Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith is in final year of contract

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It’s believed that Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio is in a playoffs-or-bust year.

That may be true, but he actually has more years left on his contract (two) than all of his assistant coaches and G.M. Gene Smith, according to Pete Prisco of  Smith is in the final year of his contrct.

This is a bit of a surprise.  We’ve criticized some of Smith’s free agent signings this year, but he’s generally done a good job drafting the last three years and has successfully improved Jacksonville’s talent base.  It seems like he has a plan.

Let’s say Del Rio does get fired this year. Owner Wayne Weaver would have the option to completely clean house, possibly with a coach that brings personnel powers or a personnel guy with him.

It’s Weaver’s right to leave his options open.  It makes sense at this stage, even if it makes life uncomfortable for Smith.

Starting totally from scratch doesn’t make a lot of sense to us, but Smith’s lack of a contract keeps that option in play for the organization.

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  1. The other option (and more obvious one) is that Del Rio stays and hires new support personel. Entirely possible. The situation is Jax at the moment is nearly identical to the Steelers in 2004 when everyone was trying to run Cowher out of town and they drafted Roethlisberger. Strong defense, good running game, rookie QB thrown into the fray by default. Gabbert is Roethlisberger with a brain.

  2. The L.A. comments are no joke. This is the opportunity for the NFL to fix the mistake they made in 1995 in giving Jacksonville a franchise.

  3. ari888…pay attention. The Jaguars had no blackouts last year and have not had one in the first two games this year. The Jags aren’t moving to L.A. Tampa, however, had several blackouts to end last season and have started off this season with a blackout in the FIRST game. The Jags have an iron clad lease at the stadium, Weaver has said numerous times that teams is not going anywhere, and we will have no blackouts again this season.

    The Gene Smith issue is another story. Del Rio is most definitely gone after this year and with the performance of his draft picks, Gene will be right behind him. Eighth pick of the 2009 draft Eugene Monroe has been nicknamed the drive killer, due to his propensity for getting penalties that negate long gains and is performing way below his draft position. Gene gave up a second round pick for CB Cox and he has already been benched once in two years. His third pick from the 09 draft, Larry Hart, has been cut without seeing significant playing time. D’Anthony Smith has been on the IR for his only two years in the league. I could go on and on but the fact is that Gene Smith has a little man complex and seems to be trying to prove to the rest of the league that he know more then anyone else. Constantly drafting players from lower division schools, refusing to sign any FA receivers because his guys are sub par, and decided along with JDR that they needed to cut the Jags starting QB five days before the first game…if your wondering how that turned out, the Jags have one red zone appearance in 3 games…ONE!! So, yeah, Mr. Weaver maybe you are best served to just clean house at the end of what appears to be a miserable season!!!!

  4. As much as i love my Jags, this is turning in to a joke of an football organization, if they continue down this path they might end up like rest of the losers in league like the raiders,seahawks,bengals,browns,rams…you get the point, but as far as the GM goes, Gene has done a nice job for the Jags, he may not be the best GM in the league but then again, who is the best GM in the league? Bill Polian was told to be the best but now we see that he may be one of the worst, Payton carried that team year after year and he covered up the bad draft pics with his performance on the field, now that he’s out for the season, busts are stiking out. QB cures everything, just ask Colts organization.

  5. Del Rio has three winning seasons in this, his 9th season as a head coach in Jacksonville. He has one playoff victory in his first eight years, and only made the playoffs in two out of eight seasons. The Jags haven’t finished over .500 since 2007. The big money they gave David Garrard.. down the drain. He only got them to the playoffs once, his only winning season as a starter. Need I go on? How Weaver and Del Rio still have jobs is nothing short of a miracle. Their agents must be really smooth talkers…

  6. in jacksonville people are in a state of denial
    (yes you alfie)
    wayne weaver was done after 2006 cba was
    signed( he even said so)
    gene was hired to cut expenses to maximize profit of sale of team nothing more
    the only thing that may stand in the way of mr weavers plan is stadium lease now that a.e.g has agreed to pay that off its just a matter of what team is best investment to bring to la and it looks like the jags will be that team
    wwhats sad is they are trying to play it off in jax like there is some king of commitment to staying here so every seat isnt empty and even worse the local media hasnt a clue

  7. This is a coaching issue. It’s so obvious when you watch the elite teams in the league how poorly coached we are. Our players never improve year over year, and Jack’s involvement serious inhibits our offense. Gene has done a good job so far, no GM is going to hit on every one of his picks, but this coaching staff has GOT to go.

