Vince Young impostor doesn’t look like Vince Young

The Prince George’s County Police Department has released the mug shot of Stephan Pittman, the man who was arrested on felony fraud charges today for impersonating Eagles backup quarterback Vince Young.

Seeing his mug shot, I can only assume Pittman was not a very successful Vince Young impersonator.

The balding Pittman is obviously older than the 28-year-old Young, and in a video of Pittman being brought into custody he looks shorter and pudgier than the 6-foot-5, 232-pound Young.

Prior to Pittman’s arrest, Young said his impostor had received money from people who believed they were doing business with the real Vince Young, and that the impostor had taken pictures with children claiming to be the real Vince Young. Presumably none of the people who thought he was the real Vince Young have ever seen the real Vince Young.

Pittman is the second person in recent years to be arrested for impersonating a well-known NFL quarterback. The previous such impostor, a man named Brian Jackson, looked nothing like the quarterback he was impersonating, Ben Roethlisberger. Apparently it never occurs to these guys that it’s easier to get away with impersonating someone if you actually look like him.