Dolphins land Steve Slaton


At a time when the Dolphins are realizing that no amount of willpower can make Reggie Bush anything other than, well, Reggie Bush, the team landed on waivers a guy who has, when given the chance, played better than Reggie Bush ever has.

The Dolphins have been awarded former Texans running back Steve Slaton on waivers, the team has announced.  To create a roster spot for Slaton, the Dolphins waived defensive end Ryan Baker.

Bush has gained 69 yards on 27 carries in three games, for a career-low average of 2.6 yards per carry.  On Sunday at Cleveland, Bush gained 13 yards on 10 attempts.  He also has 11 catches for 71 yards.

As a rookie in 2008 with the Texans (who passed on Bush in 2006), Slaton rushed for 1,282 yards.  He added another 377 on 50 receptions, giving him more than 1,600 yards from scrimmage.

Seven fumbles in 2009 got him benched.  He thereafter was used sparingly until he was cut on Tuesday.

Though it would be shocking for the Dolphins to dump Bush, don’t be surprised if they give Slaton an opportunity to chew into Reggie’s touches.

With their 0-3 record, the Dolphins were fairly high on the pecking order for waivers claims.  It’s unknown whether any other teams attempted to secure Slaton’s contract.

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  1. @boneyardbuc,

    You could trade Reggie Bush for a small Pizza Hut pizza and a dirty fork and still get the deal of the cenury.

  2. Mid-round pick who was cut was picked up on waivers. Not really news at all.

    Oh, wait, he was a WVU player.

  3. Not THE Steve Slaton…….????

    Whoa ……… STOP THE PRESSES!!!! This changes EVERYTHING in the AFC East!!!!!

    (Who the hell is Steve Slaton?)

  4. Whoever signed Bush as a lead back should be fired…today. It isn’t his fault, there was one team dumb enough to do it. The Fans of the Fins deserve better.

    He is a glorified returner and nothing more. He can play a little slot receiver in open offenses, but he isn’t even doing that well down there I don’t think.

    Luck to Miami in 2012, I called it a few weeks ago…it won’t be the Chiefs or the Colts. New staff and front office is a must. I can’t stand Ireland, so it couldn’t happen to a better front office.

    Harbaugh, you chose wisely my friend!

  5. Not necessarily a bad pick up IF he can hold onto the ball. Slaton has the physical ability to play in the NFL, it’s the basic fundamentals he has struggled with in the past. Good coaching could change that (Might not find that in Miami right now though).

  6. Reggie bush will always have a spot on a roster cause of his play making ability cause he young, once he hit 30 an still can’t run between the tackles..his career is over.

  7. Bush is the luckiest player in the league . He gets crazy endorsement deals & generous contracts , while contributing next to nothing on the field . The best move the Texans ever made was picking Mario Williams ahead of lady bush !

  8. People are rough on Reggie Bush. He’s not a feature back. But he served his purpose in NO(when healthy). He was a major part of that offense, that is why they had to go out and get sproles. Granted, I think sproles is better at being reggie bush then reggie bush was. But everyone talks like couldn’t cut it in the CFL. He’s a specialty player, and decent at what he does. Give the kid a break.

  9. Not sure how much of an impact Slaton will be. Reggie wants to be an inside runner. The Dolphins told him he could be in Miami in order to sign him. They are both delusional and Thomas is a far better option on those plays. If you give it to Bush enough times he may actually break off a 12 yard run up the middle but he dances way too much. It would be much smarter to use him at what he is good at. How about designing a few plays where he is the #2 receiver on the progressions (coming out of the backfield) on play actions? Maybe a screen or two in a game. Stretch runs/sweeps/swing passes. You know–the stuff he excelled at in NO. The Dolphins have the remarkable ability of misjudging and then misusing player talent. If they would have gotten Olsen from the Bears they would likely use him as a blocking TE. It is ridiculous. Stop trying to prove a point to justify the stupid comments made to the press and game-plan to your team’s strengths. They need to put Bush back on every punt return. Bess is scary (not in a good way) back there. The play-calling has been a little better than last year but they are not using the skill players to their advantage. They need to fix that if they hope to improve.

  10. As a Phin fan, when we got him (Bush) I knew he was an open field threat and little more, but hoped he could change just a little. Truth is you can’t coach toughness and Bush has never met a sideline he didn’t like. Watching him sacrifice an extra three yards to try and turn the corner discusses me to no end.

  11. At least he’ll always have his Heismans.


    OK, but he won a National Championship. They can’t take that from him.


    Well, at least he’ll always have his friends and his legacy at USC.


    Boy, I hope this dude saved his money.

  12. ndomination says:Sep 28, 2011 7:15 PM

    “He also has 11 catches for 71 yards.”

    Which is why I don’t understand why both MIA and NO didn’t/haven’t converted him to a receiver.
    They dont convert him to WR because he would be covered by a quicker DB. By keeping him in the backfield they are able to keep the match ups with slower LB’s

  13. Sparano needs to be creative and use Bush & Slaton as inside wr’s like Belicheat uses tight ends. Run them all over the field and make the lb’s chase them all game. Be creative, jobs are on the line!

