ways with that DC and the Giants. I’m willing to guess he already knew he wasn’t going back.

    He clearly needs to give his players acting lessons. Grant looked just as bad falling down as the guy behind him did. Looked like a soccer match.

  4. “Perry Fewell coaches that,” Kehl said, per Howard Balzer of The Sports Xchange and 101sports.com. “He’s their DC [defensive coordinator]. He coaches that”

    He should have followed that statement up with “and Perry is obviously not a very good at coaching that part.”

  5. Suprised kehl even gets interviews on the radio. Suprised kehl is even in the nfl still. You were awful with the giants and you are awful with the rams. Perhaps you should fake injuries to get yourself off the field

  6. This has been going on since no-huddle was invented. Ofcourse all defensive coordinators coach it. You can’t get caught. Deny till you die in this case. Anyone who talks is a fool.

  7. Not only does it coach it, they practise it and it was part of their gameplan. Watch the video again, they have been taught to fall. Look at the placement of the feet and body angle. They have been instructed on how to fall to avoid injury in the process. Very plain to see.

    There is really no controversy. It is what it is and the Rams gave that game away, with rediculus play. Kinda felt sorry for their coach.

  8. Don’t coaches pretty much start teaching this at somewhere around the middle school level? Only those whose gullibility level is “off the charts” should be surprised that a player would feign injury to stop the clock.

  9. The NFL really should get serious about this crap, there’s reasons so many of us can’t watch soccer, and this is probably the single biggest one.

    Get rid of this crap, now.

  10. They both went down at the same time because he probably uses hand signals to tell them to do so. Both saw it, both reacted.

    I know there has been debate on how to handle injured players and one “solution” is to always charge a timeout if there is an injury. I don’t like it. I’d rather see the player have to come out for the rest of the drive. That way, if he’s hurt, this helps the NFL show they care about with player safety. If he’s faking, he can’t play that series. Or maybe give the coach a choice of losing him for the series or taking a timeout.

  11. Fewell : if you wanna cheat, don’t tell players who aren’t gonna stay on the team. That’s just dumb…

    Giants fans : don’t take it out on Kehl, the Giants brought this on themselves

  12. So
    Video of obvious faking with 2 players falling for no reason, One gets right back up

    Rams players heard and reported giants players yelling “Someone go down! Someone go down!!”

    Former giants player reports fuel teaches faking Injuries for free timeouts

    How much evidence does the league need?

    If this is not enough evidence then this will never be fined or punished so what the heck was the point of that memo!?

  13. This is the only way guys like this get press—-snitching.

    The faking is just as bad however. I would like to point out though that since it is a tactic which favors the defense, and not the offense, the league office will put a quick end to it.

    Anybody notice all the rules favor offense? Can’t hit the QB high or low, no horse collar, contact is illegal past 5 yards? Not so long ago, none of those existed. If they ever make cut blocks illegal (favoring the D) I will crap my pants in surprise.

  14. Do we not understand that it is not only the Giants that do this? Every former player says it is done. Former coaches say it is done. If the Rams want to claim that the Giants are the only team that do this, or are one of the only teams that do, they are either lying or they have a weakness in their coaching staff.
    Complain all you want tha it is part of the game. But it is. It just happens to be the Giants who have pointed the spot light on it.

  15. I can’t believe Rex Ryan and the entire Jets organization allows something like this to happen. They have absolutely no shame in their… oh wait, this is the other NY team, the one that brags that they’re one of the classy teams in the league. Never mind.

  16. This has been going on for decades.

    Roger Goodell knows that.

    He also knows that most fans are clueless that it’s been going on for decades.

    So this is making Roger Goodell look bad.

    Which means the Giants can expect a several hundred thousand dollar fine and the loss of of a 1st round pick.

  17. Sure seems to be a whole lot of “pots calling kettles black” about this. Funny how most players say that this is a pretty common occurrence, and most teams do it. But when it happens to them, oh the outrage!

    Bryan Kehl, you were probably absolutely fine with it if you were asked to do it. Get off your high horse.

  18. I have to say I find it ironic that this website finds such outrage over a one time flop and views it as such a “black eye” for the League, yet, at the same time, views a man that was a kingpin of an inter-state gambling ring (i.e. – a leader of organized crime) and used to place electrodes inside a dog’s rectum in order to slowly electrocute an animal to death a “great comeback story” and an “inspiration” to the League. How many felonies were committed, how many families were destroyed, and how many animal were tortured by the “flop”?

  19. Maybe the DC knows the defense isn’t talented enough, good enough or smart enough,or he isn’t a good enough coach, to handle the offensive juggernaut known as the St.Louis Rams, so he has to resort to schoolyard tatics…..It’s more an admission to his own teams failings than anything else…..

  20. Every team does it. But not every team does it as stupidly bad as the 2 players on the giants.

    For a team that is supposedly all about “class” I find it pretty funny they are getting hammered for this.

