“Suck for Luck” campaigns could result in eventual draft lottery

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Fans of the teams that quickly have congregated at the back of the pack are taking solace in the possibility of nailing down the first overall pick in the draft — and thus securing the rights to the next can’t-miss quarterback prospect, Andrew Luck.

For now, it’s too early for anyone to even entertain the prospect of intentionally losing.  Come November, maybe an owner or two whose team is out of the playoff hunt will decide to position his team to contend for the playoffs every year of the next decade, or beyond.

Making Luck more attractive is the rookie wage scale, which allows the team that “earns” that first pick to get him for a lot less than what teams have had to pay in recent years for the first overall pick.

So look for plenty of eventual suspicion and speculation that teams like the Dolphins or Colts or Seahawks are sucking for Luck.  And if there’s enough suspicion and speculation, the only answer will be to implement a draft lottery.

As explained in today’s PFT Live, I’m prepared to predict that we’ll see a draft lottery in 2013.

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57 responses to ““Suck for Luck” campaigns could result in eventual draft lottery

  1. YAY implement a draft lottery. so instead of the teams making the decision to tank, the commissioner can just rig the results to his liking.

    HMMMMMM sound familiar
    *cough* David Stern *cough*

  2. Often chided for his West Virginia borderline defective look, Andrew showed absolutely no hesitation when asked which way was up.

  3. This whole thing is stupid. How does anyone know he will hold up in the NFL or be able to compete.

    Anyone know the percentage of 1st round picks that are out of the NFL or warming a bench by the end of there rookie contracts?

  4. This is so dumb. The NFL is so different than the NBA because there are no “sure thing” picks in the NFL draft like there are in the NBA. NFL teams have no real incentive to tank a season like they do in the NBA (looking at you Cavs). Keep the NFL draft like it is.

  5. Nick Wright’s show in KC is garbage and this is where you got the term suck for luck. He can’t compete against 810 WHB’s Kevin Keitzman.

  6. Draft lottery? Who gets in? Everyone who misses the draft? So a 8-8, 9-7 team MIGHT get the 1st pick of the draft??? You know that if the rat Goodell has a hand in it he will make sure “his teams” get higher picks..would it be done live or behind closed doors in your serneio?? Hope this never happens!!

  7. A draft lottery in the NFL is possibly the worst idea I have ever heard of – first of, I can almost guarentee no team is sucking for luck as much as their fans might want them too. It’s incredibly difficult to intend to lose and not make it look like your intending to lose.

    I mean look at how great actors NFL players are – how did anyone ever guess that the Giants might be faking injuries? The presentation was amazing…

  8. Since when has an 0-2 start to a season been evidence of any team “tanking.” Way to early to be making unfounded claims like that. It’s especially laughable that you include the Seahawks in this group as they are in the middle of a complete rebuild. 0-2 to start is not unheard of in a rebuilding year.

  9. (1) On a micro scale, some teams may read this as “if you want to get away with this stunt, ya better do it now before the windo of opp seals (permanently)”;


    (2) On a macro scale, I can totally see Goodell (and Park Avenue, etc.) seeing an NFL draft lottery as another way to grow the NFL revenue pie. As the pie grows, everyone associated is enriched — from NFL owners to the players to the networks to the sponsors.

  10. It’d be hilarious if Denver gets the #1 pick. Tebow fans would go nuts knowing their savior would be cut since he has no trade value.

  11. The Seahawks started their “suck for Luck” campaign in the offseason. Tarvaris Jackson. ’nuff said.

  12. Here it comes now……”With the first pick in the 2015 Draft the New England Patriots pick”.

    Jeepers Mr Goodel Amazing they had a 1 in 18,000 shot to be drwan number 1!

  13. Man PFT Headquarters is so full of alarmists with…


    Ok so now the alarmist conspiracy theory du jour is tanking that will cause a draft lottery. (Can we get a days-without-a-PFT-conspiracy calandar?)

    1. NO coach takes any loss, or their record lightly. NO coach will tank. They’re all too ego-centric.

    2. Sometimes the first overall pick is more a curse. Tim Couch vs McNabb. Leaf vs Manning. Look at the Qbs in Roethlesberger’s class vs where he went and compare their careers.

