Jason Taylor: Chad Henne is more talented than Mark Sanchez


Jason Taylor has seen both Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne and Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez up close as teammates, and has studied both of them as opponents. And Taylor says it’s clear to him who has more talent: Henne.

“I think Chad has grown immensely since I left here a year ago,” Taylor told NBC Miami. “I saw a kid in New York, Mark Sanchez, that is young, I don’t think he’s as talented as Chad Henne.”

Taylor is in his third stint with the Dolphins, and after playing with the Jets last year he has a good perspective on both Sanchez and Henne. However, his answer is more about who his teammate of the moment is than a candid assessment of the quarterbacks’ talents. Taylor made that much clear last year, when he was with the Jets and he was asked the same question.

“I know who I’m going to pick, and it’s my quarterback here,” Taylor said. “I’ve always been one of those guys that rides or dies with his quarterback. Sanchez is my guy, and I better not hear anybody say anything bad about him.”

Unless it’s saying he’s not as talented as Henne. That’s something Taylor is willing to say now.

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  1. Of course he has to say that, but I think he’s right. Henne without a doubt has the better arm. Both make boneheaded decisions. But Sanchez has a better offensive line, a better running game, and a better defense on the other side of the ball to bail him out when he can’t get it done. That all obviously leads to his team being more successful. But it’s despite Sanchez, not because of him.

  2. Sanchez is the most overratted qb in the nfl. If it were not for his awesome line, great wr and good TE and defense he would have been out of NY already.

  3. well its definitely the truth. if sanchez and henne switched places, henne would be the undeserved media darling and sanchez would be getting drilled for his poor play

  4. “benh999 says:
    Sep 27, 2011 1:30 PM
    I don’t think either are very good, but put Sanchez in Miami and the Fins would be even worse.” lol Miami is 0-3 you can’t get any worse at the moment.

  5. He can say what he wants about Henne right now…Luck will be the guy down in Miami next year.

    A Dolphins fan can be more elaborate on why they suck so bad, but from what I have seen they are the worst in the league.

    Is Mike Nolan still employing his infamous ‘Big Nickel’ defense? The Fins need a complete purge from Ireland down…everyone must go.

    The sad part is the owner isn’t very impressive either. Maybe Fergie will hire the next GM.

  6. So far this season

    Sanchez- 63.1comp% 886pass yds, 90.9qb rating, 6tds-4ints.

    Henne- 56.5comp% 841pass yds, 82.4qb rating, 4tds-3ints.

    Yea Henne is really killing Sanchez this year. Not to mention no playoff wins and no playoff appearances. Get of Sanchez everyone and stop comparing him to Henne its so annoying. Taylor is just bitter cause the Jets dumped him so now hes back to trash talking.

  7. In what aspect Jason? I don’t see Chad showing off his devilish good looks. I don’t see Chad being better at whining. I don’t see Chad throwing for 79 yards and hoping his defense wins the game only to take credit. I don’t see Chad doing Pepsi commercials…

    Think before you speak Jason.

  8. Sanchez is the only one holding up the Jets right now, is he kidding? He’s thrown some dumb picks but look at the scores, he’s throwing those touchdowns, and that’s while the running game disappeared completely and Wayne Hunter is playing the human turnstile, with Mangold, one of the best centers in the league and a major facet of our offense, is out. If D’Brick got hurt Sanchez ought to invest in a coffin with the way he’s being attacked.

    This is just muck JT said to prove to the Dolphins fans that he’s back on their side while the team are in a heated battle in the Suck for Luck sweepstakes.

  9. Henne is better. Is Henne a franchise QB? So far this season he’s playing like he can be as long as he has a decent supporting cast. Only the true all-time great franchise QB’s could carry a team.

    P. Manning
    (To name a couple) Were true all-time greats and carried their teams many seasons.

    (To name a couple) Needed good to great supporting casts to play well and would never have been able to carry a bad team.

  10. I say this as a die-hard dolphan:

    Henne has more god given ability. Sanchez wins in the 4th quarter.

    Henne has certainly grown this year, and he may yet grow into a winner, but he isn’t there right now.

    I would bet money that Henne becomes a solid, Testaverde like contributor when he leaves Miami.

  11. Henne is underrated i think, but i dont see him in Miami next year, i think he will be replaced and hopefully with Matt Barkley (who i think will be better than Sanchez) and then Henne goes to the 49ers and i wouldnt be surprised if he plays well there. Sanchez is good in playoff games, but his regular season needs work, i think Matthew Stafford is better than Sanchez.

