Ravens find another solution with Andre Gurode


In late August, the Ravens offensive line looked like the team’s biggest weakness.

Thanks to two late free agent pickups, it may wind up being a strength.  We wrote about left tackle Bryant McKinnie’s impressive debut a few weeks ago.

Another former Pro Bowler, Andre Gurode, made his debut as a starter at left guard on Sunday and looked great by all accounts.  Gurode needed some extra time learning how to play left guard after starting at center for so long in Dallas.

Baltimore was tripped up in Tennessee, but overall they have looked like a stronger 2-1 team than the Steelers.  With an out of division schedule against the AFC South and NFC West, Baltimore has a great opportunity to rack up a big win total this year.

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  1. “Baltimore was tripped up in Tennessee, but overall they have looked like a stronger 2-1 team than the Steelers. With an out of division schedule against the AFC South and NFC West, Baltimore has a great opportunity to rack up a big win total this year.”

    There’s just one problem with that theory-their QB.

  2. @jimbobobjr

    You mean the one who threw for. 389yrds and 3 tds yesterday??? Or the one who threw for 3 tds against the steelers in week 1??? Yea he had a bad game in tennesee but that was not JUST Flacco, recievers did not get open, the run game was non existant and the O-Line sucked….. so tell me where that was his fault alone?

  3. @jimbobobjr

    Yeah I agree. The same guy who threw 3 tds against the steelers and threw for a career high in yards (389) against the Rams in addition to his 3 td passes. No you’re right Flacco’s the problem.

  4. @jimbobjackass

    Are you referring Joe Flacco? Who threw for 389 yds yesterday? 3 TD’s in one half?

    I see the backwoods Steeler inbreds are still butthurt.

  5. Dear Jerry Angelo,

    Please take notes from Ozzie Newsome on how to surround your franchise Quarterback with the talent he needs to succeed.

    Last year he brings in Anquan Boldin, TJ Houshmanzadeh, and Donte Stallworth for receiver help.
    This year he brings in Gurode, Bryant McKinnie, Lee Evans, Ricky Williams.

    Yours truly,

    The City of Chicago.

  6. jimbobobjr says: Sep 26, 2011 7:41 PM

    There’s just one problem with that theory-their QB.

    Ah yes. The ONLY QB that has won a playoff game the past 3 years in a row? The QB that has 7 TD’s to 2 INT’s so far this season? Clearly, he’s a huge problem holding back this team.

  7. I’m NOT a Ravens fan, but they do have the look of a special team so far this year. Losing to the Titans isn’t a red flag. Tennessee may very well win the AFC South.

  8. There’s just one problem with that theory-their QB.

    Flacco 7td/ 2int/ 810yds/ 91.9rtg/1fumble lost
    Roethlisberger 3td/ 4 int/ 942 yds/ 85.5rtg/ 4 fumble lost

    Doesn’t look half bad to me

  9. where are the Matty Ice Flacco comparisons..GONE, he sucks

    Steelers, done, Ward looks like dancing with the stars wore him out, Ben looks butt awful and defense???wow

    Ravens have pulled way ahead

  10. So Joke Flacco has had some good games. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. A bit sensitive about him being criticized, aren’t we? That’s because, even though you’ll never admit it, deep down inside you know he’s an average QB at best. Stats mean little compared to world championships-something he’ll never accomplish.

  11. (Ravens have pulled way ahead)- Ravens fans you had your perfect storm at home. But its only one win. Pittsburgh has ended your dreams in the playoffs the last couple years, and till you get past that point, your talk is just talk. Its week 3, and you folks are talking like your a champion. Champions are made in December through February. You ran up the score (fake xp), blocked dirty (even tony siragosa admited as much) you had your little perfect storm. Come nov.6th your time will come. The only thing that matters is the Steelers are 2-1, and the Ravens are 2-1. So do what you Ravens fans do best, keep talking. We all enjoy your computer tough guy cheap shots.

  12. Bryant Mckinnie just turned 32 four days ago and is getting in better shape by the week. Gurode is 33 and made the probowl the last five seasons. Matt Birk is 35, a Harvard grad and still has another solid year left after this one. Grubbs is a solid guard when not hurt and Marshall Yanda can play. Mike Oher will be a probowler this year because he is Hollywood and not to mention a beast as well. I’d say the offensive line might be a strength. Expect a 30 touchdown season for Joe Cool.

