Denarius Moore bests Cam Newton for Pepsi Rookie of the Week


In a year of quarterbacks, receivers have taken the rookie hardware, so far.

For Week One, Packers receiver Randall Cobb was named the Pepsi Rookie of the Week, with a receiving touchdown and a 108-yard kickoff return beating out Cam Newton and his 422 yards passing, a record for a rookie debut.

In Week Two, Newton again was eclipsed, despite throwing for a rookie record 432 yards passing.

Raiders receiver Denarius Moore, the 19th receiver taken in the 2011 draft, won the award with 146 receiving yards, 25 rushing yards, and a touchdown.

It wasn’t surprising that the prize based on fan voting went to a Packer over a Panther in Week One.  The fact that an Oakland player finagled the thing from Newton in Week Two means that Raider Nation is back, baby.

Meanwhile, let’s see which rookie receiver Newton will lose to this weekend, after throwing for 442 yards.

The other finalists for the Week Two award were Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, Bucs linebacker Mason Foster, and Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas.  Foster was the only candidate from a team that actually won its game.

53 responses to “Denarius Moore bests Cam Newton for Pepsi Rookie of the Week

  1. “Raiders receiver Denarius Moore, the 19th receiver taken in the 2011 draft”

    Not quite the emphasis he deserves. 5th Round #148 overall! ANOTHER great pick by the organization! Playoffs 2011!


  2. Denarius Moore is the The Truth! He’ll have his hands full with the Jets secondary this weekend, but don’t be surprised if he gets 100+ and a TD. Kid has crazy leaping/tracking skills and fights for the ball. Oughta be fun to watch him and Revis battle it out.

  3. When you throw 3 INTs you shouldn’t win ROTW i don’t care how many yards you throw. Media is loving them some Cam right now huh? I’m as surprised and impressed as everyone else at his poise in the pocket and down field strikes but if you throw 3 INTs, it’s not a good day, period. Rookies make mistakes though and he’ll grow from it but it’s still a bad day no matter how many yards you throw for.

  4. Finally, the Raiders have found a go to receiver…about damn time. DHB might be relegated to the bench very soon.

    Nice to see a Raider other than Seabass get some nice hardware.

  5. Probably deserved it both weeks, although I’m sure some feel that Newton has just put up empty yards. I watched both games, and he has been impressive.

    He threw 3 picks yes, but only one was a terrible throw. The other 2 were classic rookie mistakes, as he was baited by a HoF DB.

  6. Another great pick raiderrob??

    HE may be a great pick, but I’m looking back about 10 years and I still can’t find another…

    You Guys should’ve drafted tebow then you can say that!!

  7. Cam Newton will get his due, especially if he can consistently deliver on a week-to-week basis. But, as a first-round pick, isn’t Newton supposed to play well?

    That brings me to Denarius Moore. As a fifth-round pick, it’s seems more impressive/surprising Moore exploded onto the NFL scene against Buffalo. His 50-yard TD catch in double-coverage was a thing of beauty.

    @ Humboldt – Moore wasting away in Oakland? Just like Crabtree is wasting away in San Fran, right?

  8. raidermanrock says:


    hey moron that thinks the raiders wont make the playoffs .you can suck it thay will make the playoffs and more get a life bro



    I see Oakland still leads the nation in literacy these days. You’re right, they will make it to the Sewperbol.

  9. Hey Humbolt

    Wasted just like every Chargers player’s career who wanted to win a Super Bowl?

  10. “D”umbbolt is just jealous guys, he knows he has to notch 2 losses on the schedule already. Don’t look now, but WE’RE BACKKKKKKKK!! LOL

  11. Denarius would be the most popular player in the league if he took the nickname STormborn.

    How cool would that be, “Denarius Stormborn.”

    Yeahhhhh, instant nerd cred.

  12. Maybe that’s because Denarius Moore didn’t turn the ball over 3 times. Everyone talks about the 422 yards. Nobody mentions the 3 INT, all of which were his fault. It matters.

  13. Andy Dalton has a passer rating and no INTs while nearly leading his team to a comeback win and AJ Green has 10 catches for 124 Yds and one of the best TD catches I have ever seen (a week after having the game winning TD catch on his first NFL catch) and doesn’t even get nominated. Crying shame nobody outside of Cincinnati sees what these two young men have already done in the NFL. Crying shame.

