Redskins’ Orakpo: Romo’s injury was blown out of proportion


Don’t tell Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is a hero.

Orakpo said Tuesday that after Romo suffered a broken rib and collapsed lung before leading the Cowboys to a come-from-behind victory over the 49ers, the media made too big a deal of Romo’s injury. And after Romo led the Cowboys to a victory over the Redskins, Orakpo was really sick of hearing it.

“To me they blown it way out of proportion,” Orakpo said on ESPN 980, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “I mean, they tried to make it seem like the guy was hospitalized the night before the game, just so we could build it up if they was to win the game — oh he’s a courageous player to go out there and play. The guy was playing just like Tony Romo, running around, making throws. He got hit throughout the whole game and still getting up. I mean, it was blown way out of proportion, but it is what it is.”

Orakpo said the loss to the Cowboys left a bitter taste in his mouth.

“We’re angry. We’re very angry, the players and the coaches,” he said. “We’re so happy that it’s a short week because we can’t wait to get back out there on Sunday and perform, because we left that game out there. We could have easily won that game, and we’re just very very angry, very very hungry to get back out there. And whoever’s up next — I don’t even care who it is, I think they said we’ve got the Rams going to St. Louis — and it really don’t matter who we play, we’re really gonna go out there and finish it off right.”

For the record, Orakpo is correct: They’re going to St. Louis to play the Rams. Orakpo probably won’t want to hear anything about Sam Bradford this week.

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  1. I wonder if DeAngelo and Orakpo we’re sharing a carton of sorbet with two spoons when they were thinking of what to say to the media about losing.

  2. Just like the redskins 2-0 start of their season, blown way out of proportion, and way overrated, meltdown begin in 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…..

  3. what a crybaby. if it had not been for the cowboys making mistakes inside the 20 if they had scored touchdowns instead of field goals the game would have never been close. how many times did the deadskins get inside the cowboys 2.
    hail to americas team. GO COWBOYS.

  4. Maybe they did blow his injury out of proportion but does it matter? We got outcoached and outplayed on several key snaps and that made the difference.

    On to St Louis, if we win we’re 3-1.

    And thats a lot better than many people people(myself included) thought we would be at heading into the bye.


  5. Amen Orakpo…I wonder how big a deal Romo’s ribs are if he’s starting for Jacksonville instead of Dall-ass…

    On a side note, is it me or is everybody in the NFC East extra whiny this year? At least two guys from each team has popped off about something or another in each of the first 3 weeks of the season. I’m anxious for all 4 teams to just shut up and play…

  6. Orakpo’s right. It was blown way out of proportion. Now Romo’s some kind of folk hero? What a joke. He’s lost about 10 games in the last few minutes and now he wins 2. So, let’s get that bust ready for the HOF.

    Punctured lung, broken rib my… He’s still not a leader and is subject to lose a game before he wins one.

  7. kilo0986 says:
    Sep 29, 2011 7:24 AM

    Well so.much for a culture change with the redskins. .. Sthu, you got your butt kicked deal with it

    LOL…only an idiot Cowdung fan would call a 2 point win a butt kicking…keep the bar low and you’ll always meet expectations, right?

  8. I love the ‘Skins. I think Orakpo is a really good player. He also seems to be a good team-mate and a stand-up guy. However, this is one of instances which make me cringe. We could have won, we should have won, but we didn’t. It’s time to be magnanimous.

    Sure, the injury wasn’t massively debilitating but Romo looked in a lot of pain. He played well considering the antics of his centre and receivers.

    Also, Romo didn’t spend all night getting hit. We didn’t apply consistant pressure. We got to him a few times and we didn’t put many big hits on him. Now I think a lot of that had to do with the officials ignoring most of the holding that took place. Both offensive lines got away with a rediculous number of holds but the refs seemed particularly intent on keeping Romo upright.

    They only called the most rediculously obvious holds and ignored the rest. I guess they just didn’t want to see a guy who is already hurt take too many hits. It’s human nature. One wonders how long it will be until coaches train their QBs to act as though they are playing hurt in order to try to gain the sympathy of officials.

