Released Colts cornerback says Caldwell doesn’t make lineup decisions


After the Colts placed two starters on injured reserve Wednesday, they made another quieter transaction by releasing cornerback Justin Tryon.

The fourth-year player made the move a lot more interesting with some comments on Twitter.

“Caldwell wanted to start me but it wasn’t up to him!” he wrote.  Another tweet later said: “IM BLESSED!! lay off of Caldwell he’s a great coach! Peace.”

Tryon started six games last year because of injuries, but saw his role decrease this year. His comment about Caldwell is compelling.

If Caldwell isn’t making the decisions, who does Tryon think is pulling the strings?  Probably not defensive coordinator Larry Coyer.  More likely: Vice Chairman Bill Polian and/or G.M. Chris Polian.

Owner Jim Irsay quickly took to Twitter to discredit Tryon’s comment.

“Bill Polian is 1 day, going 2 The Hall of Fame, he knows what he’s doing, and Coach Caldwell makes final call on who plays n who doesn’t, period,” Irsay wrote. “I already told some of u guys Coach Caldwell decides who plays, I would know, I own the team.”

Irsay had to defend Caldwell quickly. Even though Tryon’s suggestion wasn’t exactly shocking, that’s a pretty damaging public accusation for a head coach’s credibility.

This news won’t help the perception, fair or not, that Caldwell doesn’t have a lot of juice within the Colts.

66 responses to “Released Colts cornerback says Caldwell doesn’t make lineup decisions

  1. What exactly does Caldwell do??? Polian decides who’s on the team. Manning ran the offense. How can the loss of 1 player equal a meltdown?

  2. Offensive guy, so has nothing to do with defense.

    Manning (when healthy) runs the offense.

    Probably not a special teams guru.

    Now he doesn’t even make the depth chart.

    What on earth does he do everyday?

  3. Ever since Polian made the decision to tank the Jets & Bill’s games in 2009 everyone knew that Caldwell was just a person for press briefings.

    When Caldwell can make his own decisions on the field he usually is wrong: e.g. timeouts called in 2010 against Jacksonville and the Jets in the playoffs which probably lost those games.

    I can understand making a mistake once, but it takes a real idiot to repeat it in the playoffs.

  4. I know this is just semantics – But I think they way it works is coach Caldwell can play anyone he wants – As long as that player is on the roster.

    BUT, Polian sets the roster. From what I understand this is true for most coaches – Even Bills Parcels at one time back in the day – So whats the big deal?

  5. A coaches responsibility is to ensure the best players are on the field and Tryon was LIGHT YEARS better than Jacob “10 yards cushion on 3rd and 2” Lacey

    All this does is confirm what we’ve known for years – that Polian is really the one running the show and whatever Tryon did to offend Polian, he is clearly flexing his institutional muscle here

    The ego of the Ginger Nazi in sticking with high round draft picks that have clearly been busts and would’ve been cut had they not been taken where they were is running this team into the ground. It’s amazing how much Manning covered up for this team and now that he’s out, we’re seeing first-hand how inept the front office is

    Now watch Tryon sign with the Patriots and become a star ..figures

  6. I just now have changed my mind.

    I have been a fervent “Go away, Brett” guy, and have hated seeing this guy hanging around too long. I have wondered why the Colts haven’t dialed Jim Sorgi’s number.

    I’m changing my mind.

    I have enjoyed the Colts being serious competitors to the Patriots for 10 years, and enjoyed the Manning/Brady rivalry as much as anyone. It has really bothered me that the Colts were going through a Manning-less season as we did with Brady in ’08, only they didn’t have a Matt Cassell in the wings to keep them at least competitive.

    Now, it’s painfully obvious how bad this season is going to be for the Colts….. Collins wasn’t up to the job, Painter clearly isn’t trusted with the keys, Manning – in all honesty – may be done, and the Colts are pathetically reduced to hoping they can grab the next Joe Montana that is supposedly Andrew Luck, while making NFL fans suffer the likes of Dan Orlovsky (or whatever the hell his name is) in the meanwhile..

    This season is going to be a disaster for this once-proud club.

    That said, I am officially signing up for the “Sign Brett” club.

    Yes, he’s old. Yes, I wished he’d climb on that tractor, ride out to the back 40, and never be heard from again. Yes, he could throw the hell out of a football but God knows who’s going to catch it, and he seldom followed a coach’s game plan.

    But he would definitely makes this Colt’s offense a whole lot of fun to watch, with absolutely nothing to lose. If he wins, GREAT. If he loses, well, they were going to lose with anyone else, and at least this way they wouldn’t be so damn boring to watch.