  13. Whats the record between the Steelers and Ravens in the games in which what ever team wins moves on and the other goes home for the off season? Yes Raven fans you won the super bowl in week one and now you have put together a fantastic offensive line that looks great for the first 3 games of the season. Lets see what happens when the weather changes and the stakes get higher. Good luck Baltimore with the best oline, best QB, best coaching staff, best fans, best punter, best kicker, and so on, with the worst record when it matters.

  14. Let’s say Flacco and Big Ben had the same team around them.

    Ben wins 7 out of 10 games against Flacco.

    Why? Because Ben is a good passer in the pocket, and makes plays when he is flushed out.

    When the pass rush gets to Flacco, he makes mistakes and does not make plays.

    Stats don’t prove’ anything. Against weak teams like the Rams, Flacco tends to put points up. Against strong teams that get leads, Flacco fails.

    The playoff stat is a bogus one too. The 2000 Ravens handed the keys to Trent Dilfer and he won them a SB. In other words, they handed the keys to the caddy to Trent. This time around, they handed the keys of a slick sportscar to Flacco, so yeah, he’s gonna do well.

    That being said….if you have studied NFL history, you know the Ravens should win the SB this year or next…..if not, it is time to throw out Harbaugh and retool the team again. That includes a non playmaking QB.

  15. The head-to-head also counts, Eric. So, while hoping your old ass team shows up on Nov 6th, keep doing what some of you Steeler fans do best: whine about legal chop blocks and your division rival pounding your teams face into the dirt. It’s so refreshing to hear you all abandon the 6 rings crap and start appealing to some future beat down that you all promise is on the way.

  16. So let me get this right wallyballz. The Ravens lose by 13 to a Titans team that currently shares the AFC South lead and with the way Hasselbeck is playing, may very likely win that division. Meanwhile the Steelers somehow eke out a 3 point win over the worst team in the AFC South, mostly courtesy of getting their FIRST turnover 11 and a half quarters into the season, and the AFC South is “kicking the Ravens’ ass?” Bahahaha, you do realize the Steelers have to play the Titans and Texans too right? You’re sounding like a “homer dbag” yourself.

  17. As a Ravens fan I am amused by the rival fans that want to take pot shots at anything the Ravens succeed at doing. Dominate week 1, they ran up the score, played dirty, they were mean! Slip in week 2, they just won their SB in week 1, they were up for only one team (the Steelers), etc. Win against a bad team in week 3, that doesn’t prove anything. Oh, and if Flacco has a good game or decent stats, he is still a bum.

    Steeler fans, relax. The Ravens aren’t stealing your Lomdary’s. It is a long season. Fans are happy after a win (especially in week 1). And they hate losing every bit as much as you do. No one knows better than us how it is to hear from who beat you in these blogs.

    And to say Flacco is “no good” shows ignorance and is not fair. I will admit he needs to come up bigger when it counts. In his 4th season he has some things to prove to me in that area. And you all are fortunate. Ben is a great QB, who has done well from early in his career. But his 2 SB wins were as much about your D as it was his play. Do you all forget about the struggles of QB’s O’Donnell and Stewart? You act as though no young QB’s (especially if they wear black and yellow) ever struggle. Count your blessings, Ben’s play is special most times. Most teams don’t have that kind of player. But do you feel it takes away from Ben if you admit Joe does have some good aspects to his game? Are you that insecure? I think you must be based on the comments I read.

    Facts are nothing is done, until after week 17. Everyone knows that. You all ought to be concerned about your O-line more than Joe Flacco’s statistics. This year could take years off Ben’s career with more games like this past Monday.

    So relax and enjoy the season! Being bitter does not look good on you!

  18. “That being said….if you have studied NFL history, you know the Ravens should win the SB this year or next…..if not, it is time to throw out Harbaugh and retool the team again. That includes a non playmaking QB.”

    What does this even mean? How long did it take Manning to get his first Super Bowl? where in the history of the NFL does it say you have to blow up your team every 5 years if you don’t win?

  19. We have equal amounts of crazy on these posts – people that say Flacco sucks sound as ridiculous as the people who say Flacco is better than Roethlisberger. The truth falls somewhere in the middle, at least for anyone who’s watched more than a few games of each team.

  20. this is why the Ravens have one of the best front offices in the league. Signing good players and not breaking the bank to do so.

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