League mum on referee assignment for 49ers-Eagles

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The Sunday post-game comments from Eagles quarterback Mike Vick regarding his belief that he doesn’t draw as many flags for roughing the passer as other quarterbacks have placed extra attention on the question of whether he’ll draw such flags in the future.

The process commences on Sunday, when the Eagles host the 49ers.

The NFL won’t identify the name of the referee who’ll be charged with standing behind the quarterbacks and determining whether any hits against Vick or Alex Smith merit 15-yard penalties.  NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said via email that, as a matter of league policy, the assignments aren’t disclosed publicly before the various games.

Undaunted by the league’s stance, Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC has tracked down the name.  He’ll disclose it near the beginning of Friday night’s NBC SportsTalk on VERSUS, which starts at 6:00 p.m. ET.

And, yes, it’s an extremely transparent effort to get you to tune in.  But at least you know that you’ll be finding out something useful from Peter, as opposed to the general uselessness of pretty much anything and everything I’ll have to say.

28 responses to “League mum on referee assignment for 49ers-Eagles

  1. Seriously, who give a rip? Like anyone is going to know who this guy or care when King announces his name. Worst “tune-in later” cliffhanger of all time.

  2. I have a feeling the Niners are going to get screwed over this Sunday. If they even lay a finger on Vick it’s going to be called a penalty.

  3. “…as opposed to the general uselessness of pretty much anything and everything I’ll have to say.”

    LOL, yes according to the experts that type comments on your articles.

  4. The league has a conflict here. If they suddenly start tossing flags in favor of Vick, then they’re kinda admitting Vick and the Eagles have been right. That’s not good because it would be admitting poor officiating, which personally I don’t think is the case.

    I’m still waiting for someone in the NFL films crowd to simply go through his pass plays and see how many flags should have been thrown. I think it’s probably more a case of him holding on to the ball too long because he seems to be always looking for the intermediate-long strike to pick up yards in chunks. Ever notice how he ignores using the tight end? That, and the fact that he do esn’t exactly have the best offensive line, so every play is gonna be close.

  5. This has become a joke. Now the league office is affraid to say who the refs are. Who is running from whom here. Maybe Carter , Johnson and Jackson DO have is back, the refs are scared to come out.

  6. Considering the Niners have been gotten 3 really bad calls in the 3 games that they played (2/3 game changing) I wouldn’t be surprised to see another this week

  7. What difference does it make? You’re just hoping it’s some guy who won’t give Vick any calls, because you don’t like Vick. Hopefully, the guy will be a professional who will call the game as he sees it,and how he would call it fior any other QB; not from any preconceived notions he got from a nitwit like Mike Periera or anyone else.

  8. Vick wants to stop getting hit late. He better get rid of that ball faster or tell his lone to block better. This is football so what if u getting hit.

  9. so then when vick just gets touched then they will blow the whistle as a sack and then hell complain…DUde…you break tackles left and right. youre micheal vick. dog killing extraordinaire. stop whining. and start winning if youre that good.
    Micheal PICK. my new name for you.

  10. Don’t tell me that he is going to start getting a bunch of phantom calls in the Niner game…he should get less calls not more. The Niners are going to snap something on that little dog mutilating body of his.


  11. dumb, how about you write an article about who the refs will be for the redskins game and the jets game? D’Angelo Hall AND rex Ryan both complained about the refs. Why not write something on them? all of this attention on Vick and the eagles is completely ridiculous.

  12. niners…youre going to get called for a late hit no matter what…so hit him late. and make sure he dont get back up.

  13. Ref will be Ed Hochuli and his crew. If you notice Ed’s shoulders, I’m sure he’s not worried about repercussions.

  14. Ref will be Ed Hochuli and his crew. If you notice Ed’s shoulders, I’m sure he’s not worried about repercussions
    A bigger place for Vick to cry on

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