  8. you tarp people are idiots… without the tarps our stadium was the 4th biggest in the league in the second smallest market… the tarps just size the stadium correctly (even though it still seats more people than a 1/3 of the league

  9. Pete you must have forgotten about this new CBA. You know, the one that had everyone wondering if there was a season. This new CBA rewards teams for avoiding blackouts and selling seats. Your living 5 years in the past my friend.

    When San Diego and the Rams move to LA, these forums are going to get so boring. Without the ‘Jags to LA’ haters, will be nothing left for us fans to laugh at.

  10. high you must be talking about the agreement that forced mr weaver to spend money to draft players from div 3 schools so he can meet salary floor you mean that agreement ??

    by the way the last thing i am is a jag hater

    take your head out of the sand !

  11. Gene will go down in history as the guy that didnt drafted Tebow….it will be in all the LA Jaguars history books “Gene Smith – No Brainer to No Franchise, the NonPick that Moved an Entire Team”

  12. I believe Gene Smith has this team in the right direction as long as he spends most of this off season addressing the offense primarily. WR especially. Bottom-line Del Rio and Dirk Koetter will only stunt the growth of Blaine Gabbert. Finally I believe Wayne Weaver realizes this and will bring in an elite offensive minded coach and coordinator. It’s time and he knows it.

  13. pete4192 says:
    Sep 27, 2011 7:42 PM

    ” ..and even worse the local media hasnt a clue.”

    Past or present? Pete Prisco? Mike Freeman? Gene Frenette? What can you point to in any of these writers to back that statement?

    I’ll take any of them over visionaries like Woody Paige, Tim Cowlishaw or Dan Le Batard.

  14. The philosophy of the Jaguar Franchise

    1. weaver is Dan Rooney lite. In our 16th season we’ve only had two head coaches. One had complete control and biult the team twice. One had an equal. That didnt work out so well so our first gm position was created.

    But what Pete and pft leave out is gene has been with the franchise since 1995.

    He still considers himself a scout first.

    He’s stable

    2. Weaver is not hurting for money. He owns among other businesses 9 west shoes. He knows how to grow a product and make money. Above all he’s


    3. The tarp was a genius business decision. As the “Gator Bowl” is still one of the biggest games of the year nationwide. Other businesses might have failed without such manuvering And above all when we win or have promise we sell out. And sell outs create…you guess it


    So ps. We’re not f-ing moving to LA!
    And In Gene we Trust

  15. i chuckle at the statement weaver has enough money
    that is total ignorrance !

    the tarps were put up because people quit buying tickets ! period
    and thats beacause the team sucks period

    no one in local media wants to toch this story out of fear of being blackballed by team

  16. Yeah, right. @pete4192. Beat writers are terrified of the team. That crazy old pile of moldy bat droppings, Vito Stellino, does everything he can to undermine the team and Jack Del Rio short of wiring explosives under the team bus.

  17. nationalmediacansuckit says:Sep 27, 2011 8:41 PM

    I believe Gene Smith has this team in the right direction as long as he spends most of this off season addressing the offense primarily. WR especially. Bottom-line Del Rio and Dirk Koetter will only stunt the growth of Blaine Gabbert. Finally I believe Wayne Weaver realizes this and will bring in an elite offensive minded coach and coordinator. It’s time and he knows it.
    How is a coach going to stunt a growth of a QB who didn’t have that much growing to do in the first please.

    Yeah, the Jags jumped up ten places to get Blaine, yet is now claiming that in order for him to be a good QB he needs everyone else around him to be good. I guess we could all say the same thing in regards to David Garrard.

    Maybe it’s a good thing Blaine didn’t end up going to the number 1 team cause they aren’t number one in the draft cause they are good.

  18. @pete Jags haven’t had a blackout in 2 years. So obviously people are buying tickets. Can’t say the same for a lot of other franchises around the league.

    WITH the tarps? Everbank Field is still middle to upper tier in capacity, bigger than Oakland, Tampa Bay, and a bunch of other stadiums, and yet the Raiders and Bucs STILL can’t sell as many tickets as the Jaguars.

    Face it… the media ran Jacksonville’s struggles to sell in 2009 after the Economic Crash in the United States and have decided to keep perpetuating the story because no one knows anything about Jacksonville other than what they pick up from their other national media friends.

    All the while ignoring that other teams are struggling considerably more to sell tickets and Jacksonville hasn’t had a blackout since that season.

  19. Get real people! I hate to say it but here it goes……. Not sure why everyone is hating on Jack Del Rio, the man has done a pretty good job over the last couple of years with the talent he has been given to coach, he has had the Jags on the brink of a divison title last year with an avg QB at best, no secondary, and a TE as a no 1 WR. The off will be back on track and currently has the Jags with the 4th best D in the league, dont write these guys off yet alot of football left and no Manning to get off to a 11-0 start to the divison…..

