Report: Sparano “100 percent” safe, for now


Like last year, the Dolphins can’t win at home.  Unlike last year, the Dolphins can’t win on the road.

So it the bell tolling for Tony Sparano?

Not yet, according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

A source tell Salguero that Sparano won’t be getting fired this week.  “One hundred percent,” the source said, emphatically (reportedly).

If the Dolphins keep losing, that 100 percent number will only go down.  And, as we speculated in this week’s 10-pack, owner Stephen Ross eventually could be tempted to “Suck for Luck,” if it enhances the chances of luring Bill Cowher to South Florida.

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  1. We hear reports like this about struggling coaches every season. But we know they’ll soon be gone anyway.

    Sparano and Haley will be unemployed by Week 6, at the latest.

  2. I have been a Dolphins fan as long as there have been a team. I am ready for a change. Something’s gotta give. This is stupid.

  3. Why would they fire Sparano after giving him an extension?

    The Dolphins are melting down, and the real culprit is fat-butt Tuna who constructed a team in 2008 to win games played in 1988. Spread offenses destroy Miami because they don’t have the speed to cover 4 WRs or rush the QB.

    Sparano himself was a disciple of this archaic system, so I won’t feel bad when he gets the axe. Daboll is the only guy in the organization who understands 21st century football.

  4. Sparano “100 percent” safe, for now? He’s 100% safe until he’s fired. It’s going to take something well beyond a HC change to fix that team. Start with the GM.

  5. This fist pumping fool must go, he gets more excited about field goals than touchdowns, he’s never tried to win a game but always trying not to lose, it’s pretty sad when fans can point stuff out during a game then the media is talking about it the next day, too much talent on this team, bring in Cowher!

  6. The one thing every head coach dreads is to hear their boss come out and give them the “vote of confidence”. Normally a sign that your days are numbered with the organization. The “Vote of confidence” is just code for we are actively looking for a new coach.

  7. 100% safe means Sparano is out the door,,,,soon.
    To all my Dolphin buddys who’ve been here since “65”. Is this bad or what

  8. I’m waiting for the vote of confidence from Stephen Ross. I know it won’t happen, given how he tried bringing in Jim Harbaugh in the offseason, but I’d love to hear at least once in the next couple weeks that he believes in Sparano and will him do his job before firing him two weeks later.

  9. Sparano is not a horrible coach. This team has better talent than last year. They just are not playing well. It’s heart, not talent.

    Last year the offensive schemes were bad…not this year. The plan is better and Henne is playing better, although they refuse to use Bush the way he has the most benefit. They threw to him ONCE vs the Browns. He should be used on punt returns and in the short passing/screen game where he is a deadly match-up problem.

    When looking at the sidelines you see a bunch of guys that seem disinterested. Sparano went over to congratulate/fire up the lineman after the late drive…and none of them bothered to look at him, except for Long–who was laughing. Ross killed any chance for Sparano to lead the team the second he went after Harbaugh while still leaving Sparano in place just in case. It’s sad that the players seem to not be trying very hard. They shouldn’t need to believe in the coach in order to give 100% but that is the nature of today’s athletes. They don’t think he will be there next year so why bother this year. It’s stupid, but it seems to be happening. Marshall seems more concerned about complaining for flags rather than giving complete effort. The team needs an attitude adjustment and unfortunately that means they need a new head coach.

    As for the big name guys, I would rather see Fisher or Gruden (get him out of the booth) than Cowher. Get Shula a golf cart…

  10. How much of their losing is really his fault? I know coaches are usually the first to be blamed, but is he the true problem right now?

  11. FinFan68 says: Sep 26, 2011 11:10 AM

    Sparano is not a horrible coach. This team has better talent than last year. They just are not playing well. It’s heart, not talent.
    I guess the Dolphins just need a Cardiologist
    since the Dolphins like the “Tin man” have no heart

    Maybe Ross will take the team on a class trip to OZ
    to see the Wizard to get said heart/hearts

  12. It doesnt matter with ireland drafting we’d get a oliner.

    That first mnf game was a fluke… We regressed back to ground and pound with no looks to our playmakers bm and reggie

  13. Sparano is in way over his head. The whole franchise needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, the GM and coaches all need to go. They have maybe a dozen players worth keeping, if that. They’ll be very lucky to win three, four games this season, if that. They fell for the old “Tuna Hustle” and now that’s he’s taken the money and run, there’s nothing left but a terrible team full of lousy draft choices, awful FA’s and overrated talent like Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush.

  14. Safe; just like our play calling. It’s time to move on from this outdated philosophy and this regime. 3 lineman in the first round since they been there and HUGE misses in free agency are only SOME of the problems. I’m sick of it and I’ve been a fan since 1984.

  15. Sparano sucks, Ireland Sucks and Henne sucks. If we are going to suck for Luck, why not let these experts do it ? Wait till the end of the season to Fire them.

  16. I’m tired of the flashy name guys running this org! They (johnson, wanny, mueller, parcells, ireland) havent done anything! Hand the team over to a young up and coming guy!

  17. You didn’t let the source finish. He then said “because they’re going to lose in San Diego next week and it only makes sense to can him heading into the bye”.