  12. More stats as of now Sanchez is 14th in the league in qb rating out of 32 qbs. He is 10th in yds thrown for. Hes 14th in comp %. 7th in the league in tds thrown. All of you haters talking crap have no clue whats going on or what kind of player he is. Hes far from the worst qb in the league like so many of you people seem to think. All of this to this year with the o-line that has played like crap and had Mangold out last week.

  13. I love how some of you idiots post without having a clue what you are talking about. “Oh Sanchez has an awesome line and blah blah blah”

    The Jets o-line this year SUCKS. It flat out sucks. He gets hit all the time. But he has still managed to put up big numbers, play really well for the most part, and WIN games, which he’s done his whole career now. Chad Henne on the other hand sucks. He has a very good line, he has Brandon Marshall, and what has he ever done? Besides lose?

  14. OK Sanchez is an average QB. And on paper Henne has better numbers but…

    Let’s do the Sanchez History in football…

    16 college games, afterwards thrown into playing right away in the NFL and for two straight seasons made it to the championship games with a 2nd year head coach.

    Sanchez helped you to get to an AFCC game…how far will Henne carry you? LOL.

  15. If Sanchez was in Arizona, he’d be benched for multiple years and then fizzle out like that other douche from USC.

  16. “myspaceyourface says:
    Sep 27, 2011 1:48 PM
    Sanchez is clearly the worst QB in his division”

    You clearly don’t know anything.

  17. WLWT in Cincinnati is reporting that Miami has contacted the Bengals and offered a 3rd round pick for Carson Palmer. Mike Brown wants a 1st or 2nd round pick

  18. marinephinfan,

    Wish you could put Marino in that “all-time” greats, but within 10 years he will be another guy with big numbers from the 80’s/90’s ,who had exceptional talent,helped progress the game, but didn’t win a SB title. To be an all-time great QB in the league you have to not only have the stats, but you have to have trophies.

    Talk to most people under 25 and Marino is the guy on CBS with the other QB who didn’t win anything. Its not a lack of knowledge or respect for the history of the game,but QB’s are judged by their titles, if they weren’t we wouldn’t make such a big deal about QB’s who have won titles.

  19. Haha, look at the Jets O-line this year. They can’t protect him at all, and there is no running game to be seen. Even so, Sanchez has thrown for more yards than Henne, thrown more TDs, and has a higher passer rating.

  20. Henne may be the better quarterback, but who do you think your daughter is going to want to shack up with? Chad probably won’t even be able to have intra marital sex. Well maybe once a month or something. By appointment.

  21. @wferg1121,
    You do realize that two teams can have identical records, but one can be considered worse than the other, right? In case you are still having problems keeping up, Miami would be considered worse if they were losing by bigger margins.

  22. who exactly overrates sanchez? no jets fans do. we all think he is a growing, young qb with obvious flaws. however, anyone who says he sucks is just flat out a hater.

    everyone kills him for his picks and rightfully so, BUT 15 of the 20 he threw in his rookie year came in just 3 games. the reality is that he has been good far more than bad in his young career.

    bottom line? from year one to year two as a starter sanchez improved. you absolutely cannot say the same for henne. oh, and at least my qb can actually win a big game.

  23. Jason Taylor didn’t wow anyone on the Jets in his only year there. He probably didn’t make any friends there, either, so there are no friends to lose with his hypocritical statements then – and now.

  24. I guess you guys haven’t seen any jets games this year, that line is awful. Can’t run and issues with protection.

    Playoff wins, comeback victories (about 8 or 9 already) I take sanchez. Continue the hate without knowledge though.

  25. A player should never complain about his QB during the season – even if he is having the worst of his career. If anything players should help to build up their QB’s confidence and standing amongst the fans.

    Henne was being booed for no reason before the season even started. He is still a very young QB. He is not Matt Ryan or Sam Bradford but that does not mean that he will not be better than they are in the future. Being a QB in the NFL seems to be as much about preparation and off season study as it does about natural talent. Henne can play, he has shown that. Whether he takes the next step to eventually becoming an elite or even a very good qb remains to be seen. Drew Brees had a few so so years in SD before San Diego wasted a pick on an awesome young QB.

