Albert Haynesworth, Patrick Chung won’t suit up against Bills

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Well, we have one explanation for why Albert Haynesworth was so quiet last week.

Haynesworth’s back injury is bad enough to keep him out of this weekend’s game. the Patriots downgraded Haynesworth, safety Patrick Chung, and wide receiver Taylor Price to out on Saturday.

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe noted early this week that Haynesworth didn’t have a noteworthy snap in 22 plays.  Bedard charted the snaps and notes that Chargers guard Kris Dielman handled Haynesworth 1-on-1 on 15 of the plays.

The Patriots are thin in a couple of key areas. They are missing Haynesworth, Myron Pryor, and Mike Wright on the defensive line.  With tight end Aaron Hernandez out in addition to Price, we’d expect to see Chad Ochocinco on the field a lot more.

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  1. This is bad news, ecspecially since the Pats are coming to the house of the NFL’s leading rusher. Freddie is a man on a mission, and with the Amish Rifle calling the shots, this should be a great game. I will still stand pat at my 27-24 final with Lindell hitting a FG with under 1 min. to go.

  2. It was a terrible off the field injury, twisting and lurching so violently to grab that chick’s teat!

  3. @sadskinsfan89
    Is it just me or does every other Redskins fan just bust out laughing when they see headlines like this?

    It should be more like this….Is is me or does every NFL fan bust out laughing about how horrbile the Redskins have been over the past few years?

  4. @ sadskinsfan89……Damn I knew most Redskin fans rode the “Short Bus” to school and work but this post proves it. Your fearless leader Dan Snyder paid Haynesworth a ton of money. Coach Ratface will keep you guys down for a long time also…… Enjoy Continued losing!

  5. sadskinsfan89 says:
    Sep 24, 2011 10:34 PM
    Is it just me or does every other Redskins fan just bust out laughing when they see headlines like this?


    Oh no. Trust me, it’s not just you.

  6. Haynesworth has been pretty productive when in the game.

    The concerning name is Taylor Price… without Hernandez, this could have been a good week for him to show up. Now Ochocinco may be relied in more than he is ready for.

    I’m kind of wondering if the Bills will win this week. (as a Patriots fan)

  7. I hope the pats aren’t taking this game too lightly. can’t say for sure yet if they are contenders or pretenders. this game, IF they win, will definitely put them on the map. should be a fun game to watch!

  8. lets go chad ocho. big day for you tomorrow. hernandez is out next man got to step up. bills arent going to be easy

  9. Lmaooooooooooooo Their you Go FAT A$$ once again..way to work it through, maybe you can put down them millions of twinkies and come to work too..Albert FAT A$$ Haynesworth….Your more than fat just retarded thats why you lay on the field during plays, i guess you love to go swimming in Grass…i hope your not a Pot Head you will make all them feel bad, REAL Smart Fat A$$ way to work it through…

  10. I think Fitzpatrick sets some records Sunday. Expect this, mark this BRING IT ON PATTSYS

    26/33 for 559 yards, 12 TDs and 0 INT
    7 rushes 144 yards 5 TDs

  11. sadskinsfan89 says: Sep 24, 2011 10:34 PM

    Is it just me or does every other Redskins fan just bust out laughing when they see headlines like this?sadskinsfan89 says:
    Sep 24, 2011 10:34 PM

    Is it just me or does every other Redskins fan just bust out laughing when they see headlines like this?

    Nah, Titan fans are also laughing at those headlines as well. And maybe a few other team’s fans.

  12. you must love seeing that headline but all 31 other teams in the league are still laughing how much you guys gave up and paid the man for nothing.

    Not a Patriots fan

  13. A fat, lazy slob who signed a 7-year $100m deal was dealt for a 5th round pick and has not played a meaningful snap.

    I wonder who is now laughing the hardest…

    Jeff Fisher?



    Probably Haynesworth.

    It’s not BB I can tell you that.

    Draft and develop Bill… draft and develop.

  14. Well said sadskinsfan89.

    My count is 28 snaps with maybe one tackle. Funny thing is his MO with The Redskins was to play 2-3 games, not do much, and then go on the injured cannot perform catagory.

    The irony in all this, is the fact that Albert was giving the Redskins his all and it was not much.
    To mask his lack of production he would play the unhappy card.

    Theft of the century in my book. Good luck Pats, but the writing is on the wall and best to temper your expectations.

  15. catquick says:
    Sep 24, 2011 11:26 PM
    Bills will win……..big!

    Hey… If the Bills beat the Pats, it will be big regardless of the score.

  16. you must love seeing that headline but all 31 other teams in the league are still laughing how much you guys gave up and paid the man for nothing.


    Not a Patriots fan


    Oh the pain of a 5th round pick and a 1 million bucks!
    Ahh make it stop!

  17. Last year, near the beginning of the season, the Patriots just got by the Bills. Now they will be playing an improved Bills team who will be at home. Moreover, the Patriots defense has been quite bad already even with Haynesworth and Chung.

    Bills 31, Patriots 28.

  18. They gave up a 5th. So, that would be what, one of the 47 draft picks they have each year? Zero risk involved in trying to catch lightning in a bottle with the fat tub of goo.

    And, Belichick has dumped way better and far more significant players than Haynesworth without thinking twice.

    Albert’s expiration date is rapidly approaching.

  19. Hey herpes, I mean, herlies, you clearly know enough to be a football coach…better then Belichick, so why don’t you go start your new career.

    “Draft and develop Bill… draft and develop.”

    Never has there been a more condescending and idiotic remark posted on these boards.

