Browns confident Hillis will play despite questionable tag


The Browns have talked this week about getting running back Montario Hardesty into the mix more, but the team won’t need Hardesty to start.

Coach Pat Shurmur confirmed Friday he fully expected Peyton Hillis to start despite listing him as questionable on the injury report with an illness.

“He just wasn’t feeling well,” said Pat Shurmur via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “It just happens this time of year, so we felt the best course of action was just to send him home. We’ll see how he’s doing, but whatever it is, we don’t feel like it’s going to affect him on Sunday. My thoughts are that he’ll be there.”

Hillis left Friday to rest and get more fluids.  The team talked about wanting to rest Hillis more during the regular season, but haven’t followed through thus far.  With Brandon Jackson hurt, Hillis has 57 touches (47 carries) in two weeks.  He’s scored twice, but is averaging only 3.4 yards-per-carry against the Bengals and Colts.  Hardesty has only eight carries.

(And with that, I’m back at practice following my most excellent break this week. Elly and I thank you for all the well wishes.)

6 responses to “Browns confident Hillis will play despite questionable tag

  1. Hillis will play, but if he don’t (ghetto lingo) the Browns will still beat a dysfunctional fin team led by Sonia Henne!

    Browns 27-17!

  2. I hope if Elly grows up to love football no PFT writer tells moderators to cap her posts at 10 words or less as punishment for being her own person.

  3. Montario Hardesty? Hmmmm they should use him to give Hillis a break in the 1st-3rd qtrs… but I’d much rather see Armond Smith, especially in the 4th quarter. Yeah, he laid it on the carpet a couple times in preseason, but he’s also lightning fast. He would, by far, be the best option for the Browns to use and let Hillis rest- especially if he came in fresh in the 4th Q against a tired defense. Look out…

  4. Hillis 3.4 ypc, I am really impressed. Give him his 50 millions dollars. Didn’t he fumble again last week?

  5. Give it a rest, football58. We get it- every time the Browns or Hillis are mentioned, you show up to crow about fumbles. But, uh just about every freakin’ RB, elite or not, has gone through a “fumble phase.” Last year was Peyton Hillis’s first full year. He fumbled 8 times. You know who else fumbled 8 times in his first full year? LaDanian Tomlinson. Did I mention that Hillis had 6 more TDs than Tomlinson did in their first full seasons?

    In 2008, AP fumbled 9 times. He also had fewer TDs than Hillis. He sucks, right? According to your criteria, he must.

    Jerome Bettis’s first year with the Steelers? 7 fumbles, 11 TDs. Almost Hillis’s exact stats from last year. We all know how that turned out, right? Pretty sure Bettis is seen as legendary in Steeler circles.

    Any other “good” RBs who have had 8 or more fumbles in a year? Let’s see… How about Emmitt Smith (1991), Marshall Faulk (1995), Walter Payton (1977), Marcus Allen (1983), and Barry Sanders (1989)… Had enough? All those guys suck, right?

    I could go on (and on and on) with more examples that make your trollery look irrelevant, but I see you’re capable of digging your own hole.

    Considering his company listed above, I’m not about to worry about Hillis having an ongoing fumbling problem. Sorry.

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