ESPN analysts at odds on Vick hits


During ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, the guys at the desk in Bristol agreed with Mike Vick’s argument that he doesn’t get calls that other quarterbacks get, when it comes to illegal hits.  Tom Jackson was particularly indignant, quoting the rule and calling out “video!” for the visual evidence of an illegal hit on Vick that wasn’t flagged.

And then the scene shifted to Dallas, where ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer vehemently disagreed that Vick is being treated differently, showing video of a wicked helmet-to-helmet hit that Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan received last week from Eagles defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins.  The hit drew no flag, but Jenkins eventually was fined $15,000.

It’s not just Ryan.  Last week, Tom Brady’s knee was nearly caved in by Chargers defensive lineman Antonio Garay.  Ben Roethlisberger took a pair of low hits, with only one flag thrown.

Thus, Vick is right when he says he’s not drawing flags for illegal hits.  But he’s wrong when he implies that he’s being singled out or treated differently

And ESPN analysts (or any other analysts) who claim that Vick is being treated differently than other quarterbacks is every bit as wrong as Vick.

They’re even more wrong, since it’s not Vick’s job to pay attention to what’s happening to the 31 other teams.

66 responses to “ESPN analysts at odds on Vick hits

  1. Slowly but surely, the old Mike Vick makes his way back. Arrogant, entitled, all show and no substance.

    Many of us saw right through his “transformation” from the start but hopefully everyone realizes what’s going on now.

  2. Tom Jackson ???

    Need anyone say more??Biggest moron of all talking heads

    September 2003 “His player’s hate him”

  3. A missed call isn’t the same as a no call…

    Watch football more and you’ll get the issue and difference between the two.

    But frustration aside, it’s bad timing and approach on Vick’s part when there are other issues clouding the sky.

  4. “Ben Roethlisberger took a pair of low hits, with only one flag thrown.”

    So if Roethlisberger gets the flag 50% of the time, why should Vick get it thrown 0% of the time?

    Even if Vick usually doesn’t deserve a call (i.e. even if most hits on him are legal), the fact that it has NEVER gotten called encourages other teams to hit him. Yeah, it’s clean most of the time, but if it would get called once in a while, players would begin to hit him less and the game would be safer/fairer to him.

  5. And by get called once in a while, I am referring to the few illegal hits, I’m not asking for legal hits to be called solely for the purpose of helping Vick…

  6. Mangini, Golic and Antonio Pierce also weighed in on the subject this morning on ESPN. They all sided with Dilfer.

    They pointed out he’ll take hits because he runs more than others and holds onto the ball too long. They put some blame on his O-line and Pierce pointed out that defenders can take two steps and still legally hit the QB after he has released the ball.

    They suggested more three & five step drops to get rid of the ball faster and stop looking so often for the big play.

    For Vick’s sake, Andy Reid should take heed.

  7. Hands down without a doubt Roethlisberger gets absolutely mugged far more than any other quarterback with no flags or fines, ejections or suspensions.

    Ngata punched him in the face and splattered his nose seven different ways without so much as a flag much less ejection or suspension. According to the official “He was just trying to tackle you.” That is the crap officiating Roethlisberger has to live with every game.

    Can you imagine the poop hemorrhage if that had been Brady, Manning, Brees or even Vick …. or really …. anyone BUT Roethlisberger?

  8. I can’t watch anything that Dilfer is a part of. He disgusts me. Members of the national media should not refer to players by first name like he does. I want an impartial analysis, not watered down because some of the guys are his boys. Lost all credibility for with incessant touting of Alex Smith.

  9. It was basically unanimous from ESPN that Vick isn’t getting the calls he should. Trent Dilfer is a joke. Steve Young agreed that Vick isn’t getting the calls but said Vick shouldn’t have said anything. I don’t see how ESPN is “at odds” over this.

  10. Vick needs to play flag football. If he is so worried about getting hit why doesn’t he give some of that $100,000,000 and get some decent lineman.

  11. Yeah, Tom Jackson got all ‘Malcolm X’ angry about the whole thing. He didnt come out and say it of course, but the way he was seething and cutting glances and Carter and MeShawn.. So by airing this little petulant freak out,ESPN has made this into a racial issue. It’s not. Real Tacky on-air behavior by Jackson.

  12. Of course it is more than just hits on the quarterback.

    ESPN should send a memo to these guys, “Shut the F* up about it!”

    There is nothing worse than uneducated people discussing race issues that pose as other issues, in this case football.
    Should Vick have concerns? Of course given the history of the US. But at the same time please try and be objective.
    Same goes to you Dilfer. You should thank God that you were on the Ravens and got a Superbowl out of it. How you got on MNF God only knows, somehow you made this crap smell worse.

