Progress: Seahawks fans didn’t boo Tarvaris in second half


The Seahawks have spent much of the last two months trying to sell Tarvaris Jackson to their fan base.

There has been a lot of talk of leadership and toughness. Early results and Matt Hasselbeck’s fine play in Tennessee haven’t helped matters.

Seahawks fans booed Jackson in the first half of the team’s home opener, which is never a great sign.  Coach Pete Carroll noted that things improved from there.

“Right from the beginning, people were wondering, ‘Why would you bring him in?’ and there were those kinds of questions. He’s not wavered by it at all and I’m not either,” Carroll said Monday. “But it’s going to take some time before everybody gets comfortable and sees what he’s all about. I think they didn’t boo him in the second half.

“I think the second half was OK. I think when he showed how tough he is and the competitor that he is and the plays that he can make and all that … he’s got to do his part, and they need to give him a chance.”

The Seahawks will have to keep winning for that to happen.  Seattle only has three touchdowns in three games. Jackson is 30th out of 32 in yards-per-attempt, ahead of Matt Cassel and Kerry Collins.

Sunday’s game against Atlanta will be telling. These are two struggling teams desperate for a win.  If the Seahawks can’t prevail, they’ll have to beat the Giants in New York to avoid a 1-4 start before their bye week.

46 responses to “Progress: Seahawks fans didn’t boo Tarvaris in second half

  1. You leave TJack alone! He’s a great Qb and will lead this team to the Super Bowl!!!

    (If Gino Torretta is reading this, please have him contact the Seahawks front office. Thank you.)

  2. Uncle Pete says, “I think when he showed how tough he is and the competitor that he is and the plays that he can make and all that … he’s got to do his part, and they need to give him a chance.”

    I don’t care how “tough” he is. I don’t care how much of a competitor he is. I care a great deal about how well he plays during the games and he has played horribly, and I’m talking about his entire career not just these three games.

    To Jackson’s credit I will say that much of the blame falls directly on the Offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell. And a certain amount of the blame falls on the very “offensive” O-line. This line plays awful football and when we get a good run it’s just because Lynch can (once in a while) run over people laying on the ground.

    I love the Seahawks and they’ll be my team until I die, but I can be honest about the team needs, and these Seahawks need to sink or swim with what they have. Right now, even after the win against Arizona, we are sinking.

  3. We were horse by the second half…

    He has zero pocket control… He starts complete passes from the pocket and I’ll stop booing him. Either that or start every snap from shotgun and roll him out because that seems like the only way he completes a pass.

  4. Of course they didn’t boo him. They want him to lose so they have a shot at Luck. They’re not dumb, they know it’s a tank job.

  5. Torretta threw one good pass against the Raiders, even clipboard Jesus has thrown more touchdowns for the Seahawks. I say we hand the reigns to Charlie right now and let Portis be backup.

  6. We’ve seen what he’s about…he’s about the worst QB to ever play the game. He’s about the only QB I’ve ever seen who is afraid to throw the ball and give his WR’s a chance to make a play. He’s about completely incapable of making ANY play to the left, so he doesn’t look that way unless he has no choice. He’s about the worst QB in terms of any kind of pocket presence, he’s about the worst at going through his progressions. He’s about the worst at seeing what the D is doing. He’s about the worst QB I’ve ever seen.

    Maybe Pete should put his ego aside and finally see what TJ is all about and give Charlie or Portis or Leon Washington or Paul Allen a chance to run this team because TJ about to direct the team to a 2-14 season.

    My faith in Pete, shaky as it was to begin will be about gone if TJ continues on being the starter for more than another game or two.

  7. Pete Carroll is an embarrasment.
    I thought Rex Ryan was the biggest cheerleader. Carroll has his head buried so far in the sand he can see Yao Ming.

  8. Gino Torretta went to “The U”. He can’t read. If someone knows Gino, please read the post above to him and contact the Seahawks front office for him.

  9. Just wait until you start seeing a regular dose of jump passes. Hawk’s fans will think the Sonics are back in town

  10. After 3 weeks, Tarvaris is playing better than McNabb in Minnesota. Vikings could have kept him and Sidney and been in much better shape offensively than they are now.
    Tarvaris will be fine. The team is going with a conservative approach now as the offensive line melds. It means being cautious with the ball, establishing field position and letting the defense put them in position for the win. As the offensive line comes together, you’ll see Tarvaris take more chances and that risk-reward will have a greater opportunity to succeed.

  11. @ eegwaybeegway:

    Seattle should be lucky to even be 1-2. T-Jack is absolutely garbage. His stats are very much inflated just because of his one game against the Cardinals where he threw for 5 touchdown passes. I have no idea what Carroll is even thinking. And McNabb is absolutely terrible, but he did lead the Eagles to 5 NFC conference championship games, which T-jack will never do. And you have to take into account that McNabb is significantly older than T-jack and is playing slightly better, which is kinda sad.

