Add Bradford’s toe to list of Rams problems

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The St. Louis Rams are off to a disappointing 0-3 start and they now have a new obstacle to deal with as they search for their first win of the year.

Quarterback Sam Bradford suffered an injury to his toe in Sunday’s 37-7 loss to the Ravens. He had x-rays, which revealed no broken bones and coach Steve Spagnuolo called it a sprain in his meeting with the media on Monday.

“Right now we hope it’s not a big deal,” Spagnuolo said via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Bradford had a miserable day on Sunday, completing 16-of-32 passes for 166 yards with one touchdown and one interception. He also lost a fumble on a sack for the third straight week and saw it returned for a touchdown for the third straight week. After three weeks, we haven’t seen much improvement from the Rams offense with Josh McDaniels at the controls, although the injury to Steven Jackson and a tough schedule have likely played a role.
The schedule isn’t getting much easier. The Rams have home dates with the Redskins and Saints sandwiched around trips to Green Bay and Dallas over the next four weeks. The schedule gets much easier at that point, the question is whether or not that will be too late if the offense doesn’t get things going sooner rather than later.

15 responses to “Add Bradford’s toe to list of Rams problems

  1. The man has absolutely no WRs there. Amendola hurt. Clayton still on the PUP. They need to get him some people to throw the ball to.

  2. @ sterilize

    The more immediate problem is his offensive line. He’ll never make it to the end of the season taking this kind of pounding. What a bunch of underachievers.

  3. “I am a Rams fan, but I think they will start 1-7 end 8-8 and win their division.” No. Two words: Josh McDaniels.

  4. Even though they have played horrendous the first 3 weeks..I have a sneaking suspicion they are going to turn it around this week against the Skins

  5. It’s not the O-line it’s the D-line that is getting bigger and faster that make the O-line look bad.
    The Lions D-line make a lot of O-line look bad or weak.

  6. Oh great…c’mon just keep pilin it on. How can last year w/ so much improvement on both sides of the ball turn into this garbage? Injuries, mistakes, no execution…everything. Screw it man…just finish the season. W/ the 1st pick…the Rams trade down and screw SF and Seattle out of Andrew Luck.

    @ least that’ll be some sort of victory for this sad, sorry season.

    Man it sucks bein a Rams fan.

  7. sterilizecromartie says: Sep 26, 2011 5:08 PM

    The man has absolutely no WRs there. Amendola hurt. Clayton still on the PUP. They need to get him some people to throw the ball to.


    Funny, I recall seeing Brandon Gibson and Danario Alexander making diving catch after diving catch the first three weeks. They might not be names, but they are much better than Bradford apologists might have you think. Salas does suck though, as does Pettis.

  8. the only way luck doesn’t go first if the rams are there…and they could be there…if i were a college left tackle with draft eligibility i’d be playiing my butt off right now.

  9. Geezus just bench our stars & let em get healthy for a late season run. Honestly getting Bradford killed over the next 4 games does nothing for us. We’re GUARANTEED to go 0-7… ifs ands or butts. But I completely agree w/ you jayram. Thank GAWD we’re in the WORST division in football. The NFC Rest. At 0-7 we can come back, beat up on our weak sisters in the division, and win the Div at 7-9. Honestly the NFC Rest should be merged into the Big East.

  10. More than 20 drops by the receivers in over 3 games, 4 of them touch downs, not to mention their complete ineptness while running routes, not knowing the plays and being completely out classed by more talented players at corner.

    Danario Alexander fell down against the Ravens, he actually fell down because of some turf monster got him and of course it would be a timing route and of course it would Bradford’s 1st INT of the year. Yeah, Alexander is so beast. LMFAO

    Oh and Gibson, you mean the practice squad Pro-Bowler, you mean the guy who gets into a game and is completely lost. You mean the guy who still doesn’t know that on 3rd downs you’re supposed to run to the 1st down marker then turn around? Oh yeah, Gibson is so good he’s been mistaken for the 2002-2006 Chad Johnson.


    Name one receiver in the NFL these 2 scrubs would start over? Name me 1? You can’t do it. Sam Bradford is the only QB in the entire NFL without a legit starting #1 receiver. Even Cutler has Roy Williams and he’s freaking terrible. But at least when he tries he’s got some skill and also having a speed threat as well as Knox. Not to mention Forte.

    As for the offensive line, my god is Jason Smith and Jason Brown bad. They are just worthless. But it doesn’t help that everyone and their mother knows we have to throw the ball because Steven Jackson can’t not be hurt for more than a couple of plays. I mean, dude is paid to run yet gets hurt running in a straight line without any contact on the very 1st play of the very 1st game of the year. Yeah, what a beast.

    Oh but wait, Bradford is going to throw to his tight ends. Oh yeah, which one? The rookie who can’t catch or the 2nd year player who hurts himself walking from his couch to his TV?

    But maybe the defense will keep it close. Really? I guess Justin King isn’t a part of that equation. Oh wait, yes he is. He was only beat by a rookie who played in his very first game and caught his first 3 NFL catches for touchdowns. I mean, what the hell were we thinking, a 5 year vet versus a rookie. Should be simple right? But hey, we got Chris Long, oh yeah the coverage sack master. NEXT!

    The Rams are literally a 5 man show. If you watch them, you can expect 5 guys to show up while the rest could care less. Sam Bradford, Quinton Mikell, James Laurianitis, Bradley Fletcher and James Hall. Notice how Bradford is the only offensive player? Because it’s true.

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