  14. The comments are as predictable as the Dolphins offense. What did Tony Sparano say and everybody jumped all over him? 20 Touches a game. Well, Reggie touched the ball 21 times in Cleveland and gained 84 yards and two fumbles. He is what he is. These aren’t the 09′ Saints may I remind you.

  15. I love all these folks on here telling us to give Reggie a break. You all seem to have forgotten all the hype about Bush being the “greatest talent” to come out of college in a generation. Turns out, he was the biggest bust to come out of USC in a generation. There is no way you can consider a 3rd down back who was taken 2nd overall anything but a bust. Now Miami’s taking Slaton? Don’t make me laugh.

  16. Anyone remember when the Texans were villified for picking mario williams over bush (and vince young). Another example of how your avg fan knows little to nothing about the game (these are the same people who really watch the SB to see the commercials).

  17. So Slaton backs up Thomas and Bush becomes a 3rd down specialist that also returns punts? Makes sense to me, why wasn’t this the plan from the beginning?

    Or does Miami still want to create an every down back out of Bush? Get the guy in open space, keep his legs fresh, accept reality. He could help quite a bit if used properly.

  18. “Bush is the luckiest player in the league . He gets crazy endorsement deals & generous contracts , while contributing next to nothing on the field . The best move the Texans ever made was picking Mario Williams ahead of lady bush !

    Reggie also dated Kim Kardashian and presumably enjoyed the company of her big eyes.

  19. I like Reggie as a person, BUT….

    Darren Sproles has shown what a bust he is as a NFL player. I understand that MAYBE NFL defenses keyed in on Bush and MAYBE that same treatment is to come for Sproles and will limit his production, but I doubt it. The decoy talk was overstated with Bush because the Saints O did as well if not better the 3-4 games/season he was out with an injury. Might Mouse is everything I ever wanted from Bush at a fraction of the price, not to mention he was a 4th round pick.

  20. miztake82 says: Sep 28, 2011 8:00 PM

    People are rough on Reggie Bush. He’s not a feature back.
    We know that. NO knew that. Someone needs to tell Bush that, he keeps insisting he is.

  21. Bush ERA already done ????or maybe is the somewhat promising ROOK Thomas Already over ….how many backs do you need ….to realize thats not your problem …you had Ronnie *& Ricky ….doesn’t that you something ……NOT the problem!!

  22. “never done a thing” – To be fair to Reggie he does wear a ring, has played big in some Playoff games, and was an integral part of that 2006 turnaround post Katrina. It’s something. ‘Feast or Famine’ mostly but it’s more than Ricky Williams ever accomplished. You know he was the best college player you ever seen. Love ya Ricky.

  23. This team is going nowhere fast. And employing the Brian Cashman strategy of acquiring has-beens that pitch well DOESN’T WORK with retread running backs who are really cut-rate WRs (Bush) or abused the HGH (Slaton).

  24. I speak for a lot of Texans fans when I say it sucks to see Slaton leave disgracefully. But Houston has four NFL-quality running backs as it is.

    I hope Slaton plays well for the Dolphins, and I’m glad the Texans have already played Miami this year because I wouldn’t want to root against Steve.

    Hold on to the ball, big guy.

  25. another back?

    they had Ricky and Ronnie who could both run the middle and edge and were getting about 4.0 with terrible O line blocking…. yeah they were both up for contracts, but they could have both been signed for less than half of what Bush got….

    so they cut R&R, shuffled O line, kept the same QB, and spent >$10M on, well I don’t know exactly how many… 6? RBs…


    Ross should clean house… now

  26. sftitan says: Sep 28, 2011 8:14 PM

    To be fair… he did have 11 catches for 71 yards. That’s more than most receivers had last Sunday. Need to give him some credit for that.


    Uhh dude–that his season total! That’s not a 1 game log. Reggie is struggling hard. Steve Slaton is flat out better than Bush. Daniel Thomas is doing well so far. Thomas/Slaton can be explosive. Sprinkle in a lil Reggie. It’ll look alot better.

  27. Slap a #85 jersey on him and stick him in the slot for good. He obviously can’t run through the tackles. Get him in the open field.

  28. Well anyhting is better than Bush as he has proved almost useless! I really like Thomas and that should be our focus right and maybe Slaton could be backup. There are so many things wrong with this team who knows where to begin…Yes, I am a fish fan too!

  29. “Watching him sacrifice an extra three yards to try and turn the corner discusses me to no end.”

    I doubt Reggie would understand how it “discusses” you.

  30. lets see, O-Line can’t block. LB’s can’t cover a TE to save their collective lives. The Safeties get torched regularly. Yep picking up a RB sounds about right. Gawd I hate being a Dolphins fan.

  31. Reggie’s problem is that he was drafted so high and he has never been untilized correctly. I would bet the farm that if he played for the Patriots he would be a 1500yd + guy every season. Not a 1500yd rushing, but receiving/rushing combined. BB, the cheater that he is, knows how to create systems for his players skill set.

  32. Maybe have some sets where Reggie is in the slot in spread situations and keep him in the backfield in goal line/red zone situations as a decoy/PA threat. I don’t know. Slaton has been a pretty good pass catching back, so an I or shotgun set with both he and Bush in the backfield could be pretty dangerous and tricky to defend. That’s a lot of speed.

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