Saints roar back to beat Texans

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The Texans are trying to become a team where an explosive offense carries an opportunistic defense.  The Saints already have the formula mastered.

New Orleans stormed back to beat Houston 40-33 Sunday with 23 fourth quarter points.  The home crowd seemed to be a huge factor as the Saints beat a good team for the second straight week in New Orleans.

It may not be fair, but it was largely because Drew Brees outplayed Matt Schaub down the stretch.

Houston’s offense played great for three quarters, but Schaub made a number of bad throws down the stretch.  Houston’s four fourth quarter drives:

1. Three and out.

2. Schaub interception.

3. Texans TD on a pass that should have been picked off and was deflected three times.  Schaub almost was picked off the play before.

4. Four and out.

The Texans have made great strides, but they blew opportunities in the first half.  They just didn’t have enough to beat a very good team on the road.

An optimist would say these Texans look better.  I’m in this camp.

A pessimist would say we’ve seen a lot of Texans games like this before.

15 responses to “Saints roar back to beat Texans

  1. This loss is on Kubiak. He had the wrong gameplan the entire game. Shoulda have tried to shorten the game and not engage in a shoot-out with the Saints.

    Easy to say now, but I thought that was the Texans gameplan judging from ther previous games versus the Colts and Dolphins.

  2. 2-0 against the 2 worse teams in the league means nothing. Texans are good, better than last year but not in the Saints class just yet.

  3. With a healthy Arian Foster the Texans would have won. They lost because they settled for field goals in the red zone since their running game was less effective than normal. This is Ben Tate’s rookie season since he missed all of last year and he is no Arian Foster yet.

  4. The Saint’s throwbacks were still atrociously ugly.

    Maybe that’s why they started so slow. They had to remember they weren’t the Aint’s and remember they had to play proper football again.

  5. The Texans are just like the Saints used to be from ’06 to ’08. They have all the pieces, they just don’t know how to pull out the close ones.

    Eventually they’ll figure it out but I’m not getting the sense that there’s a lot of good leadership or self-identity on that team.

  6. I agree that the throwback uniforms are horrible. I watched them play in those uniforms too much back in the day.

  7. I do believe the TEXANS have all the pieces and there gonna figure out how to put the puzzle together! Don’t forget the the saints have had the best offense 4 out of the last 6 seasons! Plus they have a very new defense! Yeah they gave up 40 points but they still didn’t look bad! There gonna do lots of good things this year!

  8. The throwbacks were good except for the non-matching golds on the jersey and pants (I was at the game). Houston played well, they just don’t seem to have all the pieces yet. I sat near several groups of Texans fans and we had a good time cutting up with them. A fun game.

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