Steve Smith a captain against Giants


This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but we suspect Giants fans will still find it annoying.

The Eagles have named wide receiver Steve Smith a captain for Sunday’s game against his old team. Smith’s role has slowly picked up in Philly, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if coach Andy Reid dialed up a few plays for Smith.

That would annoy Giants fans even more.

14 responses to “Steve Smith a captain against Giants

  1. You have no idea just how much it WONT annoy me. Who cares? It’s over and done with. He went after the money, and the Giants FO royally screwed up. More power to him.

  2. This is why they have never and never will win anything. They do everything to spite the Giants and expend all their energy doing so, instead of figuring out how to win a Super Bowl.

  3. rediculous. annoy isnt even close to the word that describes this.

    i really hope he comes across the middle and kenny phillips destroys him. dont care if its clean or not

  4. mikea311 says:

    what a low class move, seriously. what is the point of making him a captain?

    why intentionally rub salt in a wound?


    Duh, because it’s a divison rival that sees eachother 2 games per year.

    Like DeAngelo Hall saying he’s aiming for Tony Romo’s ribs.

  5. Doesn’t annoy this Giants fan. Smith was always a class act and the Giants screwed him. I wish Steve Smith the best on 14 out of 16 games this season.

  6. The Eagles simply bought him out so they would no longer have to face him. Little do Smith and idiot fans realize, the Eagles have little or no plan to use him in their offense. Good job moron. Probably the most inept captain of a 1 p.m. Sunday game.

  7. Smith will be groveling to come back here when he realizes there’s no market for a 23-catch guy who may or may not be healthy going into 2012.

    And to the queefs who keep saying the Giants screwed him, HE WAS OFFERED A 5 year/$35M contract, with 60% guaranteed. That clown overvalued himself (even that was too much for a glorified slot guy) and then he got hurt. What, he expects a top tier deal when no one knows if he will even last a season?

    The Eagles signed him out of spite, and made him captain today out of spite. That’s why it’s gonna cost them in the end.

    They did play an excellent 2nd quarter to make it 14-13 though. We should have 28 honestly.

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