    And worse-case scenario, they still suck bad enough to roll the dice on Luck, who is no sure-fire lock to be a Hall of Fame player like everyone seems to think he’ll be.

    So go ahead, Irsay, pay the man, get him off the tractor, and give every football fan a season to enjoy.

    You’ve got nothing to lose, really.

  7. LOL, Does Al Davis run the Colts too?? This would explain why he hasn’t been around the Raiders alot this offseason and season. He’s been busy turning the Colts into a dumpster fire. Oh well, as long as Oakland keeps getting better

  8. Jim Irsaw and Chris Polian and heck let’s throw in Kyle Shanahan… The first son’s club of the NFL.

    Ya know, Lombardi had everything given to him too. Err..

  9. Lets make one thing clear: Bill Polian may be headed to the Hall of Fame, but he damn sure doesn’t deserve a spot in it. Look at Indy’s drafts.

    His entire career is based on Peyton Manning. Peyton made Bill Polian.

  10. they didnt quite develop plan B “post Peyton”, so what is occurring is richly deserved. I do think what would be interesting…and hear me if the Colts tank…..the Bears tank as well…would the Colts go for Lovie Smith, who runs the same defense, and would be in the Luck sweepstakes. Caldwell is a caretaker, but Lovie is a known defense guy, who could still run cover-2, is from the midwest, has been to a SB opposing the Colts, and very nearly won. If Bears implode , Angelo AND Lovie Smith are out, and Caldwell is most certainly out following the Manning exit…

  11. I bet you anything that fans aren’t going to be crucifying Bill Polian for making on-field personnel decisions the way that fans are all over Al Davis for doing the same with the Raiders.

  12. Who ever is running the team sure missed the boat, they need a “QB” until that happens it won’t matter who is running the team

  13. A. Lack of a good QB is NOT the problem. Wishing the Colts would go out and buy this QB or that QB does not cover up how inept they actually are (unless like Manning the new guy can be offensive coordintor too). How many games over the past two season have we seen the Colts offense play like complete crap just for Manning to clean up the mess in the 4rth quarter?

    B. Caldwell was Mannings QB coach. He got the head coach job because he wasn’t going to challenge Mannings rule over the team or offense. IE the guy is a sock puppet, not a coach.

    C. Bill Polian has been getting paid off the Manning draft for over a decade. It covered up the fact that the rest of his draft picks were that awful. This is after all the team that had names like Marshall Faulk, Edgerin James and Marvin Harrison but STILL couldn’t win a superbowl. His recent high round draft picks make the IR list more often than pro bowls.

    How soon we forget what it looked like when Manning was under center. He wasn’t doing a dance he was CORRECTING the bad playcalling the coaches gave him based on what he saw in the defenses lineup. I remember watching a special on NFL network where Bernie Kosar talked about the reason he did it is because he felt his coaches play calling was one dimentional and predictable. How often has Collins been hurried up or sacked this season? EXACTLY!

    Don’t expect Irsay to do anything about it. He’s too busy tweeting to actually pay attention to his self running football team. No comparison now, the Patriots are a good TEAM, the Colts are a great QB. Manning should be considered the greatest QB of all time for leading this train wreck to winning seasons regularly.

  14. realitypolice says:
    How can a guy whose team falls completely apart when they lose one player be a Hall of Fame GM?

    Absolutely. Peyton Manning was one draft pick from one year. What about all the other picks from all the other years? Where is the reliable defense?The rest of the offense? When Brady went down, the Pats went 11-5. After Caldwell botches things so badly, why is he still the coach? Isn’t that the GM’s job?

    The only way Polian deserves to be in the Hall of Fame is as a janitor.

  15. Bill Polian = most overated GM in all of sports. he was right on Peyton, he was right on Jim Kelly. Two hall of fame franchise qb’s. Polian has done nothing with the Colts other than drafting Manning and watching him work his magic. This team is downright pathetic without Manning.

  16. What I’m reading says that Bill Polian only made one good draft pick – Peyton Manning. Has everyone forgotten Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas and a host of others? He made quite a few good deals also – how about Steve Tasker, Jim Kelly and Cornelius Bennett. Bill was employed by some other teams, not just the Colts.

  17. Let’s face facts here, without Peyton Manning the careers of many players are considered average, and not near HOF careers. Marcus Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Edge….without Manning they probably don’t have the numbers they do.

