Chargers winning despite slow start from Philip Rivers


Give the Chargers credit this year for finding a way to win games when they aren’t at their best.

They barely beat the Vikings and Chiefs at home, winning largely due to the running game and defense. Consider it a good sign that they are surviving despite Philip Rivers struggling out of the gates.

Yes, Rivers is struggling so far by his standards.  (Sounds weird to say.)

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune notes that Rivers has more interceptions (6) than touchdowns (4) for only the second time in his career.  He’s throwing for a lot of yards, but his still-excellent 7.8 yards-per-attempt average is down almost a full yard from last year. He led the league in the category the last three years.

“I think good teams find a way to win games what would be termed from the outside [as] ‘ugly.’  So, shoot, yeah, I’d love to have a few throws back, and I need to play a little better. . . . If I’d have played better, we’d still be 2-1. We’re still 2-1. This game’s over,” Rivers told Acee after Sunday’s win.

The injury issues around Rivers sound familiar.  We don’t know when Antonio Gates will return.  Malcom Floyd is banged up again.

The Chargers need Rivers to rise above the mess. Based on his track record, there’s little reason to think Rivers won’t improve soon.

28 responses to “Chargers winning despite slow start from Philip Rivers

  1. hes been checking the ball down a ton to Mathews and Tolbert. Cheap yards.

    VJAX had his game vs the Pats (but who doesn’t), but aside from that no WR production really. His down field throws haven’t always looked sharp

  2. Maybe Norv Turner is not….gasp… horrible a head coach as everyone’s been saying he is for all these years.

    I never got the obsessive Marty ball love of the average fan. This guy had the most talented roster of players I’ve seen in the last decade and he couldn’t even win a playoff game with it.

    Norv however has won playoff games and the roster is no where near as talented as it was back in the Schottenheimer days.

    Just goes to show how fans can get into this pack mentality when the numbers speak otherwise.

    Maybe just maybe Norv hasn’t gotten to the super bowl because there were just flat out BETTER teams those years. New England, Pittsburgh, NY, etc.

  3. I hate to say it but the guy is a stud, a QB almost any team in the league would love to have.

    He’s as tough as nails and can make any throw in the book.

    I can’t stand the bastard though. 🙂

  4. Yeah he needs to step it up , I lost by 6 points in my fantasy league this week thanks to Rivers whopping 7 points, I thought he’s light up KC’s J.V. secondary ….like 6 or 7 INTS in 3 games???????????? and now possibly no Gates for extended period of time

  5. mrplow3:

    Allot of teams were better then, you had a much better chance of hanging onto your players.

    Now, a stud QB eats up too big a financial portion of the pie, never mind the diva WR’s too.

    There are no more complete teams in the NFL.

  6. had to laugh at phil simms saying phillip rivers is over rated…….really besides Brady, and Rogers, there is nobody better.

  7. radrntn says:
    Sep 28, 2011 11:28 AM
    had to laugh at phil simms saying phillip rivers is over rated…….really besides Brady, and Rogers, there is nobody better.

    Except P. Manning and Brees.

  8. Yep, the Chargers are winning… for now. 2 wins against winless teams at home. They get another winless team at home this weekend.

    Chargers are in trouble when they start playing some tougher teams.

  9. uh Drew Brees is definitely better…in every aspect. Right now the two best QBs in the league all around are Brees and Brady. Rivers is a good QB with a lot of maturity and leadership skills he needs to work on. When it comes to putting the ball in one persons hands I’d rather have it in Brees’ than Philip Rivers. To the guy who posted that…you’re an idiot!

  10. I think they would be 3-0 if Rivers played better. They could have easily won the Pats game, but they gave the game away with stupid errors, as usual. Is it a coaching problem when a team consistently under performs and shoots themselves in the foot over and over again?

  11. @ boisestatewhodat

    Brees, maybe to yes. Schaub? Vick? Others? Your just a damn hater. If you are a real sports fan you would know the truth and stop talking out of your ass. You obviously dislike the Chargers for some reason since you spent time writing like 3 post on this article. Oh yeah, Boise State sucks!

  12. Boise State is a jv team, and you are a saints fan too? where the hell do they find you band wagon jumping putos?

  13. Considering River’s chargers have to squeek by awful to mediocore teams all the while they can’t beat the good teams (patriots/steelers) I don’t see why anyone would continue to pick these dudes for a Superbowl.

    It’s neat to get inflated numbers (wins/yards) against awful teams on an easy lineup, but the best teams grind it out against great teams and a tough lineup.

    You wanna know why the jets beat the chargers in 09′ playoffs. It’s cause the jets were battle tested by then. etc. blah.

  14. “thompgk says:
    Sep 28, 2011 10:32 AM
    If Phillip Rivers played for Dallas, he would be considered a choke artist clown who is just happy to be there.”

    And if Tony Romo played for San Diego he would be 3rd string..

  15. They are still plagued by the same problem from last season.

    Dumb turnovers.

    Until they get that fixed they will continue to have close games.

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