  13. He is right though.

    I love when people pull out one or two other QBs get no calls.

    Vick gets them all the time.

    At a time when there are QB getting flags for being “too hard” then he SHOULD get more.

  14. The eagles traded the wrong QB. I love that they traded Kolb instead, because I do not care for the way they have tried to “buy” a superbowl. It has not worked for Snyder and will not work in Philly. Vick is and always has been incredibly overrated. Too bad for Andy Reid he lost the argument last year.

  15. In other news.. Giants still faking injuries…. After a McCoy 20 yard rush.. a Giants player falls to the ground with a… “cramp”

  16. Vick gets hit a lot because he has a crap O-line and CAN’T read a defense.

    He’s standing there, holding onto the ball trying to decide what to do. When he does throw the ball, defensive players are within a 1/2 step with no way to stop, after all, .3 seconds ago you were standing there like a deer in the headlights trying to remember what the hell you’re supposed to do when that safety is playing over the WR.

    He’s about 1.5 to 2 seconds too slow with his decision making which means he gets popped.

    As to the calls thing? I dunno – how hard would it be to look up which team gets the most roughing the passer calls?

    hint – it’s not going to be teams with elite QB’s which you seem to be hinting are getting calls you aren’t. Ignore for the fact that you’re not on their level (you’re not, a career 80.4 passer isn’t elite).

    They are elite QB’s because they can read a defense and get rid of the ball before getting creamed. Also they tend to have decent o-lines and play on teams that have won titles.

  17. C’mon vick … Sour grapes…. You lost the game period. Your defense gave up 4 tds and had no takeaways, while u stunk up the place. Go find a place where your wanted…. Its not in the nfl you piece of cr”@#

  18. The Canty hit should have been flagged. Vick had already released the ball, Canty took another step, led with his helmet, and knocked Vick over. It wasn’t called, Vick was frustrated and vented after the game. Let’s move on.

    Anyone making this about race is a simple-minded trouble maker.

    Anyone wishing death on Vick needs to get a life, and probably should be blocked from commenting, but that’s not my call.

  19. Most of the people/analysts saying Vick is wrong are using the few recent examples of QB’s not getting the calls…that is just bound to happen, except to P. Manning…it’s illegal to sack him.

    I don’t believe Vick is talking about 1 or 2 plays in specific…

    The game-plan to beat the Iggles these days is to beat the snot…I’d say Tar, but that is racist, I guess…out of Vick.

    He takes “borderline” shots almost constantly, most of wich he could avoid…

    I understand, when he’s a runner…all bets are off, he doesn’t seem to understand that when he dives 15 yards downfield…and all the defenders are coming at him with knees, elbows and helmets aimed for pain…it is legal, according to the rules.

    Now…if ANY other QB…save for Roethlisberger, took these hits…these by the rules, “legal” hits…flags would fly.

    Problem is Michael…NONE of the other QB’s do what you do…learn to slide. You are your own worst enemy. In many ways, unfortunately.

    Having said all this…he gets pounded, every game…it is the game-plan…most of wich is legal.

    He just gets himself hit so much…it’s hard for the zebras to make the right call.

    Go Eagles.

  20. Steve Young had the best comment. More mobile qb’s don’t get as many calls their way, qbs that only stay in the pocket get more calls.

  21. Any knowledgeable football fan knows that Tom Jackson is a half-baked windbag who supported Vick’s moronic rant because of the race thing! Then, that bloated phony Mike Ditka jumped on the bandwagon on the Mike and Mike show this morning by tossing in his worthless two cents! I can only imagine Ditka’s opposite histrionics if let’s say Jay Cutler made the same claim as Vick. Man up! Stop your whining! If you don’t want to get hit, get rid of the damn ball! Honestly, Jackson and Ditka should hop on the same bus and head for the nearest retirement home!

  22. Look, I’m a Texans fan and I think Houston got away with a couple of knocks to Drew Brees’ noggin yesterday.

    Get over it, dog killer.

    And Trent Dilfer had better be careful. Vick has shown what he does to those who make him angry.

  23. Tom Jackson is still trying to keep his street cred from when he agreed with Rush Limbaugh on air about McNabb being overrated and then later recanted when pressured.

    The real story here is that the NFL’s new contact rules are so convoluted that nobody even knows what’s a penalty anymore.

    QBs now ask for a flag after any big hit. As a fan, i wait to see if there’s a flag after every sack. Just like i wait to see if there’s pass interference after every incompletion. The NFL is going down the wrong road.

