Five remain on pace to break Marino’s record

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Rosenthal pointed out earlier today that there have been 33 300-yard passing performances through three weeks of the season, obliterating the prior record of 21.

The league is now pointing out that nine quarterbacks are averaging more than 300 yards passing per game through three weeks.

And five of them are on pace to break Dan Marino’s single-season passing yardage record of 5,084.

Tom Brady’s 7,500-yard projection has cooled to 7,076.  And with 1,327 yards in three games, Brady is less than 600 yards away from Steve Grogan’s single-season total for 1976.

Football Night in America editorial consultant Elliott Kalb, who pointed out last week that the Raiders perhaps should have ditched the Hail Mary at the end of the Bills game for  74-yard Sebastian Janikowski field-goal try, alerted me to that fact.  And the ’76 Pats were no slouches; they won 11 of 14 games, losing by three in the playoffs to the Raiders, who eventually won the Super Bowl.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees is on pace for 5,648 yards.  Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is on pace for 5,397 yards.  Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is on pace for 5,221 yards.  And Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is on pace for 5,211.

Other quarterbacks who are averaging more than 300 yards per game are Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Titans quarterback Matthew Hasselbeck, and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

45 responses to “Five remain on pace to break Marino’s record

  1. I’m pretty sure that Dan Marino’s record will fall this year. Has anybody ever seen Marino’s face when someone talks to him about someone breaking the record? He always looks like he’s going to kill them for even asking. Haha.

  2. I’m new to this football thing so I have been listening to all the intelligent posters on the country’s most visited NFL information provider,

    Wasn’t Cam Newton suppose to be worse than Jamarcus Russel?

  3. Only two things can inhibit such a fast start–

    -winning too many games by blowouts leads to more running and protecting the QB for the playoffs

    -sloppy/cold weather later in the season making it harder to throw. As Godly as Peyton has been in his career, his numbers are slightly inflated being able to play in a dome for half his games every season

  4. And what happened to Dan Marino’s Dolphins that year – Did they win the Superbowl? Nope.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Theres still something to be said for having a running game and also not having to constantly come from behind throwing the ball.

  5. Dear NFL,
    Please get rid of the BS 5 yard chuck rule. Let the DBs hit these prima Donna wide receivers and let’s see how many wideouts forget their thigh pass and knee pads anymore. Let’s see which QBs can throw the back shoulder fade when their receiver has a defensive back playing defense. Then let’s see what happens to Dan’s record. I’ll compensate and let you keep the Brady Rule. Thanks.
    -An Embarrased NFL fan.

  6. And Donovan McNabb is on pace for 1,275 yards, at which point he’ll be replaced by Christian Ponder.

  7. People are STILL hating on Cam? Oh I forgot, every single NFL scout is on this site putting their 2 cents in.

    My opinion – the record will be broken and Matt Stafford is in the best position to do so. No, I am not an NFL scout.

  8. I’d love to see A-Rod pass for over 6,000 yards. Best quarterback I have seen in a long time.

  9. I hate to say this as a Patriots fan, but when a QB has to put up that many receiving numbers, it’s usually because they NEED to put up numbers like that

    And indeed, given the injuries that the Patriots have suffered, and the play of the defense, the Pats NEED Brady to continue to put up numbers like that

    The loss to Buffalo might be the best thing for this team in the long term – a wake up call that the team can’t rely on Brady and the offense every game

  10. It’s a strange characteristic of Steelers fans, but hearing Roethlisberger is putting up 300 yards per game doesn’t necessarily make us jump for joy. I believe he put up his best passing numbers in 2009 … when we missed the playoffs. We expect to balance the air attack with a solid ground game.

  11. Marino did it in an era where you had very little PI calls too. Not taking anything away from what guys are doing these days – it truly is amazing – just putting in perspective how much harder it was back then.

  12. If anyone can do it Stafford can, Brady will see a decline once winter starts in New England same with Rodgers in Green Bay, Saints are not a good team just lucky, same with the Chargers, Hasselbeck lost Brit, and Newton is still a Rookie

  13. Dan Marino had it MUCH harder than do the QB’s of today! The game has been sissified to allow for more scoring since Marino retired. In today’s NFL, Dan’s numbers would be even more impressive! DB’s are handcuffed by the rulebook & the refs like to target the overly aggressive. It’s really too bad. Won’t be long before the NFL is two-hand touch. Very sad.

