Jason Smith a symbol for disappointing Rams

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They haven’t received a lot of media attention, but few teams have been more disappointing than the Rams thus far.

Yes, we know the schedule hasn’t been easy.  But they lost by 18 at home to the Eagles (Philly’s only win), 30 at home to the Ravens, and played sloppy football in a road loss to the Giants.

This was supposed to be a year to take a step forward, but St. Louis looks like one of the worst teams in the league. Some of their young players, notably tackle Jason Smith, appear to be regressing.

The No. 2 overall pick of the 2009 draft was benched during another poor performance Sunday.

“It wasn’t my best game. And the coaches pulled me out,” Smith said via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I had some penalties in crucial situations. . . . And I need to play better so I can help the team.”

The Rams drafted Smith to play left tackle and he’s on the right side now. It’s debatable whether he’s even a league-average starter there.

The good news for St. Louis is that they still play in the NFC West.  The bad news: No division games until Week Nine.

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  1. @BigJohn – Eugene is not a bust. But he is close to. Oher is a better player in offensive line that draft. Jason Smith, Andre Smith were all bust. Eugene Monroe is close to be a bust (very inconsistent player).

  2. I thought Smith was WAY to high at 2nd overall. As for the Rams, their offense is just completely devoid of talent. Their defense is awful in the secondary, and they have only 1 linebacker who should be on the field. The DE’s are the only set position on this defense. Sam Bradford needs weapons.

  3. I still say the Rams were beyond foolish to pass up on Suh. Once in a lifetime player.

    I have seen a whole lot of Sam Bradfords come and go.

  4. RT is the least of the Ram’s problems. Justin King has to be the worst DB in all of football. He got torched the first 2 weeks than gives up 3 td and 133 yards in the first quarter to a rookie WR playing his FIRST game!

  5. There is always a high risk in drafting an offensive lineman that high. The league is filled with high-caliber offensive linemen that were taken in later rounds in the draft. Ironically enough, Jason Smith has been thoroughly outplayed by Roger Saffold, taken in the second round.

  6. Idk bout worst corner in the league that might be my teams E.J Biggers who gets torched everygame including last yr where in 2 weeks he was targeted 27times and the wide out caught 23 of the balls….

  7. We all know what the real problem is. They have completely ignored the Wide reciever and defensive back positions. gregjennings85 what are you smoking? Please share.

  8. Where’s Mike Mayock and all of the blind sheep who were talking about how dominant he was in college, despite never even lining up in a pro set in his life at Baylor?

    Said it during that draft when the Seahawks foolishly took another college overachiever, Aaron Curry, from Wake Forest in that draft.

    Leave those overachieving but ordinary athletic guys from those kinds of colleges for the 2nd and third round unless their extraordinary physical specimens that ended up at that college by accident (Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, Steve McNair) because you’re going to get disappointed 10 times out of 10 otherwise.

  9. Big John,

    He’s not a starting left tackle in the NFL either. The only consolation that the Jags have is that they didn’t pick him at 2 when the draft alotted $25 million for that draft slot.

    I said at the time of that draft when everyone was laughing at Al Davis for selecting Darius Heyward-Bey, what was anyone laughing at. That was a terrible draft class full of very mediocre players.

    It’s very reminiscent of the ’06 class. The only thing that’s salvaged that draft is that all of the QBs seem to have panned out better than expected.

  10. I never expected the season to start out like this. They got 5 CBs (2 starting) on IR. Draft picks used on other posistions like LT, CB, MLB, QB, DE, etc. were needed. IDK how much longer this Rams team has before Spags gets canned, which is a shame too b/c I think he’s a good coach.

    And to the guy that said the Rams were foolish to pass Suh. No, it wasn’t. As great as Suh is, Bradford was the right pick. Yesterday, Stafford/Megatron carried the Lions to victory.

  11. Smith has been a bust. Otherwise, though, give the Rams a break. They’ve played two SB contenders and the Giants, with a dominant defensive line and just a few years removed from winning the SB.

  12. Early on in the draft process many had him going to GB at #9. Then he ran fast, jumped high and lifted weights at the combine and shot up to #2. Always trust the tape.

  13. Wow that was a terrible draft, particularly for the top half of the first round. Jason Smith, Tyson Jackson, Aaron Curry, DHB, Crabtree, Maybin, Moreno…..

    At least Andre Smith is finally starting now.

  14. I didn’t realize until reading this that the Rams were supposed to be good.

    They are basically hitting the reset button hiring Joshie as OC and Bradford isn’t exactly surrounded by weapons offensively.

    It’s going to be a long year and McDaniel’s offense isn’t all that great.

  15. Shame that Michael Vick only has a fracture. I only wish he had broken his neck so that he couldn’t play any longer. I have never forgiven him for his dog fighting antics. And I never will

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