  24. And Matt Ryan gets back up. 2 weeks in a row Vick gets rattled and too scared to get back in the game.

    Vick is too used having innocent animals do all the fighting for him.


  25. rpiotr01 says:
    Sep 26, 2011 8:27 PM
    Slowly but surely, the old Mike Vick makes his way back. Arrogant, entitled, all show and no substance.

    That pretty much started as soon as the 1st check of his new contract hit his bank account.

  26. Not the biggest Vick fan but he is obviously right on this. People pick 1-2 plays of other QBs to prove a point. Yet Vick is getting hit that way 4-5 times a week, not once a month.

  27. Problem is the punishment does not fit the crime for taking cheap shots at any QB. Any smart D coordinator encourages it. 15 yards is a small price to pay if you rattle a QB for the next few series or even get him out of the game. Won’t change until the NFL gets serious about suspensions for cheap shots.

  28. I normally don’t like Dilfer but good for you Dilfer I’m proud of ya man. What is up with Tom Jackson lately? I used to love listening to him, but ever since Keyshawn got there he seems a lot different. I’m starting to really dislike ESPN lately. Even the stews today on first take said that Vick gets more calls the Brady manning and brees combined, but of course they wont talk abt that.

  29. The first comment on this article sums it all up.
    I like Dilfer on ESPN. “His players hate him” ~ Tom Jackson….

  30. Trent Dilfer is an idiot. He’s not even understanding what vick is saying. Vick is not saying that he is the only one not getting the calls he is just saying that he doesn’t get the calls that should be flags. Some plays are gonna be missed like Ryan and roethlisberger but on a consistent basis Vick does not get calls. And Jenkins was fined for the Ryan hit and there was flag on a roethlisberger play. But no fines or flags for Vick hits. The league will never protect him for who he is and his style of play. It’s a shame and Vick is entitled to his opinion. Vick is Just looking for the protection he deserves from the league because right now NFL defenders are freely taking shots at him bc theyre not afraid of repercussions and these unnecessary hits only add to his injuries.

  31. I hate espn lately. the fact that race is brought up everyday is just plain disgusting by all of them. what they dint understand is that fans and coaches cheer for their players and teams. no one roots fir a guy because if his race. I really hope espn starts getting called out for this because Ive had it with all of their shows. Tom Jackson and Keyshawn and rob Parker jemell hill Broussard and etc need to be terminated for making racial comments

  32. How come no post on ESPN on ESPN crime? Sportscenter showed that Vick got MORE flags than other NFC East QB the last two years. Now where you are going to go with this story? Are you going to admit what we all knew, outside of Philly, that’s this is nothing but fiction and sour grapes of a $100 million QB that couldn’t get the job done two weeks in a row? Where’s the legitimate reporting?

  33. habsman says: Sep 26, 2011 8:33 PM

    When was the last time Tom Jackson was right about anything?

    YESTERDAY. In picking the Giants to beat the Iggles.

    But otherwise, you’re right. ALMOST NEVER.

  34. ninjapleazee says: Sep 26, 2011 9:36 PM

    In other news.. Giants still faking injuries…. After a McCoy 20 yard rush.. a Giants player falls to the ground with a… “cramp”

    Why would Ross fake, when he was singlehandedly taking the game away from the IGGLES?

    The way his leg flew on that tackle, I’m surprised he didn’t tear a ligament. I’ve seen legs whip like that and have torn ACLs.

  35. “It’s not just Ryan. Last week, Tom Brady’s knee was nearly caved in by Chargers defensive lineman Antonio Garay. Ben Roethlisberger took a pair of low hits, with only one flag thrown.”


    Yeah, with the flag coming on the Brady hit. Vick is absolutely right. And to use only this year’s calls is being intentionally dishonest. Try going back 5 years and do the math. Fans have been calling out these inconsistencies for a long time. Only now is it getting called out. Guys like Ben and everyone else not named Manning or Brady have been getting murdered with no calls and no fines. FACT.

    And nobody cares what Trent Dilfer (Colin Cohurd’s butt buddy) thinks. Jamarcus Russell could’ve won a SB in Baltimore with that defense.

  36. malblack says:
    Sep 26, 2011 9:54 PM

    The Canty hit should have been flagged. Vick had already released the ball, Canty took another step, led with his helmet, and knocked Vick over.


    Canty is allowed to take that step (you can’t stop dead in your tracks just because the ball is out of the QBs hand) and still be within the legal rules of contact with a QB. He lead with his helmet but it wasn’t a spear, didn’t make contact with Vick’s helmet nor his knee and below. The analysts I’ve seen said the hit was fine.

