Harvard man Ryan Fitzpatrick has all the answers

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When he was drafted by the Rams in 2005, about the only thing any NFL fan knew about Ryan Fitzpatrick was that he went to Harvard and that he had the highest Wonderlic score of anyone in that year’s draft class.

Now that Fitzpatrick is leading a Bills offense that’s lighting up the scoreboard, we’re starting to find out that Fitzpatrick has a pretty good arm to go along with his impressive brain. But as Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times writes in a good story on Fitzpatrick, it’s still his mental abilities that most impress the people around him.

“He’s smart,” Bills coach Chan Gailey said of Fitzpatrick. “He’s obviously highly intelligent when it comes to protections and coverages and what defenses are trying to do.”

Farmer’s whole piece on Fitzpatrick is worth a read, but I was especially interested in this detail that was provided by Farmer on Twitter: In 2005, some Rams players asked Fitzpatrick to settle an argument because they thought his Harvard education qualified him. They asked, “What would hurt more, getting hit in the face by the trunk of an elephant or being kicked in the face by a donkey?”

I went to Illinois, not Harvard, so I’m not smart enough to have the answer to that one. Maybe someone out there in PFT Planet can enlighten me.

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  1. Looks like typical early season story, guy has a couple of good games and media announces him as next “great thing”….one bad game and it’ll be….RYAN WHO?……

  2. Hey media, we are all aware of the fact that Ryan Fitzpatrick attended Harvard. We are all wildly impressed. Moving on.

    Sincerely, Football Fans.

  3. Oh the donkey kick by far. First, it probably will have more momemtum and velocity behind an appendage that is all muscle. Second, that hard hoof is like getting hit in the face with a rock. The elephant trunk probably won’t leave a mark and won’t have near the velocity.

  4. Donkeys hoof because its a blunt object comeing straight at your face….elephant trunk will definitley throw you a few feet from where you were standing tho

  5. I had my arm placed weird and it got kicked by a donkey bending my elbow 90 degrees the wrong way and breaking my arm. Can’t say about getting kicked in the face but I can tell you I’d rather have been hit by the elephant.

  6. Donkey would hurt more because all the force is focused on a smaller point and hoofs are a lot harder than a trunk.

  7. The donkey kick based on surface area and momentum. The donkey’s hoof would have more force per square inch. One could argue that the donkey’s kick would probably kill you and pain can’t be felt by the deceased. (BTW, I cheated. Ryan told me the answer)

  8. Anyone remember 6 years ago, when he had to fill in for the Rams, and we were all told constantly that Fitzpatrick went to Harvard?

    Amazingly, that still hasn’t changed, yet the media still feels the need to tell us how impressive that is.

  9. Well I’ve seen people get kicked by a cow. Looks painful. However elephant attacks can put you in the hospital, if not kill you.

  10. “What would hurt more, getting hit in the face by the trunk of an elephant or being kicked in the face by a donkey?”
    The correct answer is: “Dave’s not here, man.”

  11. What about the third option of standing under that elephant while it drops a deuce? Those loaves are huge and heavy.

  12. Stories like Fitz’s are one of the things I love most about the NFL.
    Can’t wish for him to pay well today since I’m a Pats fan but I love the dude.

  13. Hmmm. Sam Farmer of the LA Times writing about the Buffalo Bills QB. Suspicious….Concerning…….

  14. @rolandsloan you said “Hmmm. Sam Farmer of the LA Times writing about the Buffalo Bills QB. Suspicious….Concerning…….”

    even more concerning is the location of Stanford University. i think there is more to this story…


  15. An elephant can carry a tree trunk with it’s trunk. A blow could take a man’s head off. Donkey kick to the head can cave in a man’s skull.

    Either party can screw up the country since they both serve the same masters.

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