Fujita estimates low percentage of HGH users in NFL


Browns linebacker Scott Fujita, a 10-year veteran and member of four NFL teams, has been in plenty of locker rooms, and he knows plenty of players.  And so when it comes to gauging the prevalence of HGH in pro football, Fujita is in a better position to estimate than most.  (He’s also a member of the NFLPA Executive Committee.)

Appearing on Friday night’s episode of NBC SportsTalk on VERSUS, Fujita pegged the usage of HGH at a surprisingly low number.

Fujita said that one to two percent of the players in the league use HGH, “at the most.”

That’s far lower than the percentages estimated by other players in the past.  Bucs fullback Earnest Graham, for example, once pegged the number at 30 percent.

Either way, the NFLPA has agreed that the players will submit to testing.  The only question at this point is how the testing will be conducted.

Of course, that question could delay the implementation of testing indefinitely.

Fujita’s estimate gives rise to an even more important question.  If the usage is as low as he believes it to be, why did the NFLPA agree to HGH testing at all?

The show airs again at 11:00 p.m. ET tonight.  Or you can check out the pertinent clip below.

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32 responses to “Fujita estimates low percentage of HGH users in NFL

  1. If it makes you play better and it’s not illegal my guess is that everybody’s all over it- until it gets illegall-ized, at which point i say HG- wha??

  2. What do you want him to actually tell the truth and admit that probably more thand 50% of the players are on it?…come on…

  3. The reason there will be HGH testing is based upon the facts that HGH has not been shown to aid in recovery from injuries by any objective measure, and it has potentially hazardous side effects such as the the development of diabetes and orthopedic deformities. Remember the frontal bossing (thickening of the skull at the brow) that Ahnold had before his cosmetic surgery? If the playas want the NFL to front their future medical costs, the league has some right to expect the players to not intentionally damage themselves.

  4. In other news, police estimate a low percentage of abuse of authority, doctors estimate a low percentage of malpractice, politicians estimate a low percentage of cronyism, and cats estimate a low percentage of stalking birdcages and fishbowls.

  5. @vikingsinla
    Exactly Thank You,!!!!!!!!!!!!give me a break man low % ha since when is 60-75% low you would not be trying your hardest if you didnt use it right?David Boston was raving about the stuff years ago.Bob sanders is so juiced up he tears his peck tryin to tie his shoe.

  6. Clay Matthews and James Harrison are two poster children for HGH. Its so obvious when you see players come out of nowhere then suddenly are NFL studs. Get off the juice Clay, thyen you and your brother can both watch the game from the bench.

  7. Clay Matthews has no reason to use HGH.

    You do not understand HGH or what it actually does or what it’s actually for if you think he does.

    It’s for older players. Clay Matthews is a solid 5-7 years from HGH even possibly assisting his athletic performance.

    Read up on HGH before you post about it like you have any idea what it’s for, dunce.

  8. RussianBreadMaker says:
    Sep 30, 2011 11:00 PM
    Interesting that Clay Matthews play as fallen off since the possibility of HGH testing has come up…

    No, it hasn’t. The sack totals aren’t there, but he has been playing at a high level. Maybe you should actually watch him play.

  9. Knowing the NFL they will call out the Dolphins or some other 0-3 team to say HGH has nothing to do with football

  10. “Browns linebacker Scott Fujita Suspended for HGH Use”


    Have you ever seen Scott Fujita? He’s probably the skinniest linebacker in the NFL. Not exactly a poster child for steroids.

  11. Wow there’s come grade-A manure passing for facts here. First of all, a low percentage use of HGH would be expected if the NFLPA agreed to the testing – why one earth would a union agree to a testing that could out 1/3 of its members, unless you think it’s a huge bluff.

    Second, I’d expect the players that say it’s closer to 30% to be the easy ones to predict are doing it – people overestimate bad behavior when they are doing it themselves, to rationalize why they do it. Anyone remember Jose Conseco’s comments on the subject? He may have been right, but he was definitely doing it.

    Finally, Clay Matthews play has NOT fallen off, and saying so suggests you either haven’t watched the games, or don’t understand football. Whether he has used HGH or not I don’t know, but if your “evidence” is the fact that instead of sacks he’s tackling runners behind the line of scrimmage, deflecting pases, and eating up double teams on almost half the snaps so Wynn can get two a game, then you really have no idea what you are talking about.

    FWIW, I’d guess that somewhere around 15-20% of players do it. Some positions wouldn’t benefit as much, and not every linebacker is. Probably some players who use it that would really disappoint me – it’s the nature of the game. But let’s try to keep logic in these discussion, k?

  12. If you are going to go on a campaign of this kind at least be realistic. 1 to 2%? Correct me if I am wrong but more than that test positive for steroids every year.

  13. If the real numbers were 1 or 2% why then do the players object so loudly to HGH testing? If they have nothing to hide then there would be no problems caused for them but submitting to a simple blood test.

  14. coreyandthejets says:
    Sep 30, 2011 10:28 PM
    Headline in the not so far future….
    “Browns linebacker Scott Fujita Suspended for HGH Use”

    I couldn’t disagree more with you. Scott Fujita is one of the most high character guys you could expect to find in the NFL. He is a true good guy and a fine human being. I doubt very seriously that he uses HGH, ROIDS, or any other drug for that matter.

    He is nothing but class.

  15. CMIII’s play hasn’t fallen off unless the only stat you count us sacks. You could look it up. He’s better against the run this year, for instance. You clearly haven’t watched him play this year.

  16. ^ yet no one mentions Peyton Hillis or anyone that ‘s 20 + pounds bigger than Clay Matthews.

    everyone just gettin’ their jabs in on the champs i guess.

    with the league, I’d be more worried about Painkillers.

    People get hit hard for an hour for about 16 plus weeks, dudes are banged up every week, alot of dudes probably poppin’ painkiller pills more than roids or anything.

  17. Funny, nflpa is stalling for hgh testing, maybe so all these players can get clean and not bust any test coming up

  18. I think Fujita left out the word weekly. “Only 1 or 2 % of the players in the league use HGH ‘weekly’, … at the most.”

    Ban it, test for it, move on…

  19. Low percentage of “chronic” HGH users is more accurate. I bet 80% have used at one time or another to come back from an injury.

  20. The number is definitely closer to Graham’s than Fujita’s…probably even higher than Graham’s number. Their difference in opinion just means Fujita’s using it, and Graham is not.

  21. Synthetic and laboratory engineered performance enhancing products have been in vogue in this league since the late 1970s and early 1980s when labs in Silicon Valley were burning the midnight oil in pursuit of products that could evade current drug testing, including WADA.

    Sorry to disagree w/ Fujita, but the numbers are much higher than he states, and I’m sure he is concerned about underplaying the totals because there only will be more pressur for HGH testing to be enacted.

    It definitely is not the fear of needles that keeps the NFLPA from agreeing to the testing. WADA has done everything necessary to provide the NFL and the NFLPA with procedures and protocol, but the NFLPA still balks. The reason is obvious.

  22. football58 says:
    Oct 1, 2011 7:30 AM

    Peyton Hillis anyone?

    More Peyton Hillis fixation from football58. football58 can’t stop posting about Peyton Hillis. Now he brings him up in stories that aren’t even directly about him or the Browns.

    You can cut the feeling of unrequited man-crush with a knife. It’s getting a little creepy.

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