Wednesday fine roundup

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Players around the NFL got letters from the league Wednesday informing them that they were fined for actions in Week Three.

Falcons safety William Moore was fined $7,500 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Buccaneers running back Ernest Graham in the third quarter of Tampa’s 16-13 win. Moore was flagged for unnecessary roughness on the play, which came on a drive that ended with the Bucs kicking a field goal and taking a 16-3 lead.

Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor was fined $7,500 for hitting Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne after Henne slid to end a scramble. He drew a flag on the play. Taylor told Scott Petrak of the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram that he plans to appeal the fine.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer also reports that Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi said he drew a fine for his excessive celebration penalty during the 17-16 win. Massaquoi caught the winning touchdown, dropped down in the end zone and tight end Ben Watson jumped on top of him. Both going to the ground and having multiple players involved in a celebration are technically worthy of a flag, although former NFL officiating head Mike Periera thought the penalty was excessive.

Steelers receiver Antonio Brown got dinged for the same amount as Moore and Taylor for a low block during Sunday night’s 23-20 win over the Colts. The block occured on Joe Legefed’s interception of Ben Roethlisberger and Brown said that he was only trying to defend himself from a player on the Colts trying to block him. He told Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he’s thinking about appealing.

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  1. No Giants on this list? This only validates the “He hit me, and I play football” press conference as a joke.

  2. Where’s the fine for the broncos player who went low on kenny britt and ended his season? That was unnecessary roughness, and totally uncalled you. I’m all for tackling a guy low when he’s running down hill, but not when he doesn’t see it coming from the side.

  3. Massaquoi drew a fine on top of a penalty for excessive celebration? Because he dropped to the ground and another player jumped on him in celebration? Happy man-hugging is now a safety issue in the NFL?

  4. These celebration penalties have got to go! Look, I don’t particularly care for celebration dances and all, but I think it is absolutely ridiculous that something as miniscule as a post-TD celebration can actually affect the outcome of a game. If it’s not taunting and doesn’t delay the game, it shouldn’t be a penalty. There’s absolutely no reason why a team should be awarded 15 bonus yards on the ensuing drive, with a close score, and 2 minutes to go… All because a guy “went to the ground” to celebrate. Just insane.

  5. Cry me a river. The Cowboys were penalized 15 yards because Mark Colombo stumbled and *fell down* after a chest bump after a TD last season.

  6. Why is there a fine attached to so many penalties? Isn’t the penalty yardage, loss of down punishment enough? Pretty soon the Ref’s will be saying “Off Sides, five yards and $5,000.” This is getting out of hand.

  7. Cry me a river. The Cowboys were penalized 15 yards because Mark Colombo stumbled and *fell down* after a chest bump after a TD last season.


    If this is directed at steelhammer92, I’m pretty sure he was saying that all those penalties in general should be abolished. Way to be a typical Cowboys fan and play the victim.

  8. Often wondered at which point the fines would seem excessive. I agree with steelhammer92. I’m not into excessive cellebrations. A short, comical dance adds to the overall enjoyment of the points scored. Flag? OK. Fine? Follow the money trail.


  9. I’m no Browns fan, but COME ON.

    The excessive celebration penalty is a joke. But fining a guy because he and his teammate are excited? Absolutely dumb.

    Pretty soon you’ll be allowed to score your touchdown, place the ball in a designated location in the endzone (probably on a pedestal near the goalpost), follow a roped-off path to your respective teams’ side of the field, and THEN AND ONLY THEN will you be allowed to smile because of said touchdown.

  10. Goodell is turning this into flag football. Any contact or celebration results in a penalty and a fine. What a joke…Goodell needs to go.

  11. And why aren’t Michael Vick and DeAngelo Hall being fined for criticizing the officiating? Even though Vick later apologized, he should still get a fine. Unless apologies matter to the NFL:

    Haynesworth: Uh, sorry I tried making Gurode’s face a part of the turf.

    NFL: No problem… here’s your money back.

  12. @makosalad …

    The league had no problem with planned slapstick bits where wore fake Hall of Fame jackets or pretended to propose to cheerleaders. But the iconic footage of a young Brett Favre running joyfully across the field without his helmet led to them penalizing removing helmets?!? They had no problem with Mark Gastineau’s me-me-me Tarzan sack dances on a fallen QB’s head, but if some ecstatic teammates hug each other in the end zone, they’re flagged and fined.

    To me it seems like they reward guys who make it all about them and penalize the guys who make it about TEAM. It’s just nuts.

  13. lacharger2112 says: Pretty soon the Ref’s will be saying “Off Sides, five yards and $5,000.”

    Wouldn’t it be nice if fines were that simple and obvious?

    Unfortunately, there is no method for fining players. Some hits on the QB are $7,500 while others are $10,000 or even $15,000 or $20,000. And some repeat offenders get fined more while others get fined less.

    And you can get fined for celebrating a touchdown ON the field, but the Lambeau Leap has been grandfathered in with no fine. Which begs the question–can you jump in the stands only if you’re a Packers player, and if you’re not, will that constitute a fine?

  14. Massoquoi was already on the ground, went to get up and then they jumped around because they took the lead in the game. Sorry for being excited NFL. That is ridiculous. Not like they were doing a pre-planned dance. Get outta here with that.

    Keep It comin Cleveland!!

  15. I love the idea of refs announcing the penalty yardage along with the fine that goes with it. Would pay good money to see the players’ reaction to that.

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