  18. As a Dolphins fan the only positive I see coming from the Cleveland loss is that this may expedite the purging process. I don’t think there are many fans out there who do not think Tony Sparano is a good guy, but a head coach he is not. The Dolphins players appear either unmotivated, unprepared or untalented. It is probably a combination of the three, but Sparano and Ireland have made their bed and now will have to be burned in it.

  19. The vote of confidence is usually the kiss of death, as everyone knows

    But even though the Fins problems aren’t truly about Sparano he does bear ulitmate responsibility and should be let go by the end of the year if the players aren’t listening.

    Seeing as players know that as well as the fans do, expect players who don’t like a hard-assed coach to tune him out, continue to lose, to force a coaching change.

    If the ownership caves and gives them a Player-Friendly Coach it will set the team back another 5 years.

    If the ownership brings in a new hard-assed coach the players might get the message and begin responding.

  20. Miami fans are blasting Sparano every chance they get…but the question is, why? Just because they’re not winning? He’s not the GM and he’s not the “czar of football” or whatever Parcells had going on, and it’s not his fault they’re fielding a team without a high level of talent. And on top of all that, they’re in a division with a perennial playoff team in NE, a team with lots of stars that’s now expected to make the playoffs every year in NYJ, and an offensive powerhouse of a team that’s riding as high as it has in over decade in BUF. Even with average talent they’d be the worst team in the AFC East — and they do not have average talent.

  21. Sparano didn’t pay huge bucks to Reggie Bush to be a feature back and he didn’t decide that Henne/Moore were the answer at QB. Will anybody get fired over those blunders?

  22. A problem i see is the players look like they are huffing and wheezing for air all the time.. I’d most of these guys spent the lockout eating cheetos on the couch.

    We have talented players, I think they weren’t ready for football this year. By the way, Henne is doing a good job.. If you dbags actually watched him play you would see he is more accurate with his passes then 80 percent of QB’s in this league.

  23. The D still has plenty of talent, the problem is the rule changes. The Dolphins is built on being bigger and stronger which was fine when you could actually hit people. The rules making the league one step closer to flag is hurting big physical CB’s and favors little agile ones.
    You suck Goodell!
    I just dont think Sporano is knowledgeable enough to ever have been given a Head Coaching job (see Mike Tice).

  24. They need to play a team coached by Brian Billick again so they can win one game.
    Then again not to worry, the Ravens may be looking for a new offensive(literally) coach so Sporano should fit the bill.

  25. So when you hear the owner say the coach is 100% safe he really wants to say- Please stop asking about the head coach and GM. We all know they’re both gone as soon as I can get the big name I want and that probably can’t happen until this season is over and we have Luck signed on as the 1st pick.

  26. Peterson is your interim GM and Mike Nolan will be the interim HC, unless they can get Mangini to come in during the bye week.

    I don’t think Cowher is up to the challenge of getting into the AFC East, his reputation as a great coach could be tarnished against the teams in the division. Plus Cowher and Gruden will want too much control, which Steve Ross should not give one guy too much power, if he wants to get the team back to respectability.

    Steve Ross might be inclined to follow the map his very good friend Woody Johnson took and take a chance on a D cord with zero HC experience. To make a splash and move some tickets, going after Rob Ryan could be the move that Ross needs to make in the off season.

  27. The problem starts with the owner, he is a fan, great! what he needs to be is an owner who knows how to run a pro team. I think he needs a top notch team manager who has been around for a long time, who knows how to judge a head coach, so far this has not happen. Bill

  28. Did our lil ol football team here in CLEVELAND do this to all you losers? C’mon, it ain’t that bad- at least you have leBOOB and… all… those… rings! Oh, sorry you’re right: time to swim (back) to Cuba.

  29. “I’m tired of the flashy name guys running this org! They (johnson, wanny, mueller, parcells, ireland) havent done anything! Hand the team over to a young up and coming guy!”

    I agree. They should try and lure Saban from the college ranks. Or better yet, give that Cam Cameron a chance…

  30. drunkenagitator says:
    They fell for the old “Tuna Hustle”
    You have to be acomplete football moron to not see that Bill Parcells is an accomplished football mind.

    His years with the Giants, where he took an inept team and built a tradition of success, are legendary.

    He moved on to a joke of a team in New England and built a tradition of winning that is still there 18 years later.

    He took a New York Jets franchise that hadn’t been worth watching for decades, and built a playoff caliber team whose losing culture was turned around to this day.

    He went to Dallas and planted the seeds to return this once-mighty team back to playoff caliber football, which it remains as we speak.

    Miami fans have a very short memory. Parcells took over a 1-15 team – think about that – went 11-5 in his very first year.

    You think THAT’S a “hustle”?????

    Parcell’s throughout his career thrived on a good relationship with his team’s owners, and he clearly didn’t get what he thought he was getting with Ross, so as he did with Bob Kraft (who later admitted not giving Parcells the fredom he gave Belichick), the Jets (after the death of Mr. Hess), and Jerrah (who simply cannot give up control to ANYONE – see Jones, Jimmy), Parcells walked away from the ‘Fins, leaving them in better shape than the 1-15 team they were when he got there.

    “Hustle” …… right.


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