Jets talk and PFT Planet on today’s PFT Live

Florio will be talking to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News — and to you — on today’s installment of ProFootballTalk Live.

Mehta is the Jets beat reporter for the Daily News, so he’ll have plenty of insight into Joe Namath’s criticisms, Mark Sanchez’s nose, Rex Ryan’s comments and more.

And Florio will also be taking e-mails, Twitter messages and phone calls from PFT Planet.

Tune in right here at noon.

14 responses to “Jets talk and PFT Planet on today’s PFT Live

  1. Rex Ryan has been here for 2 years with a rookie QB and made it to the AFC championship both years. He is a really bad coach, good analysis, moron. Your name fits you well.

  2. After a butt kicking like the one they took in which the Raider literally punched them in the nose, they are reeling….a lot of people who weren’t even Raider fans became fans that Sunday.

  3. Would all the haters just go and blow their moms and muffle themselves already. Christ why cant the Jets be covered now. Should they cover the Seahawks? Maybe the Dolphins? Worstposterever your mom has a penis again go suck it.

  4. Raiders fans are saying the Jets got punched int he mouths, were slaughtered, and the game was complete carnage.

    Really? I saw one Jet CB having a really bad day, one Jet INT being thrown, and Raiders long run being the decision makers in the game. I also saw a good effort by a 3rd year QB in trying to bring the score up with little time left in the game. Slaughter? Punched in the mouths?? Naah.

    I guess rooting for a team that plays just plain crappy year after year, the Raiders fans need something to cling to. I was always indifferent to the Raiders. Now I can’t wait till they lose their next game.

  5. Watching the replay of the Jets V Raiders , the Jets really gave one away even with DMC having the great game and all the Defensive penalties …Mulligan dropping a td pass , Burress dropping a 4th down slant at the Oak 30 , and A-Cro fumbling the K.O. inside the 10 yrd line gave them 7 points , Sanchez actually played what I thought was one of his better games after getting a another look.He did make the dumb mistake early trying to force a throw instead of throwing it away that costed us points too..beyond that he was under duress all day sacked 4 times …..Greene played well to when they finally started getting him to the edge…Clean up the Drops and the penalties and they will be fine , I have no doubt Rex will get the D fired back up and playing lights out….Cant wait till sunday night..

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