  9. Sore losers, the lack of class that continues to come from this team (see Halls comments about his coaches) really speaks to Coaches lack of accountability. Not every coach get John Elways all those years. If TR would have fumbled like Rexy did the world would have ended Tuesday. A defensive guy that could stop FG range wants to say the injury was over hyped, maybe their couple wins were over hyped. Cowboys must have gotten into their heads if they are still talking about it. Classless, it great that they are in DC, reminds me a lot of what comes out of there.

  10. Yep, the liberal media will take any Wa Wa story of pain and compassion and embellish it and get all the Wa Wa sheeple on the Wa Wa wagon! I personally think the whole “punctured lung” thing was made up by Jerrah to try and sway public opinion of Romo to “like” after the debacle in the Meadowlands and the subsequent dress down. And it appears to have worked!

    But let’s not kid ourselves, the game was a train wreck compared to NFL standards! Both these teams suck!

  11. “If it was a lot of other qb’s, brady for example, we wouldn’t even know he had sore ribs”

    Yeah, cuz he’s perpetually listed as having an injured shoulder anyway, so you never know when its legit or not.

  12. igster1 says:
    Sep 29, 2011 7:22 AM
    what a crybaby. if it had not been for the cowboys making mistakes inside the 20 if they had scored touchdowns instead of field goals the game would have never been close. how many times did the deadskins get inside the cowboys 2.
    hail to americas team. GO COWBOYS.

    Did you even watch the game? The Redskins got a TD in one of their visits to the red zone.. the rest were field goal attempts. The game would never have been close if the Redskins were able to score TDs instead of FGs.. the same goes with the Cowboys. Red Zone offense wasn’t a strength for either team on Monday.

  13. Orakpo’s dominance is what was blown out of proportion. His #s for the game = 0 sacks, 0 FF, 0 INT, 0 solo tackles, 1 tackle assist.

    If I was nowhere to be found during a rivalry game I might be upset too.

  14. Finally someone calls it correct. Tony Romo did only what was expected out of an average QB. Where did this Romo love fest come from anyway? I live in Dallas and he has been labeled “America’s Hero”, makes me want to throw up.

  15. Maybe the injury wasn’t as serious as it was made out to be. But you can’t say this after a loss. It sounds like sour grapes. And when you say, “we could have easily won…” after a loss, it makes you sound like a sore loser.

  16. There are way too many sports talking heads giving their opinions about tidbits around the league. If they can’t find a legitimate story they concoct one.

  17. Igster1 says he is a crybaby? I never saw someone cry as much as romo did with all the botched snaps and then to come out and say skins were saying the snap count and that they were cheating. What a lie and THAT is embarrasing. The centers are all micd up and they found out that was NOT true. The refs are right there and noone heard anything.

  18. Hate all you want but the truth is they gave that game away. Now it’s on to the Rams. Win that and you are atop the division. The past is the past, ask Indy. It’s a new year and time to create your own history

    Those who spend all their time looking backward never see what lies ahead

  19. @ Dansyndersux

    I was about to blow up on here about how the Redskins and their fans just wont shut up and then someone like you pops up. Thank you for restoring faith that some fans aren’t as clueless as others.

  20. Maybe his injury was overblown Mr. Orakpo but by the media only honestly you know what else they overblew the fact your team was a worthy opponent stop your crying

  21. The redskins 2-0 start was blown out of proportion…they beat a giants team decimated with injury, and squeaked by the cardinals in FedEx!! In 9 career games against the nfc east Orakpo has .5 yea one half of a sack…maybe the east is just to physical for him…FAIL!!

  22. Someone has to call out the media on the gratuitous kissing of the Cowboys’ collective rear ends every week. Unfortunately the Redskins lost, so when Orakpo tells the truth it sounds like sour grapes.
    Media has always been ridiculous about the Cowboys. Remember when the Giants beat them in the playoffs, and after the game they interviewed Eli Manning for about 15 seconds, then went to the LOSING LOCKER ROOM for 45 minutes worth of, “That’s My Quarterback, Man!”………….says it all right there….

  23. @dansnydersux,

    Who? the media? I would agree that the media was in a frenzy, just like they were in a frenzy when he blew the Jets game. The media types love to over react to Romo, both ways. Just something they like to do with Cowboys QBs. It sells papers (and gets clicks)

    I don’t think Dallas or Romo overhyped his injury.