    Now, Manning had the opportunity to do well due to Tarik Glenn being his starting LT early in his career. Not that Glenn is responsible for Manning being the player he is today, but Tarik certainly helped him stay upright and healthy for those years.

    Polian is not even close to a HOF GM, or anything else. He made one outstanding pick, some good picks, and a bunch of bad picks. He is never really that active on draft day to reposition his team to get good value picks at positions of need, and he doesn’t do that much in free agency except watch good players walk away because he won’t deal with them fairly (except Peyton, whom he is forced to overpay).

    If Polian ever gets into the HOF, Matt Millen should give the induction speech for him.

  18. Loved the article. It proves Chris Polian is a puppet joke.

    Great post mrfrostyj.

    Bill Polian lead teams have won only one super bowl. He has been in charge of three major teams in Buffalo, Charlotte, and Indianapolis. The guy might be in the HOF, but enough people have pointed out that he is not a good man.

    Is anyone in Indianapolis going to blame him for not having a backup QB in place? Is anyone going to blame him for signing Peyton to a huge contract just before the season to keep ticket sales?

    Sorry mrfrostyj, I believe Caldwell is only making the lemonade from the lemons Bill and Chris Polian have served up on a platter.

  19. Look at Colts.Com to see whose running things :

    James Irsay, Owner and CEO
    Bill Polian, Vice Chairman
    Carlie Irsay-Gordon, Vice President
    Casey Irsay Foyt, Vice President
    Kalen Irsay, Vice President

    Football Operations
    Chris Polian, Vice President and General Manager

    Hey, nepotism works if you don’t demand excellence

  20. dickmac says:
    Sep 29, 2011 12:41 PM
    What I’m reading says that Bill Polian only made one good draft pick – Peyton Manning. Has everyone forgotten Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas and a host of others? He made quite a few good deals also – how about Steve Tasker, Jim Kelly and Cornelius Bennett. Bill was employed by some other teams, not just the Colts.

    When your supposed masterpiece (The Colts) turns out to be a house of cards, and you have to lean on a team you built 20 years ago when there was an expanded draft, no salary cap and no (or extremely limited) free agency, you might not be a Hall of Famer.

    I’m not going as far as some people on here- I believe he is a GOOD gm, I just think Hall of Famer is a stretch, at best.

  21. rudegger says:
    Sep 29, 2011 12:53 PM
    Al Davis and Raider-Nation are laughing right now.


  22. Hall of Fame??? Hall of Fame????

    honestly, the only way Polian gets into the Hall is if he buys a ticket like the rest of us.

  23. next year,colts will get andrew luck in the draft and either let him start next season if peyton can’t return,or let him learn a few seasons behind peyton until he retires from playing and becomes either the colts next coach or offensive coordinator! nobody knows the colts offense like peyton does,even the guys who invented it!

  24. slightlyhyphy says: Sep 29, 2011 11:52 AM

    I bet you anything that fans aren’t going to be crucifying Bill Polian for making on-field personnel decisions the way that fans are all over Al Davis for doing the same with the Raiders.
    Would all you Raider fanboys please stop posting about your team on every single unrelated post? Your team has sucked badly for over a decade, and has done so by many accounts because of Al’s over-involvement. People were “all over Al Davis” because he earned it. The Raiders were awful. It’s that simple. If they were good, that would have stopped. I am happy that you now look good (even though it’s still early), but don’t act like the criticism was somehow unjustified or unfair. Ridiculous.

  25. Polian is part of the Irsay group. If you think Art Modell has a problem getting into HOF because of Cleveland, wait till those guys try to get in. Baltimore will keep them out just as Cleveland has kept Modell out.

    Polian’s quick response shows he has something to hide. Real owners would simply laugh off comments from a released player but to get on twitter and remind us he should know he is the owner, when he was the owner time after time when he has lied, like that is supposed to mean something. When someone get online and says I know what I am talking about, it usually means he doesn’t, or he wouldn’t have to tell you.

  26. m2karateman says:

    Let’s face facts here, without Peyton Manning the careers of many players are considered average, and not near HOF careers. Marcus Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Edge….without Manning they probably don’t have the numbers they do.

    Manning helped them, but those were/are not average players. It’s just as true that without those players, Manning wouldn’t have enjoyed the same level of success he’s had either.

  27. Lets make one thing clear: Bill Polian may be headed to the Hall of Fame, but he damn sure doesn’t deserve a spot in it. Look at Indy’s drafts.

    His entire career is based on Peyton Manning. Peyton made Bill Polian.

    This is one of the most ignorant and ill-informed remarks I’ve ever seen around here….and that’s saying a lot.

