Cam Newton named NFL offensive rookie of the month

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Thwarted after Week One and Week Two in the rookie of the week fan voting despite throwing for 422 and 432 yards, respectively, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has received some recognition for the tremendous start to his pro football career.

Newton has been named the league’s rookie of the month for September.

He joins Sam Bradford and Tim Couch as the only quarterbacks drafted No. 1 overall to win a rookie of the month award.

Other nominees were Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey, Packers receiver Randall Cobb, Bengals receiver A.J. Green, Saints running back Mark Ingram, Falcons receiver Julio Jones, Ravens receiver Torrey Smith, and Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas.

Amazingly, Raiders receiver Denarius Moore was not one of the finalists.

Cobb was named the rookie of the week for Week One, and Moore won the prize for Week Two.

So, basically, by omitting Moore from the nominees for rookie of the month, the NFL has essentially disregarded the will of the folks who cast a vote for rookie of the week, along with common sense.  Moore has been one of the most dynamic offensive players in all of football, and he should have been recognized as one of the candidates for rookie of the month.

UPDATE 2:01 p.m. ET:  We’re told that the teams nominate their players for these awards, and that the Raiders did not nominate Moore.

38 responses to “Cam Newton named NFL offensive rookie of the month

  1. Congrats Cam you deserve it. Not only for your gameplay but for all the idiotic talk of you being a “guaranteed bust” and that your gameplay wouldn’t “transition” to the NFL.

  2. Tim Couch….. he’s in the Hall of Fame these days, isn’t he?

    What’s an “Offensive Rookie of the Month” trophy worth these days?

  3. Barring some sort of massive slump, Cam’s pretty much a lock to win Offensive Rookie of the Year. Carolina took a big risk in drafting him, and that risk seems to be paying off nicely.

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  5. richm2256 says: Sep 29, 2011 12:50 PM

    Tim Couch….. he’s in the Hall of Fame these days, isn’t he?

    What’s an “Offensive Rookie of the Month” trophy worth these days?
    Take your robe off and have a seat, loser.

  6. Didn’t you get the memo? Not winning games is the new thing for QBs.

    @ 7thlombardiontheway
    Too long, didn’t read.

  7. I’d like to nominate Deon Lewis as rookie of the day for a stellar performance in the walk through today. What’s with all of these ridiculous awards? Enough already

  8. Newton covers the horse teeth with his hand after numerous complaints from parents that when he opened his mouth it frightened their children.

  9. It’s interesting he is getting an award for two games he did well in but didn’t win. The game against the Jags was a toss up because of the rain and the home team won. He basically didn’t do much in that game. It takes some game film before the defensive folks figure you out. That time has just about arrived. Let’s not be so hasty to pre-award him rookie of the year. There’s alot of football left to be played. Ok Warren Moon?

  10. Well deserved Cam, da haters are going to continue to hate….Cam do what you do, continue to prove your haters wrong..Some of the haters never played organized ball anyway. They just read stats and talk too much garbage.

  11. I have no problem that Cam won it…and I am also shocked there was no nomination for Denarius Moore.

    But there’s a few months left in the season, he might just grab one yet.

  12. feartheelf19 says: Sep 29, 2011 12:48 PM

    So why do we not include defensive players in this? Phil Taylor and Jabaal Sheard, they need some consideration!!


    Sure thing and while we’re at it, we’ll start considering offensive rookies for Defensive Rookie of the Week.

  13. Danarius Moore is actually eyeing the Rookie of the Year award, so losing the ROM award is not too upsetting.

  14. Stupid Raiders Fan says:
    Sep 29, 2011 1:24 PM
    I think Moore was omitted because he didn’t play week 1. Otherwise – agreed

    Think about that statement. Torrey Smith got nominated, and he didnt play week 1, or week 2 for that matter. He just exploded in week 3. The reason the Raider didnt get nominated….is because he is a Raider.

  15. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Sep 29, 2011 2:43 PM
    Moore deserved it, being critical in TWO WINS, not a team that is 1-2 and lost to an abhorrently bad Cardinals team.


    First off, unashamed Raider homer here. You are wrong Mr. Wrong… Moore had a great month, but was really only critical in one of the two wins… against the Jets. He made a fabulous showing against the Bills, but the Raiders lost that game. He really didn’t get a chance to be special against the Broncos because of the weather and the way that Dmac was dominating. As for the Raiders not nominating him, maybe it’s because they want the kid to keep his mind on his job, and not some meaningless award won in the first month of a long season. Not that he didn’t deserve to be nominated, but maybe this TEAM is actually looking at the bigger picture, as opposed to small individual victories. ROY, he is definitely making a case for if they can keep getting the kid the ball. Congrats to Newton though, I will admit I was wrong about the kid.. he looks to be the real deal…

  16. Why this must be a mistake! I remember every draft pundit saying this guy was over rated!
    I guess Newton cannot read and therefore was not aware that he was over rated. Nice hairdo Mel!

  17. Are people really debating who should be winning rookie of the MONTH? Can’t wait for submissions for conference offensive rookie of the day (“Moore had a really great practice today”). Secondly, I guess one needs to be a skill position player for consideration. Kinda silly all the way around.

  18. “Congrats Cam you deserve it. Not only for your gameplay but for all the idiotic talk of you being a “guaranteed bust” and that your gameplay wouldn’t “transition” to the NFL.”

    I know right, crown the kid. Its only been 3 gamaes

  19. I’ll give Newton this much credit; in three games, he’s already shown more talent and drive than Jabustus Russell ever did.

    Let’s hold off on Canton until 6 or 7 weeks though.

  20. Joetrollonto just asked another man to disrobe. I don’t know how you roll up there in Moose country son….but in the lower 48 that just doesn’t fly.

  21. joetoronto says:
    Take your robe off and have a seat, loser.
    Touched a nerve, did I?

    Your man-crush is showing.

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