  24. Tony Romo is a giant vag. The media blows this guys. Ridiculous. He is no hero. He is an above average quarterback at best with not much on his pathetic resume. How many years he been there? How many playoff wins? Haha. Sports media blows the cowboys like national media blows democrats. And to the donks above saying the game wouldnt have been close??? We stopped you turds twice when you should have scored!! If not for one botched play by MeAngelo, we would be 3-0 and you losers would be crying about how Romo was “hurt.” Hey dallas “fans” have you ever even been to Texas??? I bet you like the yankees and the lakers too huh?? Get a life losers

  25. I agree with the Redskins and daddyoscar.

    Brady was injured all of 2010 and had surgery on his foot after the 2010 playoff loss. Never heard him say anything about it. Never saw any ESPN specials on his heroic play while in pain.

    Romo’s injury was overblown and overrated. ESPN wants another Brett Fah vrah.

    If Romo were on any other team, he would be David Gerard.

  26. Yeah Daddyoscar, because Brady wouldn’t have had to leave the game against SF and get Xrays because he is the man of steel.

    Dumb Comment.

  27. MeAngelo helped make the story bigger by saying he wanted to put his helmet on his ribs. I guess we all know how Orakpo’s mentor is on the team. Too bad for you skins fans. Brian should be more upset about losing to a team that is dealing with alot injuries besides what Tony is dealing with.


  28. Didn’t Brian leave twice because of cramps?! Granted, I am tired of the Romo talk, but Skins lost, shut up and move on. The Cowboys aren’t talking about Romo, the media is, be upset with the national media…. Like I am

  29. I would love to see the two idiot posters above me try to get past Orakpo with a football in their arms. Big talkers behind the keyboard. I would pay to see it! Orakpo is balls out you effin hacks! Hail!

  30. the 4skin fans and players are the biggest bunch of wimps out of any team base in the NFL. You lost the game and now you are crying about faked injuries and mystery facemask calls…this org doesnt get it and is why is the most dysfunctional org in the NFL. Man up…you lost the fing game fair and square..let me take that back…you lost the game with to an injured QB, rookie receivers and rookie offensive lineman. plus ware was being held all night, horrible ball personal foul call and had to cheat on top of it all with calling out the cadence on Defense…talk about a bush league move there……any team each week can say we should have won that game…guess what? you lost it dopes. that is why this team will never succeed. management condones this type of behavior and there is no accountability.

    WE are in first so suck it up…RAMS are going to win this weekend too…BOOK IT DANO!!!!

    Last place by the time the Eagles pound your tails……I cant wait for that beatdown!!!!

  31. I forgot to mention too… claim you should have won the game….if those 6 FG’s were TD’s you get blown out by a couple of TD’s….go back to school and take a math course…LMAO.


  32. They only called the most rediculously obvious holds and ignored the rest.


    You mean like when Trent Williams tackled Demarcus Ware, or when he and another guy literally grabbed Ware by the arms and restrained him from behind on the play when Spencer stripped Wrex to win the game?

    Orakpo’s stat line was no tackles, 1 assist and no sacks. His career stat line against the Cowboys is 3 tackles, 4 assists and 0 sacks in 5 games played against them.

    Now he seems to be griping that he didn’t get to face an injured Tony Romo.

  33. dccowboy says: Sep 29, 2011 8:19 AM

    @ daddyoscar

    You’re right, if Brady had a cracked rib he wouldn’t have been playing.

    He played with broken ribs for part of 09. Just like he played about half of 05 with a sports hernia but McNabb got all sorts of excuses made for him because of HIS. TB was on the report for different things but neither he nor his teammates and coaches discuss any kind of injuries with the media so Pats players in general won’t get attention for playing hurt. As a Pats fan , I’m fine with that because I’m anti-injury report to begin with. I’d rather players physical health was protected than worry about all those gamblers out there. DeAngelo Hall’s pregame comments reinforced that. The more a guy knows about what exactly is hurt, the more danger the hurt player is in.

    In both cases (with Romo and McNabb) the media blew it up. 99% of the media loves McNabb and looks for any reason to hagiographize him and make excuses for him for the most part. In Romo’s case, it wasn’t really his fault, it was more that people on/with the team discussed it so freely and the media lapped it up. It takes stones to play with what Romo had.