  20. not a surprise…..we are heading into week 3, all this excitement about the Bills needs to slow down! Not to say their start hasn’t been impressive, but, they haven’t really played any real competition. When they beat the likes of New England, I will be willing to admit that they are a good team. Right now, they are an explosive offense. That being said, it’s good to see the Pats d-line banged up, I’ve got Freddy Jackson in fantasy football (for the 3rd year in a row) and he is finally doing something for me!

  21. I don’t think the implication was that Skins fans are laughing at the Patriots, but at the folks who all said AH would magically start playing like a beast again now that he was out from under the “oppressive” Shanahan and playing for the genius Belichick. I think there’s also some laughter directed toward Albert himself for obvious reasons.

    The 5th round pic is just a bonus and indeed IS a steal for a guy the Redskins were most definitely going to cut if they couldn’t trade him and thus far has had little to no impact on the Patriots.

  22. Well I’m a Pats fan and the injury that concerns me the most is Chung. First we heard he was out, then maybe not. Facing the Bills’ #1 scoring offense the Pats need all the cover help they can get back there and Chung did a pretty nice job last week vs SD. Add that to the fact that the Pats decided to get rid of most of their defensive backfield shortly before the season started and I’m concerned with the inexperience of the guys out there and possible communication issues.
    The Bills usually give the Pats all they can handle anyway and even if the score is somewhat lopsided, I’ve never seen them quit. If they weren’t in my team’s division they would be fun to root for (under Gailey especially).

  23. Herlies;

    “Draft and develop.”

    There are 6 guys on the present Patriots’ roster who were on the roster in the 2008 Super Bowl. That means there are 47 new guys out of 53 over the last 4 seasons including this one.

    That’s 88.7%. That’s pretty good.

    In the last 4 seasons, including this one their record is 37-15 – that’s 71%. That’s pretty good.

    The season is a marathon, it’s not a sprint.

    On the other hand – The Pats have beaten Buffalo 15 straight times and that has to end someday. It should be a good game and you know Buffalo fans will be there in full throat.

    All I ask is that the Bills take out the frustrations they’ll feel later this afternoon when they play the jets.

  24. Nope just you, the Pats didnt give him a 100 million like that football genius Dan Snyder.
    FIRST off, Shanahan is NOT the fault for Fat Albert, so let’s NOT blame him, it wasnt Shanahan who wanted this fat, out of shape loser and he TRIED to get him into shape and he didnt care (because he wanted money) this is on Snyder and Vinny Cerrato (the yes man who is now gone).

    Anyways, the Pats didnt have to trade for this fat out of shape slob and i know some pats fans who thought this was a good trade, but honestly, if he is going to be missing alot of time, it’s a fair trade because this is the Albert the Redskins got. Haynesworth got paid and quit trying, he’s exactly like the past overpaid DTs the Redskins got, the Redskins should’ve spent that 100 mill on the offensive line or the QB position.

  25. Not a Pats fan,but I would be far more concerned about Chung. Haynesworth hasnt made an impact at all and I doubt he will. Get used to it Pats fans..he is what he is…the word “Team” means nothing to this guy….Having said that ,the Patriots dont need Albert anyway they are a solid team without him. But I would get rid of him asap he is a cancer to your team…money isnt everything!

  26. granadosm says:
    Sep 24, 2011 11:50 PM
    you must love seeing that headline but all 31 other teams in the league are still laughing how much you guys gave up and paid the man for nothing.

    Not a Patriots fan

    NE gave up a 5th round pick and his paying him $1.5 million base salary.
    And there’s over 3/4 of the season still to come.

  27. Bill Bellichick knows what he’s doing. If he hasn’t cut Haynesworth by now, he sees something in him that’s going to contribute to the team. You can take that to the bank.

  28. I guess waking the sleeping giant didn’t last long! Must have hit the snooze button. What a waste of a human.he should be put out to pasture and shot in the head and then they could use him as feterlizer because he then would be one big pile of monkey crap.

  29. Damn I knew most Redskin fans rode the “Short Bus” to school
    _______________________________________ actually,redskins fans drive those short buses.we just have to stop and pick up all the eagles,giants and cowpuke fans to make sure they all show up at school or jobs on time sucker!

  30. catdelmonte says: Sep 24, 2011 10:33 PM

    thank god its just the bills
    Here is the typical PATS fan… I bet this guy does not even know the Bills are 2-0
    Pats have the worst fans they are all bandwagon fans..
    Before PATS won a superbowl I never seen anyone wearing a scot zolak jersey.
    If PATS went 6-10 trust me these [Pats fans would disappear and they would all go back to being Cowboys fans….

  31. Folks are forgetting a guy named Brady. Dude is going to light up the Bills defense like 4th of July fireworks. Nothing against the Bills(I want them to win) but freaking Brady is on another planet. The Pats hold an unfair advantage and his name is Brady.

  32. Its funny how I make a comment about haynesworth and then people have to make fun of snyder and the skins. What other people need to understand is that 100 PERCENT of redskins fans hate snyder too. Not my fault so don’t think u hurt skins fans feelings when u knock our stupid owner cuz it dsnt cuz we wld agree. But if that’s all u got fire away.

  33. I’m sick of all the $100 million talk!!! @ least we have $100mill to throw away; how about your broke a$$ teams. Yeah we have been on a bad roller coaster ride for a long time now, but our team is still worth more than all of your broke back mountain a$$ teams with the exception of the cowboys. See if your team could lose for year and still be worth $$$$$$. if so, than you have my respect. If not your team has fair weather FANS!! Which we do not!!! Suck on that Beeeches!!!!

  34. @ catdelmonte…

    remember what I said about “eating your words”? hope you’re hungry. The Bills (that you didn’t think you needed to worry about) just intercepted your QB 4 times and won the game. Do you like apples?

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