Congressmen invite Goodell, Smith for meeting on HGH testing

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Members of the United States Congress continue to pressure the NFL and the NFLPA to implement HGH testing sooner rather than later.

According to the Associated Press, leaders of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee have invited NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith to a meeting regarding the issue.

“We believe the league and its players remain best positioned to implement an HGH testing regime, but concerns have been raised about the status of these efforts,” Darrell Issa (R-Cal.; pictured) and Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.) said in letters to Goodell and Smith. “The purpose of this meeting is to understand the concerns of the players and the league and to strongly convey our universal interest in protecting the health of millions of younger athletes across the country.”

Though the NFL and the NFLPA have agreed in their new labor deal that HGH testing will be implemented this year, the union has declined to accept the testing program proposed by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The invitation to meet follows multiple letters expressing concern regarding the absence of HGH testing.  Eventually, a hearing could be held regarding the situation.  At some point, legislation could be introduced to compel the NFL to surrender all or part of the control over its drug-testing program to the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Thus, in time, Congress may foist upon the NFL and NFLPA that which the NFL and WADA are trying to persuade the NFLPA to do.

And that may be the only way the NFLPA ever submits to HGH testing.  There’s currently speculation in league circles that the players simply don’t want to engage in blood testing for HGH, and that the official commencement of a blood testing program at the agreement of NFLPA leadership could result in a change in NFLPA leadership as of March 2012, when Smith’s three-year contract expires.

48 responses to “Congressmen invite Goodell, Smith for meeting on HGH testing

  1. The NFLPA should tell congress to go to hell.

    In this here United States of America, one does not have to prove themselves innocent of a crime. One does not have to self-incriminate. And one sure as all get out does not have to submit to handing over blood samples, which is a gross invasion of privacy.

    For those who throw out the boring “if the players have nothing to hide they should submit to any and all testing”, please read and comprehend the above paragraph.

  2. U just know that the NFL doesn’t truly want this started this season….It will make headlines, and not pretty ones once players start failing these tests…After an almost canceled season, there’s no WAY Goodell is going to want such bad press…

    I bet it takes at least another full-season before it’s implemented.. gives the league some breathing room for more positive news after an almost shortened season this year…

    But does it need to happen eventually? Definitely.

  3. The NFLPA and NFL both know that this test would really make them look bad right now, let all the players clean out their systems and then we’ll see an HGH test.

  4. Oh when, oh when, will this website realize that the NFL’s attempt to eraticate dopers is as serious as NCAA is about eraticating players getting paid.

  5. Issa’s a notorious rightwing union-hater and toady for corporate America. He’ll make things right by the owners.

  6. …….seriously congress? u got a whole lot more on the table than this topic!! but since NONE of you can get alone & agree to anything u must go after some stupid thought that you may agree on!!?? time for all incumbents to lose in congress just like MN

  7. We need to vote every one of these Congressmen out of office. Why do they care? Our country is collapsing and these guys care about HGH. Leave sports alone and pay attention to real issues.

  8. No word yet on whether or not Raj and Mo will accept the invitation. But they are grateful that the Feds were kind enough to include them on the guest list.

  9. Hmmm…fix the economy or worry about football’s policies? Economy or football? That’s a tough one. Yep, that’s what you were elected for…to worry about a game.

  10. “That is the end of the announcements for the day, boys and girls, you are dismissed. Oh, just one more thing, would Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith please come to the principal’s office. Thank you.”.

  11. I’m glad congress finally has time to concentrate on sports again!! This means the economy and job market must be fixed because there is no way congress would waste time on sports until the actual important issues were solved right?

  12. Goodell and Smith were surprised that the offices of the House Oversight and Government Reform Department were surrounded by high fences with barbed wire on top. They became more concerned when they had to leave their shoes, ties, and belts at the gate.

  13. Do HGH testing. REAL testing, then you don’t need these crazy rules because everyone won’t be some gargantuan monster from hell. Then they can start yelling BACK TO FOOTBALL every ten seconds like they do this year. They love that BACK TO FOOTBALL because they are telling us YOU ARE OUR BITCH AND NOW YOU KNOW IT!

  14. Absolutely classic slight of hand.

    “Look over there at the NFL, for the kids, because we can’t figure out how to do anything else”.

    Sorry. Perhaps too cynical.

  15. Nice job Congress lets concentrate on something that helps with injuries and illnesses. Lets not worry about the obese in America that are causing our health insurance to go through the roof.

  16. tommyf15 says: Sep 29, 2011 9:06 PM

    In this here United States of America, one does not have to prove themselves innocent of a crime. One does not have to self-incriminate. And one sure as all get out does not have to submit to handing over blood samples, which is a gross invasion of privacy.

    For those who throw out the boring “if the players have nothing to hide they should submit to any and all testing”, please read and comprehend the above paragraph.

    I love irony.

    Maybe you should comprehend the implications of your own paragraph first.

    Well, yes, this IS the United States of America, thanks for the reminder. But you’re proving the case against yourself. BECAUSE it is the US of A, a private company (as in, oh, let’s just use the NFL for example) can *absolutely* require it’s employees to submit to drug testing.

    End of story.

    If the players think that’s an invasion of their privacy, they are free to apply at their local Wal-Mart or McDonald’s. See how that works? It really is a free country. It’s not as if players are being forced to submit blood tests to be citizens of the country. They are being asked to authenticate the veracity of their performances by not only those that own the game, but their own representatives in the union (assuming of course that they come to agreement).

