The Jets are no longer a run first team

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Through three weeks, only seven teams have rushed for less yardage than the Jets.

Part of that is due to effectiveness; we’re still waiting for Shonn Greene to make a difference.  Part of that is due to a change in philosophy.

The Jets are throwing the ball more, and Rex Ryan didn’t even deny that they were going away from their “ground and pound” mindset when asked about it Monday.

“I think as long as you’re able to move the ball effectively, you don’t have to run it or you don’t have to throw it,” Ryan said. “You’d like to be in a situation where, I looked at Baltimore yesterday, they were throwing it all over the place.

“I think they had 403 yards at halftime — that’s at halftime, by the way. This week, are you going to run it against Haloti Ngata over and over and against Ray Lewis? We’ll probably have to throw it more than we want.”

This Jets team is a little different.  They don’t seem to have as much confidence in their offensive line, even before Nick Mangold went out. They have thrown the ball for a higher percentage of snaps (62%) than any three-game stretch since Ryan took over.

We’ve said it before, but this strategy makes it doubly true: This Jets season will hinge on Mark Sanchez’s ability to go from passable to a positive.

We’ll get a great early progress report on Sanchez Sunday night in Baltimore.

40 responses to “The Jets are no longer a run first team

  1. Its no longer ‘ground & pound’… with Sanchez throwing, its now ‘air & prayer’

    Shotty must go! Shotty must go!

  2. People sure do love to hate on Sanchez and the Jets.

    In fairness, he’s got a lot of talent but still makes a bunch of almost-rookie mistakes. And aside from Holmes, their receiving core isn’t going to scare anyone.

    This is when a great QB steps it up and shows all the doubters what he’s really got.

    Which I don’t think he’s got. He can prove me wrong—if he can.

  3. They will be a run-first team after they run wild on the Ravens. Let’s all try to remember what a pathetic organization Baltimore has. Browns, Bengals? The Steelers are the class of the AFC North and the league.

  4. They’re obsessed w/ the Pats, heaven only knows why since they have a winning record against them including the most important last one. Since they are obsessed, they have noticed that the Pats’ pass D is ranked 40th in the NFL (or would be if there COULD be a 40th) so they are merely trying to take advantage. 😉

  5. And this is why they are no longer an elite team. Mark Sanchez does not have what it takes to win games without the benefit of a strong running game.

  6. Its a passing league , Sanchez is in year three and they said all along they were gonna throw more this year. I dont understand why this is such a surprise. Plus the oline has been bad so far so they have had to throw more to the first three games.

  7. Sanchez,

    “Do you hear footsteps…or are they hearing yours?” – Ray Ray

    My money is on him hearing plenty of footsteps!

  8. Tsizzle and company are going to ground and pound Sanchez! little worried about santonio and hole in my leg coming to town but don’t think chezzie will be able to stay in the pocket or game long enough to get him the ball.

  9. It’s so funny to read these posts by jet haters. The jets must be a threat, for everyone to leave posts by fans of other teams on a jet story. Why not just stick to your team story lines to leave comments.

  10. The biggest loss to the Jets this year was Woody. He was huge in the run game. But if they can succeed in the pass game they will be able to run the ball. the problem is Sanchez scares no one.

    Sanchez can only throw a few simple passes. Slants, fades to the endzone and 2 minute drill against prevent defenses. In all three of these cases his reads are quite simple. What defenses are doing now is taking away his slant passes by flooding the midle and jamming his WRs at the line forcing Sanchez to beat them. Which he cannot do.

    If Sanchez’s first read is not there he freezes and panics. Which has resulted in a lot of unnecessary hits, sacks and fumbles. He is getting a bit better here by scrambling. But when he moves in the pocket generally only bad things happen. He continues to make very poor decisions.

    The bottmline is he still struggles in passing situations especially 3rd downs. He telegraphs passes and if 1st read is not wide open its trouble. I don’t see how the Jets can succeed without a massive improvement from Sanchez. A loss to the Ravens and Pats means 2-3 with SD in game 7 meaning at best the Jets are looking at 3-4 going into the bye. The Jets desperately need to beat the Ravens and Sanchez will need to step up. At least he is a competitor even if he lacks everything else.

  11. It’ll be interesting to see which qb steps up. That will determine the winner of the game along with turnovers. Personally , I think sanchize I overrated and Flacco gets more crap than he deserves but I am a ravens fan so I am biased. If Sanchez were not on ny and didn’t have rex blowing his horn all the time he would be considered mediocre. His overall numbers are nothing more than that just like that last “great” jets qb Joe namath. He is the only qb in the hof that has more ints than tds

  12. could be the push little marky mark needs to become a great passer and field general type of player. he’s at that stage in his career when he has to mature into a certain type of qb, this could be his moment to take the jets by the balls and lead them into the postseason.

    or, it could be the final bullet that finally kills him. who knows.

  13. jetters149 says: Sep 28, 2011 10:36 AM

    It’s so funny to read these posts by jet haters. The jets must be a threat, for everyone to leave posts by fans of other teams on a jet story. Why not just stick to your team story lines to leave comments.


    Or maybe, jussst maybe we are tired of hearing about this team already. Are they overrated? It depends on who you ask.

    But to the majority it is a resounding yes and that is due to Rex Ryan & Co. and the media. When you set the bar so high and don’t perform at even 75% of that potential you are going to get that “overrated” label.

    They are only defeating themselves when they open their collective mouth. It makes them seem arrogant and unreliable.

    This is why the old mantras, “Actions speak louder than words” and “undersell and overachieve” are so prevalent in terms of success.

    If I were a Jets or Eagles fan I would be disgusted with how my team communicates outside the locker room. I mean look at the Eagles most recently, they are being plagued by the dream team comment (even if their 3rd or 2nd QB expressed it) and now their LB goes out and makes a comparison to the Miami Heat? COME ON MANN.

    We are NOT haters, just tired of all this BS. Just play the game and let your actions speak for themselves. If you fail you don’t get the backlash, and if you succeed you appear humble and like a real champ.

  14. PFT,

    Please block 7thlomabardi…I think we all have seen enough of him. Wasn’t the 1700+ thumbs down in power rankings enough evidence that everyone is behind this?

  15. When the Raiders adjusted and squatted on the underneath routes with bump and run, the Jets were finished.

    That’s not hating, that’s the truth.

    Jam their receivers and have the safety’s squat underneath, mission accomplished.

  16. Hey Rex, remember back a few years ago when you were the Ravens DC and the Giants put up over 200 yards rushing against your vaunted Run D!

  17. bunkmcnulty says: Sep 28, 2011 11:27 AM


    Please block 7thlomabardi…I think we all have seen enough of him. Wasn’t the 1700+ thumbs down in power rankings enough evidence that everyone is behind this?


    I second this

  18. The fact that are no longer a run first team is why their record is what it is. They’ve got the receivers to be a pass first team, but don’t have the quarterback for that.

  19. Jets need to understand that they just don’t have the offense to be considered an elite team……and now their defense is starting to be exposed by different teams throughout the league. This is one of the most over-rated teams in the league who won’t even make the playoffs this year.

  20. I believe Sanchez is a better quarterback than he’s credited with being–and in time could become a really good quarterback. But it’s still odd that he was chosen for the commercial where he throws the ball out of the stadium and across America. Right now, most people wouldn’t think of him as the power-arm guy.

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