    I don’t care who breaks Marino’s record, they won’t get the same credit Dan gets from fans like me.

  14. Where is the love for McFadden? He’s on pace to be at like 2100 yards.

    But you don’t even want to think about that happening.

  15. being a diferent era any new record will not take away from morinos achevement. with all the new rules aimed at turning the nfl into a fantacy league, it won’t mean as much. dan was a super great quarterback. today he would be still at the top.

  16. i could see any of these guys break it including Cam Newton, but if any do it, it’s either Brady (for easy reasons) or Stafford. Stafford plays on a team that is in a dome so winter shouldnt kill him until he plays on the road.

  17. To read his Cam Newton’s name in the same sentence as Brady, Brees and Rodgers is a joke. Even if he has thrown for a lot of yards in the first three games of his career, he is still very, very far from even coming close to breaking Marino’s record.

  18. I thought college football started. I see all the fans of others schools who lost to Auburn are still spewing their hate at Cam Newton.

    I guess it’s easy to deflect ur anger and hate unto Cam since sites like this one have done nothing but scape-goat him.

    Also, records are made to be broken. Dan Marino will always be the first.

  19. jonevans83 says: Sep 27, 2011 7:40 PM

    Marino would throw for 10,000 yards in todays league.

    Not if he played for today’s Miami Dolphins

  20. I find the whole “on pace” concept to be pretty moronic considering ESPN and the entire sports media start throwing that phrase around every time a player has one or two good games at the beginning of the season before we even really know how good/bad the teams said player put those numbers up against is. I remember when Brees threw for 4 TD’s in the first two games of the ’09 season and everyone on ESPN was like “oh he’s on pace for 75 TD’s OMG”. Torrey Smith just had 3 TD’s in one game for the Ravens…I guess that mean he’s “on pace” for 39 TD’s this season then? See how dumb that sounds? There are far too many variables over the course of a 16 game season (like injuries for instance, not to mention we don’t even REALLY know which teams are actually terrible yet) to say any player is “on pace” for anything at this point.

  21. pack13queens0 says:
    Sep 27, 2011 5:47 PM

    I’d love to see A-Rod pass for over 6,000 yards. Best quarterback I have seen in a long time.


    That’s because you only watch Packer games.

  22. Say, you excluded McNabb from your list; he has over 300 yards passing. Oh wait, these other QBs are averaging over 300 yards.

  23. The winter in new england has and never will affect the greatest qb to ever play the game!!! Tom brady has great numbers for his whole career in the whirling snow. That punk in indy has played in a dome his entire career, would love to see how many yards and tds brady would have in the same conditions!!!!!!!!

  24. I love it, Danny’s going to be pouting by the end of season just like he did when Favre started taking his career records. No rings and not many records left for Mr. Marino…..plenty of Isotoner gloves though.

  25. Weather will play a role… Stafford actually has all dome and decent weather locations on his schedule this year…

    Chicago on November 13 and Green Bay in week 17 are the only chances of bad weather from here on out…

    All home dome and warm weather states on the other weeks (New Orleans/Oakland)

  26. You Lion fans really need to chill out.

    I realize yall are off to a good start, and are excited, but nobody on you team has ever one $hit, so we will see how they deal with it.

    As far as the moron who said the Saints are just lucky, why don’t you do the world a favor and hold you head under water for 5 minutes.

    Breesus on pace to be only qb in history to throw for 5,ooo yds, twice.

    Oh, and Brady, stop fixing your hair…….queer

    That is all

  27. @truth-I am very familiar with all 3 of them but None of them are in the company of Super Bowl XLV MVP A-Rod.

  28. @ pack13 you are right they are not in the same company cause two are former league MVPs and the other will destory the saints chances of another super bowl with his soon to come monster contract. All 3 are better than Rodger you homer.

    As for you butt hurt Cam Newton haters, get over it you guys lost in your analysis of him. Accept that you have been wrong like grown men. he will never be J.Russ version 2 so move on. IMO instead of praying he fails and spending your life doing it pray you don’t fail thanks to karma. oh wait you do already fail in your hate and judgements of him.

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