  34. Who won the game??? That is all that matters. Nobody wanted to hear that the Cowboys outplayed the Jets and still lost because it does not matter. All that matters is the final score and the Cowboys had more points. That simple.

  35. Ha Ha Hail to America’s team. Ok so you say Hail to the Patriots. Than you say go cowboys. What is that all about.

    Man how many cowboys were on the side line getting stretched out. Oh yeah, they are not as good as Orakpo so the Jaws, Gruden, and Tirico did not know their names. Who was that number 94 on the cowboys that was getting stretched out on the sidelines in the 3rd and 4th quarter?

  36. LOL…only an idiot Cowdung fan would call a 2 point win a butt kicking…keep the bar low and you’ll always meet expectations, right?


    When the other team’s QB is playing with cracked ribs, passing to the bottom of the WR depth chart, and their RB, who is playing with a separated shoulder hangs 115 yards on you running behind an OL that features two rookies and an undrafted second year guy on it, and their cornerbacks include a guy that was converted from safety by necessity because everybody else is out or playing hurt and you still lose, yeah, you got your butt kicked.

  37. I love it…. the Skins and Boys are becoming a real rivalry again…. both teams getting good, always a close game, lots of trash talking…. great to see the rivalry return.

  38. We lost lets move on.

    That being said, I wish everyone would stop slurping Romo. Its the NFL. People play hurt all the time. Romo isn’t special for playing 8 days after he broke a rib.

  39. Note to Orakpo….He kept getting up because he’s a tough SOB, tougher than the hits your defense could lay on him haha…Dude had a broken rib and a punctured lung (healed before gametime) and he still beat you, deal with it…Another classic example of running someone else down to make yourself look better…Insecure much?

  40. In other news, the sun is hot and water is wet…

    The only thing that matters is the Cowboys won…On to deal with Suh which should be interesting…

  41. Orakpo has a point. From a guy who’s seen a punctured lung first hand, trust me, Romo’s injury WAS exagerated.

    And as for Orakpo’s performance, he draws the hold very well, a holding call is as good as a 5 yard sack. Sometimes better if it negates a 15-20 yd play. (like the 3 jones runs that were called back)

    Overall it was a rough showing from both teams.

    P.s. Skins fans will stop with the HTTR when Dallas fans stop with the ‘America’s Team’ thing. Let’s face it, neither of us have had too much to cheer for in 10 years.

    Just keepin it real

  42. Come on you guys. i mean if you really want to hear some bitching from Orakpo and Hall, wait until old Rex has 10 interceptions and fumbles the ball away five times and they lose six in a row. Then you’ll hear complaining.
    Rex better have tickets for a plane out of town in his baggage.

  43. @Skinsroll

    I live in Texas. Do you live in DC? Or are you that overweight dude who played high school in the 80s and still think you’re a “jock” with your state championship ring? You watched “Riggo” bust up D-Lines for years and said “I don’t see what the big deal is, I could’ve done that if I had the chance.” Shut up hater.

    If not for what happened, it would’ve happened differently? Shut up already, it happened because it happened get over it and shut up.

    You know when someone has no facts or legitimate responses in an argument when they call said player a “Vag” and then go on to insult the fans of said team.

    And as for your comment about how good Romo is, I have two words for ya….Sexy Rexy.

  44. brady played most of last year with an injured foot, brees with an mcl. injury, every nfl qb plays hurt.

    mcnabb broke his ribs in week 1 in 09, and threw for 300 yds the next week as they blew out tampa. i don’t remember espn slobbering all him for it.

  45. In 2 plus seasons in the league, Orakpo has 19.5 saks. Pretty good. However, he has ZERO sacks in NFC competition in 14 games. That’s right, in the games that matter the most, he cramps up during the game, and runs his mouth afterwards.

  46. Cowboy fans are funny. If the skins are so terrible a team how come the boys couldnt score a td with 1st and goal at the 4? Why did they only win by 2 at home against a team everyone thought they should beat? If romo is so great why does the media feel the need to tell us so all the time? How many boys fans have themselves complained about romo’s lack of fire as a leader or his personal life, jessica, vacationing during bye week? Skins fans are realistic about our team and glad that we’re competitive again but boys fans spent all summer saying how their 6-10 season last year was somehow better than the skins6-10 season.