  12. VAHawker you are completely right. T-Jack either can’t or won’t throw across his body to the left, and he either can’t or won’t throw anything but underneath passes over the middle. He bobbled half a dozen shotgun snaps and looks like he has no idea what he’s doing out there.

    He belongs in the UFL, at best.


  13. @eegwaybeegway
    What running game do they have which allows them to play conservative? Marshawn “Nose structure of a Lion” Lynch?

  14. Pete!! The dude can not see down field, processes visual info far too slowly and upon closer inspection can not throw left..What ever did Charlie Whitehearst do to deserve this shunning. Really, I am open minded but this is just beyond all reasonable comprehension!! You may very well be whittling the rail upon which you will be run out of Seattle. Wake up, man!

  15. @slickswik: The NFL is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league and heading into Week 4, Tarvaris has a win and McNabb doesn’t. Tarvaris also has better passing statistics over the entire board. Yes, Donovan was good back in his day, but it’s 2011 and Spielman never should have let Tarvaris go. He should have retained him and Sidney would likely be with the Vikings too.
    But Tarvaris is starting to put things together with the Hawks. He’s shown an extreme toughness that was questioned by fools in Minnesota. He directed a 70-yard drive that consumed clock and put the Hawks up for good against the Cards. His touchdown really gave a good indication of how hard he worked in Minneapolis during the offseason. He gave the Seahawks a 100-yard receiving target in Sidney Rice that they haven’t seen in quite a while.
    Last thing, while the Seahawks are experiencing a few growing pains as a young offensive line matures, the Vikings are going in a different direction with forseeable holes throughout their lineup. Which team do you think has the brighter future?

  16. Wow, all these comments after a victory too.

    I was there as a Card’s fan from Phx. I had to lean over to the guy next to me to ask why they kept booing their players off the field in the home opener. He said it was all centered around frustration with the offense as a whole and spreading outward from there.

    Relax Seattle, its not like you’re Philly fan, NY fan, or any other big ticket city who can get away with that BS. Besides, you still have Queensryche’s legacy to fall back on if the whole football franchise thing doesn’t work out.

  17. eegwaybeegway says: Which team do you think has the brighter future?

    Seattle…when they draft their QB of the future next year. Paint that turd any color you want…TJ’s QB ability is horrendous. If he was any good, he would have held the job in Minny. don’t give me that jerked around crap. He jerked out of the starting line up because he sucks.
    28 out of 32 QB rating
    30 out of 32 yrds/attempt
    27 out of 32 in total yards and yards/game

    he does rock a 19 out of 32 on Comp %, but when all you throw is 3-5 yard dump offs you SHOULD have an elevated %.

    He has had 5 years to figure it out, he plays scared, locks on the primary target and dumps off if he is not immediately open. Horrible QB. A 70 yard drive against the Cards pathetic D is nothing to rave about…13 points against a pathetic Cards D is something to be concerned about.

  18. seattle is a fairweather sports town. i live here and 80% of the people that fill up qwest, ahem, century link field don’t know anything about the game of football. for the last 2-3 years everybody was calling for matt hasselbecks head when it was clear it was the line, NOT him, that was the problem. now he’s dominating down in TN. they only support their team when its good and even then, couldnt name more than 5 players on the team. i guarantee if the hawks have one or two more losing seasons, the stadium will be empty come sundays. the mariners cant draw and they have one of the best places to watch a ballgame in all of baseball. plus we all know what happened to the sonics…

  19. Well it’s hard to boo someone when you’re hoarse. From booing them.

    And hey Falcons fans…aren’t you glad the ATL gave up 19 draft picks for one player instead of using them on…oh…I don’t know…at least a couple of offensive linemen?

  20. deepseabreeze says:the mariners cant draw and they have one of the best places to watch a ballgame in all of baseball

    Could it be that baseball sucks and is horribly boring?

  21. At least Sidney Rice has been productive so far this year! (Of doing exactly what everyone knew would happen)

  22. @vahawker: Two things.
    1) He didn’t have 5 years to prove himself in Minnesota. The Vikings had the opportunity to get Favre and if you don’t think that future Hall of Famer would start in front of 50 percent of the QBs in the league right now, you’re one delusional puppy.
    2) You’re obviously someone who doesn’t look at the whole picture. You’re one of these myopic oafs who can’t focus on anything but the QB position and you base that player’s prowess on the entire effectiveness of the team. That’s pathetic and not very astute. It’s a team game. Once the Hawks’ offensive line reaches a needed level of efficiency, the entire offense will bloom together.