    Sure, Polian has stunk on ice over the past several years….but in no way does that diminish what he accomplished in Buffalo or Carolina, long before Peyton Manning ever arrived in the NFL.

    Granted, he didn’t win any championships prior to Peyton….but in Buffalo he took a perennial joke of a franchise and quickly built them piece-by-piece into one of the winningest teams of the next decade.

    Then he went to the Carolina Panthers, where they didn’t have a team at all…and two years later, the Panthers were in the NFC Championship.

    Polian may be well past his prime….but the fact is, he’s been one of the most influential GM’s the NFL has seen over the past 25 years. To judge his performance based on the Colts/Peyton years is not only shortsighted…it’s just plain dumb.

  28. Polian in the HOF, don’t make me puke. First off he did not draft Jim Kelly, the Bills drafted him before Polian ran the team, he just negotiated the contracts after the USFL folded. Lets not forget either that by his own admission he almost drafted Ryan Leaf, it wasn’t until an hour before the draft that he took a chance on Peyton. He did not draft Cornelius Bennett, the Colts did, they couldn’t sign him and they traded him to the Bills. Everyone loved Thurman Thomas coming out but he had a bad knee and to his credit Polian took a chance on drafting an injured player, not unlike Bob Sanders. He was only in Buffalo for 3 of their Super Bowls before getting fired; (who gets fired from a GM position after going to 3 Super Bowls?…..says a lot about the man.) He did not draft Marvin Harrison or Tarik Glenn or Marshall Faulk and in the worst trade in history he traded one of the greatest running backs and the greatest receiving running back for just a 2nd & 5th round draft choices. By all accounts everyone who’s come in contact with the man can tell he’s really a piece of crap. He only deals with the members of the press that will help out his own personal cause, (writers with HOF votes). His drafts have stunk to high heaven since he ran off all of his experienced scouts and has had to draft of a draft board put together by his son’s classmates and kids. He doesn’t know talent, he’s a bean counter and a blow hard and uses his position to bully everyone and it’s amazing to watch everyone just take the crap that he dishes out. Hall of Famer my arse!

  29. Perhaps nooittall should take a course in reading comprehension – I didn’t say that Polian drafted Kelly and Bennett – I made reference to DEALS for them – isn’t that part of what a GM does?

  30. P.S. Lets not forget in Carolina he had the entire salary cap bank to work with and he went out and bought every veteran free agent on the market to make a one year spalsh. He nearly bankrupted the Panthers right from the start, they stunk after that & it took them 6 years to recover from the economich disaster he created in buying up a bunch of old men to play one year.
    And by the way, my grandmother could have picked Bruce Smith, that did not take a stroke of genius.

  31. Caldwell is a dope… He looks lost on the sidelines… This team is finally being exposed for what it is… Absolutely garbage without Peyton…

  32. It seems like everyone thinks Caldwell is a good guy, and they are probably right, but…

    It has always seemed to me he is like a figure head in Indy. someone else is calling the shots and he is just along for the ride or some motivation or something.

    This just confirms what everyone has already thought the last couple of seasons. I don’t believe Irsay for a minute that Caldwell picks the lineup…or does much else really.

    But he does seem like a nice guy…

  33. Should I officially get off the Polian HOF bandwagon? Here is a quick summary of the first 2 rounds of the last 5 drafts. Is this Hall of Fame stuff?

    First round draft picks:
    2011 Anthony Castonzo OT
    2010 Jerry Hughes DE
    2009 Donald Brown RB
    2008 None
    2007 Anthony Gonzalez WR

    Second round
    2011 Ben Ijalana OT
    2010 Pat Angerer LB
    2009 Fili Moala DT
    2008 Mike Pollak C
    2007 None

    Doesn’t sound too compelling to me…

  34. Bill Polian’s whole goal in life was to get in the HOF. Jimmy is just repeating the line that Polian is giving him every time his contract needs renewed. Jimmy has to believe it because he is paying the Polians an enormous amount of money……

    Polian probably would have been a shoe in for HOF, if he would have retired before he quit his perfect season. Now all of his colors are coming out.

    We need to mention the pumping in of noise and hitting another teams employee. Normally not actions of a HOFer.

  35. I forgot to mention the time he yelled “break his leg”……. again, not typical of HOF material.

    Bill will have to payoff alot of people to get nominated now.

  36. Man, Tony Dungy leaves, and the team is barely even capable of winning their division. Then Peyton Manning goes out, and this team is barely even capable of winning a game. Guess the Colts as an organization never really changed after all.

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