NFL changing replay system for scoring plays


After last week’s inexplicable failure of the replay official in New Orleans to call for a review of Darren Sproles’ touchdown against the Bears, the NFL wisely is beefing up the system of communication from the replay booth to the referee.

Charley Casserly of CBS reports that, in the short term, a backup system based on the presence of an employee with a walkie-talkie on the sidelines, who will get the word from the replay booth and then get word to the referee, in the event that the pager on the ref’s belt doesn’t engage.

Moving forward, a Paul Revere-style system of lights could be used.  Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC suggested in last week’s Monday Morning Quarterback that a red light/green light arrangement will be used.  Mike Pereira of FOX says that such an approach could be implemented for 2012.

14 responses to “NFL changing replay system for scoring plays

  1. Like Brian Billick often said, they should just throw out the whole damn thing! All too often they still get it wrong, even after reviewing replays for several minutes. It’s not worth the extra 15 minutes it adds to games.

  2. “All too often they still get it wrong”

    No they don’t. You’re an idiot that doesn’t understand the rules.

    After a review, the officials pretty much always make the 100% spot on ruling. It’s extremely rare that the officials make an erroneous or incorrect ruling.

    The problem is, some of the rules are idiotic. Which leads people like you to think the officials screwed up. They didn’t. It’s the rules that are screwed up. The officials can only enforce what’s on the books.

    If you’ve got a problem with the rules, then stop directing your ire at the officials. They don’t make the rules. Blame the NFL for the rules.

  3. Where’s the boycott that everyone talked about during the lockout?

    Yup, they’re at home watching Red Zone just like me.

  4. There should also be at minimum, cameras permanently focussed on the goal line. You could make a case for other lines and angles to ensure the correct call.

  5. They sure didn’t replay anything when they threw a bogus flag saying Crabtree stepped out of bounds before his TD today. Since the coaches can’t challenge a penalty call they were robbed of the touchdown.

  6. They really should have cameras posted on the goal line. If MLB can put a camera under a base the NFL should be able to have a goal line shot. No more “Look at the shadow of the ball not crossing the line.” in reference to the Buffalo game today.

  7. A simple solution would be to place a large red light, similar to those used in hockey for goals, next to the play clock. There is an official that is watching this clock…so no need to “re-train” the officials.

    When the replay official wants to get the attention for a replay, he punches to buttons…one for the pager and one for the light…..either should work.

    Now, that doesn’t mean the officials will still make the correct call….

  8. Why did they change the rule and allow these kinds of mess ups in the first place?

    All this new rule does is allow room for someone to cry “Fix”. The Zebras have already screwed it up last week with New Orleans, and this week, no one said boo, but Plaxico’s TD in OAK should have been subject to the “Louis Murphy Rule” where you apparently have to make love to the ball and send it a thank you not before letting go of a TD pass. Plax dropped the ball on impact making a diving catch. The morons in the booth either did not review it, did not notice it, or were giving the Jets a break.

  9. Put otherwise unemployed Roman Emperors in the booths across the league – thumbs up for a score, thumbs down for no score…

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