Report: Romo’s lung has healed


As the Cowboys prepare for a Monday night revival of their rivalry with the Redskins, the team has gotten good news regarding one of the two fairly important organs that control the ability of mammals to add oxygen to their blood.

According to Calvin Watkins of, a CT scan of Tony Romo’s torso showed that his punctured lung has healed.

The injury occurred after Romo suffered a broken rib against the 49ers on Sunday.  He left the game for a while, but he returned to lead the Cowboys back from a 10-point deficit.

Even though he didn’t practice on Thursday, the fact that Romo played with the injured rib and lung seems to suggest that he’ll play on Monday, given that the rib is still injured and the lung is healed.

Both Romo and owner Jerry Jones have said that pain tolerance will be the primary issue, which implies that if Romo doesn’t play he can’t tolerate pain.  Which means he’ll play.

Until then, look for the Cowboys to play some games with Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, in the hopes of forcing him to prepare for Jon Kitna.

Also missing practice on Thursday for the Cowboys were receiver Miles Austin (hamstring), receiver Dez Bryant (thigh), center Phil Costa (knee), guard Derrick Dockery (knee), running back Felix Jones (shoulder), and cornerback Orlando Scandrick (ankle).

38 responses to “Report: Romo’s lung has healed

  1. Big deal you prepare anyway as if he were going to play…the bigger question is if he plays just how long will he last? I’m sure with question marks about the O-line no matter who’s playing Romo will take a few more shots and until that happens no one knows just how much it will play in him playing a full a game or being knocked out the game and possibly more games.

    Let’s just get to the game all this non-sense will he or won’t he is like watching a soap opera.

  2. Romo is the franchise player and it’s only week 3. Plus, it’s not like Philly is 10-0 and looks like an unstoppable dream team which Dallas is desperately chasing. This season has just begun.

    For a guy who has to sleep sitting up and is in real pain while simply laughing… is it really necessary that Romo is thrown back out there this week?

    Kitna is no Curtis Painter. I say let Romo recover for another week.

  3. enough already, total media BS, this proves that the story was not true. They just dont want the docs involved showing it really was never punctured

    you cant make him a hero, he has to do it on his own

  4. Playing with fractured ribs hurts but it won’t be an issue unless he gets hit square in those ribs again…then it’s really about pain management at that point.

  5. Loving all the arm-chair doctors saying that it’s impossible for a puncture to heal in 5 days. Go ask a doctor and they’ll tell you it’s entirely possible.

    And people wonder why the Cowboys are still called America’s Team. Because you either love and praise them or you hate and bash them. You can’t really say that about any other team. The Cowboys get such a reaction out of every story that it’s no wonder the media is obsessed with them. Either way, the same people that get sick of the America’s Team label are the ones that perpetuate it. In the end, it’s the strong feelings for AND against the Cowboys that keep them constantly in the news.

  6. supashug – You are spot on. This entire situation has been fishy from the beginning. Dare we question the legitimacy of the severity of this injury. Drama will always follow Romo and this team. And the headlines are truly what the owner wants.

  7. A quick google search indicates it takes 6-8 weeks for a small lung puncture to heal.

    Either the Cowboys are lying about it being healed, or they were lying about it being punctured in the first place.

    Either way, the Skins are gonna roll them boys.

  8. I hope he does play, it will speak to just how desperate Dallas is to win a divisional game, it’s first, and but this action may jeopardize the rest of their season. I really don’t think that Romo had a collapsed lung, but he may have had a fractured rib. Either way he will be facing a better pass rushing team and it will also be Landry’s first game back, so the Skins will get to him.

  9. herlies says:
    Sep 23, 2011 9:37 AM
    Romo is the franchise player…”

    Please never use “Romo” and “franchise player” in the same sentence.

  10. Romo will get smashed out there against Orakpo, Kerrigan, and Fletcher. If the head coach, JERRY JONES, had any sympathy, he’d keep him out of this one.

  11. 3 Months. That’s how long it took me to fully recover from a recently bruised lung.

    A “punctured” lung does not heal in 1 week. This is so ridiculous. It’s the Cowboys media spinning it into something other than what it is.

    If he’s playing this week, he only had a bruised rib. Trust me.

  12. All this is just to cover up the fact the Cowpokes got beat down week 1 and needed a miracle OT comeback just to beat the 49ers….. THE 49ERS!!!
    Otherwise they’d be sitting at 0-2.

  13. Wow there are so many idiots on this site. Just to bring you up to speed. He did not have a gaping hole in his lung. It is a small puncture. On top of that, the material of a lung heals very quickly. Basically seals itself.

    So for you dumba$$ idiots who scream conspiracy evey chance you have can stick your heads back in the ground and shut the hell up.

  14. I have a good friend who is a thoracic surgeon. he tells me no one recovers this quickly. and he added that if romo is hit and the lung is punctured once more – romo could have life-threatening injuries

  15. Clearly, the winner’s of this Nobel Prize for medicine will be the Dallas Cowboys medical staff. I’m buying a Life Alert bracelet that says if I’m really f’ed up, to fly me to Cowboys Stadium and ask for the guy that healed Romo.

  16. My mom’s uncle’s nieces best friend had a punctured lung and the gas from his intestine used to seep into his lung. Dude could light his own breath with a match! Can Romo do that?

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