    There’s a dumb assumption by PFT (noooo realllly?) that tanking actually automatically makes you a future winner. It’s all a crap shoot. There’s other good QB’s out there in the draft as well.

    Point is, this is more PFT alarmist nonsense. Do they take a breath and count to 10 before they put up posts?

  14. I believe there are 3 or 4 QB’s coming out this year that are almost all the same rating…. GREAT…. I def think Luck, Barkley, & Landry will be successful and early 1st rounders… I’m sure there will be another guy also… maybe a guy like Kellen Moore could be surprise also. Luck’s the big name, but plenty of chance the other guys in the right system could be just as successful.

  15. No. No draft lottery. Please Goodell. Don’t do it. It’s bad enough the NFL already has flopping like the NBA and the effing Montreal Canadiens. Don’t model the best of the major sports leagues after the worst of them.

  16. I would hope the NFL is smart enough not to take a page from the NBA’s playbook.

    Going to be interesting to see how Vegas monitors the situation. They’ll know if teams are tanking and the spreads will tell the story. Money don’t lie.

  17. @Soultek

    “It’s incredibly difficult to intend to lose and not make it look like your intending to lose.”

    Tell that to the Bengals.

  18. dude317 says:Sep 23, 2011 11:20 PM

    A draft lottery would be moronic. The draft has worked pretty darned well for a lot of years. Don’t F with what isn’t broken.
    Too late. They’re already doing that: Kickoffs from the thirty-five, horse-collars, please remove your head before you make a tackle, don’t breath on the quarterback and on, and on…

  19. Draft lottery = NYJ or NYG get the 1st pick every year “for the good of the league” or at least until some team moves to LA then the 1st pick will alternate b/w LA and NY and perhaps New Orleans so as to not appear to be “racist”

  20. Seattle is doomed not to get Luck, since their stretch run has three games against the rest of the NFC West.

    Also, not sure how many people are aware of this, but Luck is a redshirt junior with another year of eligibility. Doesn’t really make sense to tank an entire season for a guy who may decide to stay in college another year.

    The biggest “conspiracy” I could see is that a guy like Pete Carroll, who is in the middle of totally rebuilding a team, might have looked at the available QB options this offseason, looked ahead at who might be available in 2012 (Luck, Barkley, Jones, Moore, etc.), and decided it might be a good year to rebuild the offensive line and bring in someone on the cheap to play QB for a season.

  21. The mere fact so many have made Andrew Luck out to be the next coming of Christ means that HE will be the bust and Cam Newton will win a Super Bowl and be inducted in Canton. Karma is a mofo.

  22. I am against a lottery because just as the REAL lottery, and the Patrick Ewing lottery, and even the LeBron lottery…it is fixed.

    I don’t want to see a lottery in my NFL, but with that plick Roger Goodell, I will probably see it…that and the extension of the EA Sports EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS contract with the NFL, even though Madden has been terrible for at least the past 5 years. (bring back 2K Sports please. Competition makes everyone and everything better)

    (I know that last part didn’t fit the subject, but I needed to say it.)

  23. favreforever says: Sep 23, 2011 6:28 PM

    Often chided for his West Virginia borderline defective look, Andrew showed absolutely no hesitation when asked which way was up.


    This coming from a guy with a man crush on Brett “Hee Haw” Favre.

  24. 4evrnyt says: Sep 23, 2011 10:47 PM

    Two words should end the lottery debate:

    Frozen envelope

    Look it up if you have to


    The dry cleaners called. Your tin foil hat is ready to pick up.

  25. Maybe Luck will be better than Peyton Manning just like Ryan Leaf was going to be better….
    Wait a sec, how many time did leaf make it to the playoffs???

  26. What is wrong with intentionally tanking a whole season away?

    If a team, wants to do that, let them.

    It’s a great way to let bad teams get a leg up. Plus, there is no guarantee you will be the worst team; especially, in a year like this with SOOOO many bad teams. It’s a HUGE risk to “Suck for Luck”, but if team decides it is a good strategy: LET THEM.

    There is ABSOLUTELY no need for a draft lottery.

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