  20. What none of you know is that there was a secret poker game which took place after the 2010 season.

    The league decided that they HAD to replace the Lions and Bills as the bottom feeders in the league, and so all the owners except Dan Rooney and Bob Kraft sat down to five Texas Hold ‘Em tables and played to see who the two replacements for the Lions and Bills would be. Rooney and Kraft were considered exempt, because of Rooney’s close connection with the government, and Kraft having Bill Belichick, and thus able to cheat

    It was originally voted that the Raiders and Carolina would be the replacements, but Al Davis threatened to sue the league, and Jerry Richardson threatened to go 0-16 for the next ten years, so as to destroy the league’s competitive balance. After a discussion regarding whether two more losses a year would be significant, from the Panthers, it was decided the poker game was the only fair way to decide.

    Wayne Weaver went all in with an ace-high hand, and lost to Steven Ross, who caught a pair of deuces on the river. Weaver offered to move the Jags to Calcutta, as an alternative, but Commissioner Goodall stated that the Vikings were already scheduled to move there in 2018.

    Clark Hunt took out the Seahawk’s Japanese representative, with three jacks, to the Seahawks’ guy’s two pair…a pair of kings, and another pair of kings (poker is not popular in Japan…but neither is football). The Seahawks protested, stating the cards don’t lie, but Hunt produced Matt Leinart, who explained that the Cards had lied to him for three years, and so the rule was invalid.

    Thus, the Jags and Seahawks are destined to be the new Lions and Bills…and neither will be allowed to move to L.A.

  21. goatcheeze are you an idiot or did your mother drop you as a child ?
    the team buisness model was based on those seats being sold you act like that isnt revenue
    the way you make it sound is boy we are sure smart we cant sell 10000 tickets so lets cover them up ? thats the whole reason mr weaver is looking for way out
    and by the way i feel like this is a lottery for the teams involved and that is why the teams involved are making attempts halfa@#@# in some citys to appear they are commited there

    it will come down to the money in the end the best investment will win

  22. LA jokes and tarp jokes. For the love of Tebow you people are lame.

    Gene has done a fine job so far in the draft. Alualu is an absolute beast on the D-line. Eugene Monroe isn’t there yet on the O-line, but he will be. Gabbert will be a star.

    Gene Smith had nothing to do with calling run after run after run last week when everyone in BOA Stadium and everyone watching on TV could see it coming. Gene Smith had nothing to do with the idiotic clock mismanagement at the end of the game that cost the team at least one finaly play.

    Smith hasn’t had a chance to totally prove his worth to the organization. Del Ego has. And his worth is somewhere below absolute zero.

  23. I am from Daytona Beach which is about an hour and a half south of Jax and I can tell you that there is no excitement ever around this team even when they’re competitive. Jax is a college football town FSU and UF, however with the right promotion and player moves the Jags could have a very loyal and very supportive fan base. It may be too late though LA is looking like a pretty good location for the Jags where the city and fans will actually care.

  24. I’m not going to lie. I live in Jacksonvile and go to every game. My Dad and I both played college ball. I couldn’t be more of a fan. This LA situation scares the Hell out of me. Imagine losing your NFL team? Contrary to the beliefs of some of the people on this post, Jacksonville has an awesome fan base. We don’t have a spectacular team and we still fill the stadium with 60+ thousand people on Sunday.
    I will definitely be heartbroken if this were to happen.

  25. “[LA]…where the city and fans will actually care.”

    You mean like LA cared about the Raiders and Rams. Dummy.

    I’m one of the few anti-Gene people in Jax. My take is — if he’s such a good evaluator of talent, why has he been with the Jags since 1995 and finally rec’d a promotion to GM? No other teams came with offers for his eye for talent in 15+ years?

  26. @pete4192. Wow, you are an angry little man and quite a new addition to the Jags hate machine, and a bit of a conspiracy theorist to boot. I love the guys who act like they have inside information. Were you a ticket salesman that got canned by Weaver’s group when the economy failed in 2009? (the last blackout in Jax). I’ve just got to know where all your fascinating stories come from. Meanwhile, the Jags will keep putting 62K not angry people in the seats every week in one of the smallest NFL markets, avg attendance just between Chicago and Pittsburgh…..and Weaver will keep going on record saying he is not moving the team. Did you know that the Jags have been in the playoff race late in december every year since 2004 (except 2008), not great, but not bad for a team with Manning in its division. Now go take some meds, and stop all the symbol cursing &%&*!

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