    12-year old girls seeking admission to the Olympics submit to blood tests. Why can’t full grown adults? This is a relatively small hoop for them to jump through in order to maintain their blessed, lucky, fortunate, lavish, and privileged lives. Hell, I’ve had to pee in a cup for the last four jobs I’ve had. If I felt it was unreasonable, I could have walked away.

    I see no problem with the HGH testing. Not thrilled that Congress is involved, but let’s not fool ourselves into believing that 2 of the 535 members of Congress is really anything to get all that worked up about.

  17. Insanity!!
    Darrell Issa (R-Cal.; pictured) and Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.) are pushing this? A Democrat and a Republican….hence the DUEL PARTY DICTATORSHIP corrupt rule this country has been under. They are one in the same!! Wake up America!!
    Then these puppets say they are concerned about the health of millions of young athletes….seriously??? How about outlawing soda!!! That would single handedly improve the health of the whole nation in a heartbeat.
    …and for that Tea Party comment…the Tea Partiers would never get involved with this. It’s all about individual freedom!!!

    This is why Ron Paul (a libertarian) is everyone’s friend!!

  18. Cantor loves to whisper “I’m with Stupid” to the cameras, while surreptitiously pointing his finger towards his dorky cohort Boehner, geeking over his shoulder for face time.

  19. I guess TV time really has gotten expensive these days.

    Dear Congress,

    Bug off until you have done your main job. Go and fix the economy. Then, and only maybe then, we’ll cut you idiots the latitude to start giving two poops about sports.


  20. When I first glanced at the title “Congressmen invite Goodell” I thought it was going to be followed with “to take a long walk on a short pier”.

  21. Hey fleischpeitsche:

    It only applies to those who are citizens of the Untited States and those who are not trying to wage war against it or otherwise harm the population of it.

  22. It’s already been said but beating a dead horse is fun since it’s already dead so here goes. This country is in utter disaster mode right now and this is what Congress wants to focus on? I’d rather see some investigations into Solyndra, Fast and Furious and other national scandals that actually have an impact on people’s lives. Issa and Cummings are idiots right now reaching for a distraction to the idiocy that is the leadership of this nation. I don’t care what party you belong to, although some moron mentioned ‘tea baggers’ above, you have to be fed up with the entire political establishment from Obama all the way down to the janitor of the capitol building.

  23. It is obvious the NFLPA is stalling because they know most of it’s members would fail a drug test. It is time for them to agree or face legislation from Congress.

  24. How about we trade HGH testing for NFL players in return for the banning of lobbying, gift giving and full public disclosure of all finances for EVERY congressman.

    That way we can all be sure the performance of both groups remain unaffected by outside agencies!!!

  25. Goodell, agree to the terms but only on one condition: make every member of congress take a liar detector test under oath in front of its constituants with questions like

    Have you ever personally benefited from lobbyists?

    Are members of congress totally overpaid & why should they get paid when nothing is accomplished?

    Why does congress contiually rip off american taxpayer will all of its salaries & benefits, if you work for the people you should be treated like the people and pay into social security and medicare instead of your own private congressional health care plan & retirement fund.

    When was the last time you actually accomplished something positive that the people elected you to do

    Why do we continously help every other place in the world (which is a very nice deed) when we have one of the worst homeless rates in the world, an education system that is turning into a joke compared to rest of world, New Orleans still needs help, 40% of population cannot afford health care, & our economy & deficit is a complete shambles.

    Seriously, congress you DO have more important things, out with the old, in with the new (except teabagges)

  26. Shouldn’t Congress be doing something about jobs and unemployment, you know, the mandate they said they were duty-bound to fulfill when they took office in January?

  27. It is another opportunity for congress to choose the winners and the looses. It is another opportunity for politicians to wring “support” from the NFL.
    The economy is secondary to gaining support!

  28. It’s nothing more than a smokescreen. Do you think for one minute that any of these guys haven’t touched a PED until the NFL? Look at the combine, these guys are freaks already at 21! How does a DT at 21 get to be 6’8 and 330#?

    That’s 16 pounds a year or greater than a pound per month from birth!

    These guys have been using from early high school, and I wouldn’t be surprised if not before that. M1T is as cheap as tic tacs! If Congress and the NFL is really serious, start at the beginning, high school testing and up to the NFL.

  29. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) warns of “Bait & Switch” tactics of auto dealers Etc.

    Oops ! Sorry … We weren’t discussing “business” …

  30. Congress needs to be working on the economy like bringing back the jobs and making more jobs. Now is not the time to be trying to clean up the NFL or any other sports organization. Do your job and fix this economy and worry about that SH!? Later. They are wasting time and money on this, just like baseball. No telling how much money they wasted on that. Economy first then sports. If you don’t fix it soon you won’t have anyone in the stands.

  31. Great to see our tax dollars being put to good use. Our economy is collapsing, we are at war with half a dozen countries, our educations system is in ruins, our health care system is a joke…let’s focus our efforts on performance enhancing drugs in the NFL! Good call, Congress. Maybe when we are done with that we can spend billions on a study of the effects of deep-sea diving on lemurs.

  32. How about congress can demand that players take blood tests when congress submits to public drug test. How many do you think would test positive for cocaine? Weed? I bet it would be more than a few.

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