Jets bring back Aaron Maybin


The Jets gave 2009 first-round Buffalo bust Aaron Maybin another chance after the Bills cut him.  Maybin made it onto the 53-man roster in early September, but he was cut the next day.

Now, Maybin is back with the Jets, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

Some may think that coach Rex Ryan simply hopes to have Maybin around as the Jets prepare to play the Bills, but the two teams don’t meet until November 6.

27 responses to “Jets bring back Aaron Maybin

  1. I actually like this. Maybin led the team in sacks during the preseason. He has the ability to rush the passer and thats what the jets need.

  2. @ny82jy

    You’re joking right? Maybin doesn’t have one sack in his entire career. He’s shown nothing in his NFL. He will go down as one of the biggest bust in the history of the NFL.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. okay seriously, what is going on here… everyone knows this guy is not nfl material, im not a hater or anything and im not even trying to be smart. this guy is really bad. even his haircut sucks. if they say he is trying to ger ready for the bills by having one of our old third stringers? that doesnt make much sense. who knows. stranger things have happened, but i really do hope the bills beat the jets this year!! just love seeing the bills win. anyway, i may eat my words on this one, but i doubt it. this guy just can not play at this level period.

  4. Can’t believe Belichick didn’t pick him up before last weeks game?
    Guys the foot jokes are sooooooo old & played.

  5. Maybe seeing former first round flameouts jarvis moss & quentin groves getting all in his backfield changed his mind some.. And really who has looked good from the bills in the last 10 years? Moss retired in denver a few years ago & now the jets cant block him? As soon as maybin gets a two sack game rex is throwin baby wipes at joe namath..

  6. desperation before heading to the Ravens, pretty sure if Mckinnie destroyed Harrison that he would welcome a shot at this loser

  7. “I actually like this. Maybin led the team in sacks during the preseason. He has the ability to rush the passer and thats what the jets need.”

    That’s not at all true. Maybin is not an NFL player, so I hope he stays with the Jets all season.

  8. as much as it iritates me, Rex Ryan is a hell of a coach and as a Bills fan, i would love him as my coach (although i am happy with Chan Galley right now). He knows what the hell he is doing for sure.. except for Aaron Maybin. As for the guy above who mentioned he led the team in preseason sacks? agains 3rd stringers of course. and those sacks were merely being a better athlete than those guys , many of whom are not even in the league..
    the thing you Jets fans do not understand is that it wasnt as though Maybin didnt try. He put the work in…. he was just not very good. He really just has no football skill period. He is football dumb. His eyes would light up when he would fly into the backfield, not realizing that he was allowed back there because of a screen….
    As far as Joe Namath goes, can we agree that he was the most over hyped QB in league history…173td’s vs 220 int…. 65.5 qb rating. HOF based on one game although the ramifacations were immense…

  9. he’s not going to play full time and with the jets coverage he’ll have some time to get around a tackle. at this point with the jets pass rush it can’t hurt.

  10. From someone who actually watched him play on the jets during the preseason. As i said before he led the team in preseason sacks with 2.5. One was also a forced fumble. Preseason yes i know but he is fast as hell off the edge. The jets are using him only as a rotational edge pass rusher. They are not asking him to drop into coverage or play run. Youtube his jets preseason highlights and tell me he cant get to the qb. Just goin on what i saw i really dont care about the buffalo days.

  11. Great pickup…….23, TWENTY-THREE. year old with speed and a burst that no other Jets defenders have…….All they will use him for is pass-rush situations, which is perfect……Dont need to worry about his size if he only plays as a pass-rush specialist….Then let him bulk up this off-season, and it’s like a free draft pick if he can work out right

    Maybin had 3 sacks in the preseason for the Jets in very limited time and looked fast as hell off the edge……good pickup

  12. @ no1billsfan

    I agree it was probably Jauron’s biggest failure; but the Bills have drafted worse….

    JP Losman was worse….drafting him cost the team a second round pick and a first round pick from the following year. The worst part wasn’t really anyones fault, but it stings a little to realize that JP Losman got his chance to start the same year Drew Brees was released.

    Actually, BuffaloRumblings thinks that Mike Williams and Erik Flowers were bigger draft busts than Maybin (I’m not sure I’d agree….I think Losman, then Maybin should be No.1 and No.2).

    The fact that the Jets are taking the guy back means that they’re starting to get desperate. Obviously Rex saw the same things that Buffalo saw when they decided to let him go. I think Rex is just going to gamble that his first impression of the kid was wrong.

    Maybin is not lazy, he just isn’t a professional football player.

  13. I’m so confused with all the jets fans on here defending this move, making up excuses. even if they use him on a pass rush basis only, he still is just very football dumb. He did good against third stringers in the preseason, thats great and all but I’m trying to explain to you guys as somone who rooted for him to succeed for years… it just doesnt work. The guy really cant play. like someone else said, he wasnt even good enough to suit up for an 0-8 team, how is he going to be better now? and trust me, he will NOT get bigger in the off season, another thing us bills fans waited and waited for. This guy should be playing another sport. Just not NFL material at all. I can see that nothing I say will get through to you, but you will find out in time, just as we did. He just cant cut it in the NFL. I wanted him to so bad, such a waste of a 1st round pick.. just like so many other Jauron assanine moves… If he works out great!! but i can almost garuntee it wont.

  14. @suchajoke

    Maybin at his playing weight and lack of tackling ability will merely bounce off anyone that is at his 220 weight or higher.

    He might be able to tackle someone like Deshean Jackson IF he could catch him.

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