  23. I don’t know if Jackson is going to be the Hawks long term QB, but I know Matt H would have been killed by half time of the first game with our two rookie O linemen. Hawks fans quit saying “see how well Matt is doing for the Titans””. They have a great O line there.

  24. eegwaybeegway are one of those Seahawk Blue colored glasses fans that can’t see what even the announcers spent the almost the entire game saying. He stinks. Which is OK, it works for you. I’ve been following them since the first season and am tired of mediocrity and 7-9, 8-8, 9-7, give it a chance seasons.

    TJ got benched for Gus Frerrotte, NOT Favre(the first time he got benched anyway).

    He absolutely CAN’T throw left, when he does, it is anybody’s guess where the ball will go…high, wide, low, high and wide, nowhere near anyone or anything. That’s likely why he never looks that way.

    The line play has been suspect, but unless the WR has huge separation, he won’t throw the ball and give him a chance to make the play. Many many of BMW’s catches last year he had people draped all over him, but Matt threw him the ball knowing he had a good chance of coming down with it. TJ is too scared to make even half the throws a decent QB will attempt.

    He stunk in Minny, he stunk in preseason in Seattle, he stunk in the first three games of the regular season, and will continue to stink until the day they take away his cleats. Just how it is, some people can’t play the position at the NFL level, he is one of those people.

  25. “Sunday’s game against Atlanta will be telling.”

    I hate to say it but my Seahawks are about to be stomped by Atlanta…especially if TJ is our starting QB. I think we are going to see the bye week come and go before we see Charlie take the field. Pete is either to stubborn to admit, or too blind to see TJ is nothing more than a stop gap to allow our O-line to jell up. Nothing to be done but take our lumps I guess.

  26. @vahawker: No, not blue-tinted glasses. Just understand how these things evolve and am patient enough to see that this is going to be big for the Hawks. You, on the other hand, are one of those impatient, throw-up-your hands zealots whose constant yipping doesn’t work in the real world of the NFL. Your mindset would be better served in the college game, where natural progression is that there’s a fresh cast of characters every few years.
    Your saying that Tarvaris “CAN’T” throw left is just folly. Your sample size has been to small to make that determination. See above for clarification of what complels you to make such an absurd comment.
    His 37-yard pass to Sidney proves that he DOESN’T need a 5-yard pocket of separation to complete a pass to a wide receiver. There was a sliver of an opening there.
    As far as him stinking in Minnesota, you obviously didn’t do your homework there either. He had a .500 record in his days with the Vikings. Nothing to call home about, but certainly not stink-worthy.
    So heed my words and don’t be one of those jackwipes who types/says something before you’ve gone through the thought process a little more.

  27. eegwaybeegway Well, every pass I’ve seen him throw to the left this year has been off the mark, he stares down the receiver on the right and doesn’t look left except on rare occasions.

    1 play to SR does not make him willing to throw into tight spaces. he’s shown so far he won’t.

    “You, on the other hand, are one of those impatient, throw-up-your hands zealots whose constant yipping doesn’t work in the real world of the NFL.”

    You have no idea what I am or am not, however, you seem to be one of those insecure small minded people who can’t possible conceive of the idea that you could be wrong. Therefore, anyone who could possibly look at the same information and come to different conclusions than you must be…insert favorite negative adjective here….

    I watched TJ play a bunch of games while he was in Minny(did you?…or are you just looking at statistics on a website?)…he was exactly what he has been so far in Seattle…..bad….got benched for Frerotte, then Favre

    If TJ had any chance of being the all world QB you seem to think he will be, , why could he not do it with a strong O-line and decent run game in Minny?

    I have been one of those who has been preaching(right on this board as a matter of fact—but you know everything about me so you already knew this) that this is a 3-4 year rebuild after Ruskell destroyed the roster with smurf DB’s, small linemen(D and O) and just horrible drafting.

    I would be elated to be proven wrong about TJ because it would mean the Hawks have their QB of the future and are winning a bunch of games. I will happily eat a buffet table full of crow if that happens

    So, Mr. Omniscient, who knows what I have or haven’t done, researched ,seen, and thought/didn’t think: heed MY words, he stinks, will continue to stink, and Hawks are looking at 2-3 wins this year with TJ at the helm. Which is not to say Charlie would do better, just that TJ was not, is not, will never be the answer.

    Try to process those thoughts, jackwipe

  28. Pete:

    We all know you were tired of college ball and didn’t feel comfortable at all there, that the NFL is really where you wanted to be all along.

    You didn’t go to the NFL because your house of cards was about to fall down, no, not at all.

    You are where you wanted to be, right, Pete?

    Now coach em up, loser.

  29. Listen you loser seahawk fans! your offensive line is disgusting and charlie whitehurst sucks!There is a reason he does’nt play. He’s no good.So shut up and watch your team go 5-11. Peyton manning could not save this team.

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