Shula says ’72 Dolphins don’t have champagne parties


With only seven undefeated teams after two weeks of the 2011 season, the ’72 Dolphins are more than 72 percent of the way toward seeing their perfect record remaining unique for at least another year.

But former Dolphins coach Don Shula told Vic Carucci of Cleveland Browns Daily that the perception regarding the team that went 17-0 nearly 40 years ago is incorrect.  Specifically, Shula said that the members of the team don’t crack open the bubbly when the last unbeaten team falls.

“The champagne story is ridiculous,” Shula said.  “People really do think that we’re a bunch of angry old men and we gather and just root for that last undefeated team to get beat and when they do, we pop the champagne.  I think the thing that happened is, one year, the last undefeated team got beat and Nick Buoniconti and Dick Anderson lived next to each other in Coral Gables, and they went out in their driveway and opened a bottle of champagne and popped it and toasted to each other.  And they were too cheap to invite the rest of us to their party.”

Though the full complement of 1972 Dolphins aren’t regarded as angry old men, the “don’t call me when you’re in my town, call me when you’re on my block” rants of Mercury Morris from 2007, which ultimately were parlayed into a series of Reebok commercials featuring Morris and other members of the team, cemented the widespread belief that the ’72 Dolphins don’t want to see their 17-0 eclipsed with a 19-0.

Given the way that the Patriots have played through two weeks, it could be time for Reebok to dust off those spots.

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  1. Seems to me ESPN has a lot to do with that perception as well, since Berman always jokes (sound effects and all) that they’re crackin’ the bubbly in Miami when the last undefeated falls. When you see that once a year, every year (save for ’07, of course) it starts to feel more like fact than joke–even if we knew it was a joke to begin with.

  2. Don’t start this crap again. The Pats can’t afford to lose another first round pick when the rest of the league cries “Uncle”.

  3. If you’re an athlete you are competitive to a fault. That’s what got you there in the first place.

    I’d be disappointed if any athlete didn’t care if his (their) record was broken.

  4. On a random note, is it just me or does everyone else also hate Mercury Morris and the fact he would be a Walmart greater right now had it not been for the ’72 season? I know thats some major “hating” but man I just wanna punch that guy in the neck sometimes.

  5. I am thinking they crack the prune juice now…..

    This is all of E!(SPN)’s made up dream.

    They were at Mercury Morris’ house one year to catch the popping of the cork, instead they saw the Coke!

    Coke is it!

  6. One year one of the networks showed a group of the players in a suite toasting champagne after the final team to add a loss to their record took place.Think it was the Indy Colts that they were celebrating their loss.

  7. Since the 2004 season “certain” people have been obsessed with the Pats. Every year it’s, “The Pats are the best team in the league and a shoo-in to win the the Super Bowl!” The way some people talk them up the NFL should just award the Pats the Lombardi Trophy after the first game of the season.

    However, just what have the Pats won since 2004? Are we now in the 8th season after the Pats won anything? And after that choke job in 2007 you’d think it would have died down by now. hahahah!

  8. I am so sick of hearing about he ’72 Dolphins. Who cares anymore. They played 14 games back then and that was the last time they won. They have sucked since then.

    Whooooooooo Caresssssssssssssssssssssssss

  9. .

    This is an ESPN style manufactured controversy. I doubt you could find one patriots fan who’s talking undefeated season. It’s only week three. They have a difficult schedule. Their defense is questionable at times, and we have no idea who’ll be in uniform in December. Silliness.


  10. Funny how Shula ignores the fact that New England actually won more games in 2007 than his ’72 team did.

  11. I hate the Patriots, can’t stand them, but I admit there hasn’t been a better run team in the past 10 years or so.

  12. 72 dolphins, brett farve……

    Never had feelings one way or another for either, but respected what they had done

    They both had great achievements

    They both tarnish their legacy’s with the yearly need to be in the spotlight.

    Now I pretty much despise both of them

    Wish they had just left us with the memories instead of yearly reminders…

    They may be great people, it may just be the media skewing my perception of them…

    I dont really care which, I just wish I could go a couple of years without seeing an article or hearing discussion about either one

    Just my opinion….

  13. Why is it a big deal if the Dolphins are popping open champagne every year there isn’t another undefeated team?? And the Pats worship is really getting out of hand..why doesn’t ESPN just erect a statue up of them and get it over with??

    And how long has it been since they actually won title?? And even the titles they “won” were with alot of videotaped assistance…gimme a break

  14. “badcomp says:
    Sep 23, 2011 10:13 AM
    I am so sick of hearing about he ’72 Dolphins. Who cares anymore. They played 14 games back then and that was the last time they won. They have sucked since then.”

    People like this guy know nothing about football. For the Dolphins being so bad, it’s funny that they are 2 wins out of first place for the MOST WINS since the NFL merger.

    Pretty good for a bad team.

  15. Get over it …. Somewhere down the line your 17-0 record will be well forgotten ! I think Shula keeps bringing it up so we dont forget ! Shula its time to let it go !

  16. “kenneallys06 says:
    Sep 24, 2011 8:12 AM
    Get over it …. Somewhere down the line your 17-0 record will be well forgotten ! I think Shula keeps bringing it up so we dont forget ! Shula its time to let it go !”

    Now this guy shows how idiotic he is by attempting to say Shula has to let it go? The Media is hounding him for it. Get a brain #2 If your team or anything you did was undefeated at anything, you would let it be known nonstop.

    Again, Dont be an idiot. You actually believe Shula (the GREATEST coach of all time) calls the media in to his home so he can discuss his 72 Fin team? lol? Get a clue.

  17. The media will do anything to get is scoop you JACKA$$ ! Yes Shula WAS a great coach . I repeat WAS . 39 years later thats the only thing we hear out of is his 72 fins ! Get over it . PS. Here are a few better coaches then Shula …. Bill Belicheck , Tony Dungy , Bill Parcells . Just to name a few . And lets keep somthing else in mind the Fins had a easy A$$ schedule he year they went 17-0 . JackA$$

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