  47. Dear Mr. Hall, Mr. Orakpo, and all of the disgruntled Redskins fans,

    You lost.

    Get over it.

    Quit crying like a bunch of five year old girls and move on.

    You have 13 more games this season to prove yourselves. Forget the past and concentrate on those.

    Signed, The Rest of The World.

  48. What the hell is going on in the NFL? Was there some kind of agreement in the new NFL CBA that provided a monetary incentive for whining? For crying out loud (sic), winners AND losers are whining. Is the media funding this to make their jobs easier? Players, if you won, celebrate for a day and get ready for next week. If you lost, man up and get ready for next week. Stop the crying!!

  49. I meant Orakpo has ZERO SACKS in 14 NFC EAST games. Sorry for the error. That’s just pathetic!

    Sep 29, 2011 9:59 AM
    In 2 plus seasons in the league, Orakpo has 19.5 saks. Pretty good. However, he has ZERO sacks in NFC competition in 14 games. That’s right, in the games that matter the most, he cramps up during the game, and runs his mouth afterwards.

  50. Hey Orakpo,

    Romo went out there and handled his business. What does that have to do with a stupid ESPN storyline? Stop worrying about what the media is saying and try handling your own business.

    Romo isn’t a choke artist or a hero, he is a good quarterback who played with an injury. It’s happened many times before, and what the media says about it has nothing to do with anything.

    Look at the standings and whine some more, call Romo any name you want, you still got BEAT by a better team.

  51. Funny, all I hear is the losing team whining while the winning team is off preparing for next week’s game. Ladies and gentlemen, the Cowboys/Redskins rivalry is back in full swing. Time to party like it’s 1979.

  52. Did orakpo EVEN play on this game, never heard his name once,,, deangelo hall still lame,,, so is shanahan , what a sorry franchise,.

  53. Both your teams suck at least the Skins are on the move, the Cowpies are finished jones and his crew need to go away they are a joke, Whitten is the only real player they have. Face it your days are numbered like that vampire facelift clown of an owner you have and ware is done as well just blow away like the tumbleweeds you are save us the paid for commentary that the nfl is forced to push down our throats PHQ THOSE PUNKS. TOO BAD THEY WERN’T A HOCKEY TEAM FLYING OVER RUSSIA. More like Americas CREAM…

  54. @howley1

    A butt-kicking is determined by the nature of the contest, not the circumstances surrounding it. We weren’t rolled and you damn sure weren’t more physical. Neither team played well enough to win and at the end of the day, y’all made one more play than we did. Period. Again…if a two-point victory is your definition of a “butt-kicking” that just goes to show how low the bar is for that overrated squad you call a team.

  55. Who was that number 94 on the cowboys that was getting stretched out on the sidelines in the 3rd and 4th quarter?


    You may not know his name, but I’m pretty sure Wrex does.

  56. And as for Orakpo’s performance, he draws the hold very well


    Too bad he doesn’t sack the QB very well. And he doesn’t LOSE very well, either.

  57. Apparently Cowboy fans have never had the privilege of ever suffering from cramps.


    I think Orakpo’s cramps were blown out of proportion.

  58. Fairley’s first sack might test how much he’s hurting.


    All last week all we heard was “Orakpo and Kerrigan” and they combined for a half a sack. This week it’s gonna be “Suh and Fairley” and last time I checked, Fairley may not even play.

    I have some news for you Lions fans. The pair that should be causing the most worry are Ware and Spencer. They have as many sacks as the Lions entire defense combined (8) and they’ve been going up against tougher OLs than the Lions have been going against.

  59. Both your teams suck at least the Skins are on the move, the Cowpies are finished jones and his crew need to go away they are a joke


    Nice, well-reasoned argument. Rub some salve on it and sit on one of those donut things to alleviate the pain.

  60. Cowboy fan here,I tend to agree w/him a lil bit. But the same goes for when the Boys don’t do well,they completely hype that up too. So screw it,i’ll take some positive for a change. Another thing,he’s just p/o’d cuz they lost and really they probably should of won but they didn’t. That shows there not as good as there record going into the game in the first place. Our D shut them down when we had too,even w/o our offense banged up.

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