    Next point – just like SD, Miami could “waste” a few high draft picks for a slam dunk qb or they could build around Henne. Trading your future away is risky as there is no guarantee that even the great Luck won’t end up as Heath Shuler (not likely but always a chance)

  26. Haha, look at the Jets O-line this year. They can’t protect him at all, and there is no running game to be seen. Even so, Sanchez has thrown for more yards than Henne, thrown more TDs, and has a higher passer rating.

  27. Mark Sanchez will be a fixture in the playoffs for years to come.

    Chad Henne will be watching him on TV. Or from the bench of a team with a real QB.

    Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

  28. Love all these comments coming from the Green Colored Glasses fans.

    Sanchez is in his third year as the starting QB of the jets. When is he going to develop? Tom Brady won a Super Bowl in his second season, his first as a starter.

    Face facts, this jets team is not as good as last years team and all Rex’s talking is going to be real old in about two weeks.

    At Baltimore,at New England

    Let ‘s see what the jets record is then.

  29. I HATE the Jets, but I gotta say Sanchez has looked decent this year. He’s not gonna carry a team all year, but he’s good enough on that team.

  30. Sanchez has shown improvement over first 3 games this year. He has had very good playoff games everyone knows. But he is still inconsistent and he can throw a pick at any time.

    If and when Sanchez controls his passes he can be considered average or maybe a halfway decent QB. Not there yet.

    Henne is aggravating to Fish fans cause he can look like Flacco for 3 quarters and then he turns into Ryan Leaf in the 4th.

  31. sanchize6 says:
    Sep 27, 2011 1:43 PM
    I love how some of you idiots post without having a clue what you are talking about… Chad Henne on the other hand sucks. He has a very good line…
    Apparently you are one of the idiots you are talking about since nobody in their right mind would say that the Dolphins O-line is very good right now. Last year? Nope. 2009? Not really. 2008? Ok, that line was pretty good even though they had a lot of injuries and were constantly playing different positions to get through the season.

    Both QBs have potential to be good…and they both have the potential to suck really bad. Their stats are very similar and that forces the ridiculous comparison of two QBs on rival teams.

  32. Both show flashes of brilliance mixed in with mediocre to horrible performances. Sanchez has a penchant for performing in the clutch and has won 4 playoff games. That puts him ahead in my book.

  33. Jason Taylor is to the NFL what Joe West is to MLB. YOU FIGURE IT OUT.

    SN: I love the swipes that Michael Kay takes at Joe West any time a Yankee game exceeds 3 hours.


    Outta town haters like to say Sanchez is garbage. He’s average, middle of the road (the same people like to say Eli is not a 1B, step below The Elite Five, which he is, so they have zero credibility with me) but dear GOD, Henne MIGHT be the worst starting QB in the NFL. Toss up between him, T-Jack and Grossman.

  34. I hate the Jets, but I’ll say this about Sanchez, the opposing team makes a mistake late in the game; Sanchez turns into the second coming of John Elway. How many times has he been terrible the entire game and then in the last few minutes puts the jets in a position to win the game?

    Henne hasn’t done anything except prove that he,s a viable option as a 3rd string QB…in the UFL.

  35. While Sanchez looks beter than last year he has some glaring problems:

    1. He cannot progress through his reads. If the first read is not there he gets a “deer in headlights” look, freezes and panics. This has resulted in a number of hard hits and sacks. Although he is getting a better. On more occasions I have seen him wake up, move and do something when his 1st read is covered. Because of this the Jets run a lot of 3 step drop quick passes.

    2. Because of the above Sanchez is best at simple patterns. Inside slants, 2 mintute offense and fade patterns into the endzone or sidelines. Defenses seem now to be jamming the line of scrimmage, floodingt eh middle and taking away his slants leaving Sanchez confused.

    3. Sanches is horribly inaccurate. Last year even when Sanchez would complete a pass it would usually be 2-3 yards high or behind the receiver. Often requiring some great catches by the WR. The first two games Sanchez really improved ont hat accuracy. He was actually throwing accurate easily catchable passes. But against the Raiders he started regressing throwing a lot of poor passes.

    4. Mistakes last year Sanchez had a very high percentage of bad throws. I think his number was over 4% which was double that of Henne. He makes a lot of mistakes. Sanchez panics a lot. When the play breaks down he breaks down. Nothing about that has changed this year. Except the Jets are protecting less and takingt he kid gloves off. It appears he is going to have to sink or swim. Last year he was protected QB in fottball. Rarely playing from behind or being allowed to pass in obvious passing situations. This year is different. They are telling him you got to grow up and do it. At this rate I don’t expect him to be the starting QB next year.