  37. Tom Jackson is a jacka$$. Why is he still on the air? Message to Vick: If you wants to get more flags, “STAY IN THE POCKET AND STOP RUNNING YOU MORON.”

  38. it seemed way over the top to me that me that the guys in Bristol told Vick not to say anymore, that they would fight this fight for him….REALLY….Tommy, Key….you should be carrying the fight….By all means say what you want, but to take it to the next level of carrying the fight for Vick????

  39. Whiny Vick, Congrats Philly…. There have been late hits on almost every big name QB over the last 3 weeks that went without being penalized… The difference -the big name QB’s don’t complain to the press about it!

  40. They are right in saying that Vick isnt the only QB that takes late hits. There are a select few that the Refs let defenses beat up on. Vick, Roethlessburger, Cutler to name a few. However, I think Vick is right to complain about the hits he takes. Granted, he plays a different style game then Brady, Rogers, and Manning but the calls should be the same, Scrambling QB or Not. Once the ball is out, There should be NO Reason to knock the QB to the ground. This has happened to Vick several times in the first three games and he has a right to be upset. With that said…Andy, Fix your O-Line!

  41. Reverse racism at its best…

    But really, the bottom-line here is how can a man who slaughtered and made $$$$ off of hundreds of thousands of dogs have any room to complain??

    He should still be sitting in a jail cell.. just because he served his 2 years doesn’t mean the powers that be got it right… He’s a sick sick dude, look right at his eyes during a press conference, you can tell he’s still one sketchy son of a gun.

    In terms of him getting hit more, my dad used to offer this quote when I’d cause grief on myself “Whose fault is that??”…–Stop running around every play Mike!!! You make life worse for your offensive line in the end.

  42. There’s also a concept known as “pre-reads” for the defense…

    Maybe if Vick dedicated himself to becoming more of a student of the game, and actually could read a defense properly before snapping the ball, he’s have less to worry about in getting hit…. A little something called “quick release”… For the moment, Ryan Fitzpatrick seems to understand this same’s a great thing for quarterbacks who don’t wanna force their O-line to have to hold on for dear life….

    Oh but wait, I must be racist since I’m slamming the mechanics of a black quarterback….. NOT!!! But I am slamming the mechanics of a nutjob who slaughtered thousands of dogs…all for a hobby and extra $$$$$….

  43. The Mike Vick of old…… the Dog Killer has returned. This doesn’t bold well for the “Dream Team” LOL! what a joke… they’ll be lucky to finish 9-7.

    Don’t worry Philly… there’s always next year…

  44. What teal379 said.

    Vick can’t read a defense and holds the ball too long. The guys who play a long time without getting hurt are guys who get rid of the football on time or if they know they’re about to get hit are smart enough to get down to minimize the impact.

    Vick doesn’t even know how to slide when running.

    How stupid does a guy have to be to not be able to master the slide?

    Vick is fast, a good runner in the open field, and has a pretty good arm for a guy his size. That’s all he has going for him. An elite QB needs more. Vick lacks the on (and off) field intelligence and quarterbacking instincts necessary to ever become one of the top QBs in the league.

  45. That crew on that desk is the most racially biased unit ever assembled! Leader: Tom Jackson. Does anybody believe the “video” showing two white QBs getting calls was a coincidence? Last year when Randy Moss was making a fool of himself and destroying his career, Chris Carter lost a lot of street cred by vigorously defending his infantile actions. This reverse racism is so blatant now they aren’t even trying to hide it.

    Poor Boomer doesn’t know what to do so he just moves on as fast as he can. They really need to get rid of Jackson.

  46. Perhaps Tommy Jackson is just trying his old “psychological game” on the white QBs like he did last year with Jets?

  47. stixzidinia says: Sep 27, 2011 2:55 AM

    “It’s not just Ryan. Last week, Tom Brady’s knee was nearly caved in by Chargers defensive lineman Antonio Garay. Ben Roethlisberger took a pair of low hits, with only one flag thrown.”


    Yeah, with the flag coming on the Brady hit.
    I know you hate the Pats and will and do say anything to try to make them look bad but lying is going too far. BEN got one flag, Brady took 2 horrible below the knee hits and got ZERO flags. Guess you didn’t watch EITHER game…Steelers fan.

  48. I’m pretty sure it is part of Vick’s job to know what other teams are doing. When he watches film, do you think its only Philly’s O against their own D in practice? I’m pretty sure that his job almost every day entails watching film of defenses around the league and that necessarily includes those defenses hitting QBs and he can probably see yellow flags when they’re thrown. Just sayin…

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