The Week Three hot seat watch

Every Wednesday on PFT Live, we take a look at the five coaches on the hottest of seats in the NFL.

This week, one of the guys who had been on the list moves off it — and one of the guys not on the list ends up on it.

For more, watch the video and feel free to comment.  Especially if you agree.

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12 responses to “The Week Three hot seat watch

  1. Why is Leslie Frazier not on here. I don’t care if this is his first year. The coaching staff sucks!!! We will not be any good as long as we have him as a coach.

  2. Since the Rooneys give coaches ample time to get their footing, as a Steelers fan, I’ve always felt sorry for those who constantly must worry about their jobs.

    But gosh it’s hard to feel sorry for Todd Haley.

  3. If the Vikings blow another 10+ point lead this week to lose, move Frazier to the top of the list ahead of Toad Hailey.

  4. Put Clark Hunt on your list. He’s the SOB that has the Chiefs 30 milion under the cap. Clark signs the checks, Pioli distributes the money, Haley coaches the pieces of sh!t that are on the roster.

    Anyone with a brain knew they need d-line help, they lost 2 starters and got 1 34 year old replacement, the needed a DE, they put those hopes on a 3rd rounder, they needed O-line help and they got the only leftover in Gaither who isn’t even playing.

    Ya, it’s Todd Haley’s fault. Clark, I can’t wait until the new CBA goes into effect, then your cheap ass will have to spend the money on the team that we Chiefs fans love your dad for building!

  5. at this point I’m really voting against the Rams… want them to go 0-for and get Spags fired ASAP, so get can get re-signed in Philly as a “defensive analyst” (or whatever they want to call him to not embarrass Juan Castillo) and take over the d-coordinator job. If it happens, could save our season…

  6. Ridiculous that Spagnuolo would be on this list. The Rams are an up and coming team. Their schedule to start the season is BRUTAL. 4 of the first 7 teams are legitimate playoff/superbowl caliber teams. Another team is a legitimate division winner/playoff team in a brutal division, and the other 2 teams are both tough teams. The Rams were just unlucky enough to play the NFC East this year (which is always one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL), and they get all 4 of them in the first 7 games. Then mix in those 3 additional SuperBowl caliber teams, and you have to wonder what the Rams did last year to deserve a schedule like that. You put any team in the league through a 7 game schedule like that and they would all be lucky to come out of it with a winning record.

    If the Rams are at least 7 point underdogs in almost all of their first 7 games (which means they are expected to lose), how is the coach on the hotseat for losing those games? Besides, Spagnuolo is only starting his 3rd season for a team that was among the worst in the league before he showed up. They still have a VERY young QB. This has got to be the media trying to stir up controversy that isn’t there.

    But on the flip side, if you look at the last 9 games. The schedule all of a sudden becomes VERY favorable. The Rams could very conceivably win out in their final 9 games, which would make for a reasonably successful 9-7 season, and all of a sudden you have a team that has something to build on for next year.

    Spagnuolo on the hot seat… RIDICULOUS!

  7. Give it until week 10 or so and John “I love no-name journeymen and awful Notre Dame QBs more than I do the most electrifying QB my franchise has had in over a decade” Fox will make this list too.

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