    5. Money time Sanchez has a rep of winning games. But the opposite is true. In 3rd and 5 and under situations and in close games in the 4th quater his rating was bottom of the league last year. On 3rd downs and in the red zone he panics and cannot make plays. Yes he eld some comebacks last year, But absent the Houston game he did nothing but in those situations but show thro short safe and check down passes.

    Henne imo is a much better QB than Sanchez but Sanchez has a much better future. If he was on the Jets he would be much better. Henne will be done after this year most likely. Sanchez IMO has potential and a good team. The problem he is so akward and non instinctive. He has no finesse and no feel for the game. If he can learn to calm himself and play with more instinct while not forcing throws he could be a decent QB. There are times where it appears he stops thinking and just plays and looks so much better.

    The Jets could be drafting a QB next year or Sanchez could blossom. Without Woody the Jets running game will suffer this year. The training wheels are off Sanchez and he will have to either sink or swim.If a young QB can survive and make it through 3-4 years they can get a lot better. But Sanchez has so much going against him, his awkwardness in the pocket, his inaccuracy and how he panics when his 1st read is not there.

  36. Is that why Miami has been trying to trade for a better QB? Sanchez will be signing a new contract with the Jets in a few years and Henne will be somebody’s backup. Maybe Sanchez’s backup.

  37. “Jason Taylor: Chad Henne is more talented than Mark Sanchez”

    * * *

    Wow. Talk about being damned by faint praise…

  38. Plain and simple neither of these guys are very good QBs. It is probably true that Henne is a better QB, but let’s not go ahead and say that he’s good.

    Sanchez is a below average NFL QB that got put in a great situation. Even with the defense he had and the line last year, he still is mediocre at best. Put Sanchez in a system like the Bengals and watch him look worse than Derek Anderson.

  39. Just a wild guess but if you put henne on the jets and sanchez on the phins henne would be the better qb.

  40. Neither is great, and may never be, but just from observing the two both make big mistakes and their stats are ugly. The difference I see is that with the game on the line late in 4th qtr. Sanchez wants the ball and has made things happens, Henne hasn’t done much late in games.

  41. The bottom line is that people are too quick to judge or bury the career of young quarterbacks before they have even built up a strong body of work.

    Mark Sanchez and Chad Henne are still developing quarterbacks. The comparison between the two is not a very good one because they have different skill sets.

    Mark Sanchez has a big arm. He has better ball skills and mobility than Henne. He is also better at improvising and is a tough kid. There’s a misconception about Sanchez being “soft”. Go back and watch the Raider and then tell me he is soft.

    Mark Sanchez has consistency and accuracy issues. This is a very young QB who only started 16 games in college. He has had great moments and games as a pro but he is not a consistently elite player. Right now, He is a middle of the pack QB. He can get better. The tools and mental makeup are there.

    As for Chad Henne. Henne has a rocket arm, can throw deeper and with better velocity than Sanchez. He has a decent amount of ability for a big QB but he’s not very effective on the move. He is also not a very good improvisor at the position. I question his mental skills on the field.

    Both these quarterbacks are works in progress and I commend Taylor for sticking up for his teammate. Very admirable but Mark Sanchez is more a well rounded talent at the QB position than Henne is.

    It would be stupid for people to write off these 2 QB’s because they are both still progressing.

  42. Henne is by far the better qb, Sanchez just got lucky and ended with a decent team. I garuantee that if Henne was in New York, the Jets would be a hell of alot better team. On the same token, you could take Brees, Brady, or Manning and put them in Miami and it would ruin their careers, like it has for so many others.

  43. Taylor is correct…but jets better than Miami, so in end, sanchez’ stats higher than Henne.

    jets lose next 2 games & they are in as much trouble as miami…and won’t make playoffs.

  44. To all the Sanchez defenders, why is it that the Jets seem to win in spite of Sanchez instead of because of him?

  45. Some really funny stuff here, including some guy saying Sanchez will never be great because Brady was great in year two and he’s in year three. Award winning, really.

    As long as Sanchez keeps the Jets in games, I accept that he’s clearly not a finished product. That said, I think he’s taking a leap forward this year, despite being under duress, with the worst group around him he’s ever had. The Jets have been awful running the ball, can’t block, and Mason/Plax have been invisible for quarters at a time, and he’s still managed to post rather healthy numbers. The interceptions have largely been a function of him trying to make plays.