  21. Hey clowns, stop beating a dead horse with this story. Its over, everyone does it, players started doing/being instructed this in the 80’s when the Bengals first introduced the no huddle O. Enough already

  22. Interestingly enough, if you listen to Michael Strahan’s commentary on the Giants Superbowl DVD, he mentions faking a few injuries to slow down the Patriots offense.

    Anybody know who the defensive coordinator was that year?

  23. Nobody likes a snitch. Especially when its a scrub like Kehl.

    And its not like McDaniels pathetic redzone offense was going to score anyway.

  24. Being from Minnesota, I ask myself, would Kirby Puckett have faked injury? Or flopped around like a fish-out-of-water like Jeter, faking getting hit by a pitch? The answer, of course, is NO CHANCE. When Puckett was hit by a pitch in the big situations, he showed tremendous frustration that the bat got taken out of his hands. He wanted a chance to bat, win or lose. Players today need to start showing some class and respect for the game, the fans, and their opponents.

  25. How are fake injuries good for the integrity of the game? I could be wrong but I believe fake injuries are more damaging to the game than cheap shots. As a fan of the game, the league is taking this too lightly.

  26. Wow, I can’t believe that this is the big national NFL story between weeks 2 and 3 of the schedule. I’ve seen this happen dozens of times without drawing anyone’s attention besides maybe a wry remark by one of the announcers.

  27. Bryan Kehl the Eric Mangini of LBs? Stabbing your former employer in the back only makes your current employer nervous over what you’ll spill the beans on when they have to release you. And prospective teams will be less than obliged to take a chance on your skills if they think you’re going to eventually blab things to the media. Wait til you’ve retired to spill secrets.

  28. Well, to be honest, if the league wants to be consistant, there is no reason the Giants shouldnt be fined and lose a draft pick. no one can even attempt to argue that taping something in plain view of 70,000 people, that can not be used in game, is a worse offense than faking injuries to hopefully alter the outcome of a game while its in progress.

  29. I agree that faking injuries to buy some time is a cheap tactic. But it is part of the game that is played within the game. Bart Scott was on PTI yesterday and said that it is basically a little chess match. And I agree with him. I see faking injuries on defense to be no different than a wide receiver on offense who acts like they caught the ball even though they KNOW it hit the ground. That too is coached. It is all little parts of the game to get an edge.

  30. so how many facts do the Giant fans need to admit that the Giant defense is a farce of a scam with loud mouth players (ROLLE, OSI,) not able to play the game within the rules of sportsmanship. if i were a Giant fan i would be embarrassed and would actually complain to the Mara’s my distain for this type of behavior. i can guarantee the WIN AT ALL COST attitude administered by players and fans alike are what’s ruining the youth sports of this day and age. pro athletes are role models whether they choose to be or not.

  31. I was already very suspicious of the Giants. Their web site credits have this on the list:

    Three-time Academy Award Winner, Jack Nicholson – Player Consultant.

    Go figure. 🙂

  32. Oh no… Here it is, “Flopgate!”

    Yeah, sure, “everybody” does it.

    I’m not buying that kettle of fish.

    $1 Million fine for the coach,
    $500 Thousand fine for the team,
    Ans the loss of two #1 draft picks.

    It’s only fair…

  33. “so how many facts do the Giant fans need to admit that the Giant defense is a farce of a scam with loud mouth players (ROLLE, OSI,) not able to play the game within the rules of sportsmanship. if i were a Giant fan i would be embarrassed and would actually complain to the Mara’s my distain for this type of behavior. i can guarantee the WIN AT ALL COST attitude administered by players and fans alike are what’s ruining the youth sports of this day and age. pro athletes are role models whether they choose to be or not.”–greymares says

    Hey graymares, I’m a Giant fan and the only thing I will complain about is what a moron you are. WTF are you talking about with this holier than thou youth sports crap? This stuff goes on in football, and every other sport, from junior leagues up to the pros, since the beginning of time. Everybody on here who is on their high f-ckin’ horse about what a disgrace the Giants are is either delusional or a hater. You ever watch any sports before? Then you’d know that this kind of crap has always gone on, goes on now, and will go on in the future. The Giants are guilty of bad acting, but everybody acts. Even, dare I say it, Kirby Puckett…

  34. Right or wrong, accurate or not – Kehl’s narc job won’t do Kehl any favors in terms of retaining employment in the NFL, particularly as a fringe player.

    Like any other employer, NFL teams will be wary of a marginal contributor who shreds former employers by brazenly revealing sensitive and damaging information.

  35. Don’t worry, chairman of the NFL Management Committee and competition committee member, John Mara this gets prompt attention.

    He’s not one to allow things to go against the spirit of things (such as the salary cap).

  36. Next step have NFL appointed Drs to investigate every injury claim as it happens. Lmao at being “summoned” to the office like lil kids in school.. Sanders went out for his one play and returnd per NFL rules. If they want to stop it change the rule.

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