Torrey Smith breaking out in St. Louis

Getty Images

The Ravens have tried a bunch of different receivers over the last few years in an effort to make their offense more dynamic.

It looks like they might have found their man in Torrey Smith. The second-round pick out of Maryland has his first three NFL touchdowns on his first three NFL catches in Sunday’s game against the Rams and Baltimore has built a commanding 21-0 lead with 1:48 still to play in the first quarter.

Smith started the scoring with a 74-yard strike from Joe Flacco on Baltimore’s first possession of the game. Touchdown number two came off play action when Smith got behind the entire Rams defense for a 41-yard score. His third score came on an 18-yard fade into the back corner of the end zone on a perfectly thrown ball by Flacco. Justin King was the primary Rams defender on all three touchdowns and the Rams might want to try a different approach if they hope to make a game of what’s quickly turning into a rout.