    Henne’s numbers are really grim. Really, I don’t even think this is a matter for discussion. Sanchez is a full year younger, has played well in the playoffs, and had far less collegiate experience. Henne was largely touted as a finished product out of Michigan, and that’s how he’s sort of looked.

  46. Sanchez may not be great in during the season, but at least he gets the Jets to the playoffs and plays decently. I don’t think Henne will be able to do that, especially in that division.

  47. dukemarc

    you have no idea what you’re talking about. last year sanchez led the jets to six comeback victorious. in a few of the games, like the one vs the texans for example, the jets d was unable to protect a lead.

    an even better example to refute your claim would be sanchez’s production vs the pats in five career games. in the three wins he was arguably the determining factor by outplaying brady.

  48. It’s insane how much Jet-hate there is from the fans on this site.
    Anyway, here’s some of the facts:

    Chad Henne – 4th year pro, 30 professional starts, 45 collegian starts.
    Career stats: 643/1061 (60.6%), 7,087 YD, 6.68 YPA, 31 TD, 36 INT (76.0 QB Rating).
    2010 4th Quarter stats: (58.6%), 6.19 YPA, 3 TD, 8 INT (55.7 QB Rating).
    2011 4th Quarter stats: 18/42 (42.9%), 230 YD, 5.48 YPA, 1 TD, 3 INT (48.7 QB Rating).

    Record: 13-17.
    Comebacks, Game-winning drives: 3, 4.
    Playoff Record: 0.

    Mark Sanchez – 3rd year pro, 40 professional starts (6 postseason), 16 collegian starts.
    Career stats (including PS): 639/1139 (56.1%), 7,776 YD, 6.84 YPA, 44 TD, 40 INT (75.5 QB Rating).
    2010 4th Quarter stats: 84/166 (50.6%), 974 YD, 5.9 YPA, 4 TD, 4 INT (66.7 QB Rating).
    2011 4th Quarter stats: 20/34, (58.8%), 284 YD, 8.35 YPA, 2 TD (105.5 QB Rating).

    Record: 23-14.
    Comebacks, Game-winning drives: 6, 8.
    Playoff Record: 4-2.
    Playoff Statistics: 95/157 (60.5%), 1,155 YD, 7.36 YPA, 9 TD, 3 INT (95.5 QB Rating).
    4th Quarter Playoff Stats [6 games]: 29/41 (70.7%), 354 YD, 8.6 YPA, 3 TD, 1 INT (QB Rating 111.23).

  49. So funny seeing Jet fans just post meaningless stat after meaningless stat. As if the two QBs have identical receivers, o-lines, and defenses. I guess that’s why everybody makes fun of Jet fans. They just don’t get football. Sanchez is awful and everybody but them sees it. Oh well…

  50. Its crazy how many trolls are on this site just to badmouth the jets. I know everyone hates them because of Rex Ryan’s predictions, but you guys would probably be better served rooting for your own teams, which strong chances are that if they are not the Steelers, Packers, Colts, and Saints, have not had nearly as much as success as the Jets over the last few years.

    Comparing Sanchez and Henne is a joke. One of these guys is always on the hot seat as potentially getting benched, booed constantly by his own fans, and has not yet played in a meaningful game his entire career.

    Now the other guy is very inconsistent, but, the stats dont lie, in his 1st 2 years in the league is statistically one of the best playoff QB’s of all time. You can try and force the argument that the Jets are 4-2 in the playoffs in spite of Sanchez but all of you know deep down its a bunch of horse—–. Keep in mind the guy’s playoff career in his 1st 2 years is not only 4-2 with all games on the road, but also has 9 TD’s, 3 int’s, 60% completion rate, and a 94+ QB Rating. In case you were wondering, that QB rating happens to be 5th all time in NFL playoff history. And yes, that figure is better than the all world Manning and Brady.

    Is Sanchez an elite QB? Obviously not, but you are really comparing a guy who is one of the most clutch performers in playoff history to a guy who is constantly looking over his shoulder in fear of being benched and has yet to play in any important game his entire career?

  51. dukemarc:

    I am a Sanchez defender and in his biggest games, playoff games (chances are you dont know what that is yet if you are a dolphins fan), the Jets have won because of Sanchez and lost in spite of him. Thats how good he has been in the most crucial games.

    As far as the regular season, I have watched every jets game since sanchez has been playing and I cant think of 1 game the Jets won in spite of Sanchez. They either win because of him, or lose because of him. All the games they win he plays very well.

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