Report: Jerome Simpson will play for Bengals


As a team from Northern California arrives to play the Bengals in Cincinnati on Sunday, a package from Northern California that arrived five days ago at the residence of Bengals receiver Jerome Simpson ultimately won’t keep him from playing.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Simpson will play against the 49ers, despite a looming investigation based on the delivery of a package containing 2.5 pounds of marijuana to his house — and the discovery of another six pounds of marijuana inside.

Simpson did not practice on Thursday or Friday, after reports of the Tuesday incident came to light.

Since he has not yet been arrested or charged, there’s no policy that prevents Simpson from playing.  Indeed, because the NFL has exclusive jurisdiction over matters of this nature, the Bengals technically have no ability to impose any discipline on Simpson, if they were even inclined to do so.

Given that it’s the Bengals, it’s safe to say they’re not even inclined to do so.

33 responses to “Report: Jerome Simpson will play for Bengals

  1. I saw he’s pretty high in fantasy ratings…..heck, with 6 pounds of the wacky weed he’s high pretty much everywhere. 😉

  2. Good, the police can arrest him in the locker room. If this were a non-pro athlete, he would’ve been in jail by now.

    Simpson must have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton already beating the drums of racism on Simpson’s behalf

    He should have already been arrested by the FBI

  3. It ironic, Mike Brown won’t trade Carson Palmer because of priciples, but Jerome and the rest of the delinquents continue to play. Just amazing!!

  4. Who Dey! Bengals will torch the 49ers now. It took 2 special team TD’s to defeat the worse team in the NFL at home (seahawks). Then the 49ers became the 1st team to be beaten at home by a QB with a punctured lung! LOL!!!!!

  5. There’s no reason why the Bengals can’t suspend Simpson pending the results of the ‘looming investigation’ …… It’s been done by many teams in the past for lesser alleged crimes ….. The problem here is that the Bengals are an inept organization that consistently displays why eventually the NFL will have to force their sale to another owner …… The Bengals are a yearly embarrassment to everything the NFL tries to represent ……

  6. Will it be a game time decision on whether to take the handcuffs off of him for the game, LOL…what a loser, has the world by the azz and decides to deal dope, guess the guy wasn’t making enough and needed a part time job.

  7. This could be his last game ever, or at least his last game in 3 to 5 years. He’s gonna want to have some fun. Watch him get 200 yards and 3 touchdowns!!!

  8. As a Bengals fan, I couldn’t be more embarrassed. They should have cut him immediately last week. No longer will I try to defend this organization in any way, shape or form. I’m sure that when the facts come out, we’ll all find out Jerome had nine pounds of oregano in his 1,000 sq ft condo, set to distribute to Italian restaurants all over the city.

  9. Jerome Simpson is a average(below) receiver at best. I can’t imagine with this looming over his head he could possibly have any focus to play. He will be a game day inactive.

    Bill Belichick would have cut his a–. Why a professional athlete would get involved in distribution level is beyond me. Its one thing to wakenbake as a certain jet likes to do but considering what has been reported thats just dumb.

  10. Watch Jerome light them up….part of the Bengals smoke them if you have them policy…

    To be fair to Jerome, it is the Bengals fault…he asked if he could smoke doobies in the locker room, and they told it wouldn’t be right unless he brought enough for everyone to smoke one too!

  11. Get over it guys. No team in their right mind would release a guy who could very well come out nearly clean after all of the info is released. All of the teams that did release their players was because they were arrested. Let’s see him get arrested before you jump to conclusions.

  12. Whats the matter with you guys across there?

    Don’t you sing a certain song before every game that includes the words “land of the free” in it, and aren’t you constantly reminding the world about how ‘freedom’ is important to y’all……

    Over here in the UK, we have a legal concept known as ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Has that concept been abolished over there ?

    Do I think Simpson’s a dumb-a$$ for getting involved in something like this; sure ? Go ahead and bang Simpson up when he’s charged with something; until then; as I understand it; he’s free to do what he damn well wants; including lining up for the Bengals Sunday.

    Reading some of the posts here, some of you guys sound like you live in Iran or someplace…

  13. Why would the Bengals sit him for being accused of running a major drug distribution operation?

    History tells us they could care less about holding their players accountable.

  14. Shows how responsible the NFL and some owners really are. No wonder so many trouble makers want to play for Brown.

  15. Since he has NOT been arrested or charged and has missed practice thurs. and Fri. That tells me one thing.
    He has decided to “roll over” and work with the law..what else can it be?…I know this story is now all over the place …but he can still be of great help to the law. If he didnt take the deal…he would be locked up and probably out of work!…He still may face action from the league down the road …idiot!

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