  14. Many Raider-haters here. Kinda sad, really.Someone said no good picks by Raiders?LOL.All this will continue, even after we destroy your team, whomever it may be. Moore looks great. Dalton looks great, performance speaks louder than words, particularly words of bravado from the ignorant.McFadden, etc.We will see you down the road.

  15. And, the nod to Dalton was respect for another team, don’t call me out about Dalton not being a Raider. Many will step up this year, players keep getting better and they softened the game.You can run blind over the middle and they can’t hit a “defenseless receiver”. Perfect tackles are getting flagged and fined.Oh, and Bill’s QB looked great too.

  16. @raidermanrock
    You have a lot of nerve calling someone a moron with your grammar – LOL
    And when was the raiders last SB win?? I think like 30 years ago……..
    so pipe down and be happy they won a game before week 8 !!

  17. Let’s see what Moore can do against Revis on Sunday. He had some fun against an inept Broncos and Bills secondary. 4 catches for 38 yards….if he’s lucky. Jason Campbell will also feel heat he hasn’t this year and will throw a couple picks, then Sanchez will eat a hotdog in the 4th.

  18. Can’t imagine the stench coming out of Oakland Coliseum this week! Instead of the usual 40,000 they must have given away 20,000 seats to anyone in Oakland holding a 40oz and a piece.

  19. shanahanagans says: Sep 24, 2011 3:20 PM

    Another great pick raiderrob??

    HE may be a great pick, but I’m looking back about 10 years and I still can’t find another…

    You Guys should’ve drafted tebow then you can say that!!
    This statement just proves how truly ignorant you are, the Raiders are stocked with talent.

    The draft before last was a draft for the ages and last year was very good too.

    If you wanna hate, go ahead, but really, you should stay away from statements like this.

  20. the raider nation never went anywhere! come on now, we aren’t charger fans… our team may have sucked but we still rooted for them which is more than I can say for some “fans!”

  21. The excitement we on Panther planet feel about Cam Newton reminds me of something.

    I lived in Tampa during the 70s. The NFL’s biggest losers were down there, losing. Doug Williams screwed up, let the ball get away from him, and threw the ball about 20 yards over the receiver’s head. It sailed into the end zone, where there was nobody at all, and all the Bucs fans in the stadium gave Mr Doug Williams a standing ovation because, at last, we had ourselves a QB who could throw. Worst to first.

    Good times ahead with Cam Newton. I feel it.

  22. Denarius Moore is another is a long line of Raider steals, yet when he was drafted he was considered another Al Davis speed pick. It’s great to see Al Davis pick his type of players and watch them excel. He now has two solid WR’s in Jacoby Ford and Moore, two consecutive late round steals.

  23. As for Newton, he’s looking like he’s going to surprise everyone. I’m holding my opinion of him until the end of the season. Rookie QB’s who excel early tend to hit a wall. Only a handful of rookie QB’s have excelled throughout a whole season because they couldn’t adapt to the changes defenses make. Once defenses stop Newton for a few weeks will he adapt and overcome, or will he not make the necessary changes? I’ll wait and see.

  24. deadeye says: Sep 24, 2011 2:49 PM

    Denarius Moore, barring injury, will be a stud for years to come.

    Based on one game?

  25. He earned it. Made big plays with defenders all over him. Much as I hate “The, Ray-da’s”, I’ll give it up for this guy, good passes and good catches. Say what you want, the Bills secondary is not their weak point. The Jets are are about to find out what this guy can do. Keep ya head up, Revis.

  26. mrcosio says:
    Sep 24, 2011 3:05 PM
    Much like LT’s career was wasted in San Diego humb0lt?

    Score? Get the first ring Charger fan, then come see us…regardless of what year we won it in…..

  27. denbronx says:
    Sep 24, 2011 3:10 PM
    Not a Panther fan or a Newton fan but yeah, Newton is getting robbed.

    And yes the chokeland raiders WILL MISS THE PLAYOFFS!!!!

    Yes Panther fan, we dropped 52 on you in Oaktown back in the Gruden era.

    Get the ring first, Panther fan…get the ring first. As we tell many of our legions of haters. (Steelers, Pats of course excepted)

  28. shanahanagans says:
    Sep 24, 2011 3:20 PM
    Another great pick raiderrob??

    HE may be a great pick, but I’m looking back about 10 years and I still can’t find another…

    You Guys should’ve drafted tebow then you can say that!!
    Uh…”cant find another pick”? Darren McFadden?

    troll much?

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