Nick Collins six months away from knowing if he can play again

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Packers safety Nick Collins is facing a lengthy recovery after having cervical fusion surgery on Thursday following a Week Two neck injury.

Collins’s agent, Alan Herman, told Tom Silverstein of the Journal Sentinel that it won’t be until some time next year that Collins has an idea whether he’ll be able to resume his NFL career.

“He felt good about everything,” Herman said. “He felt it went well. The point that was made was the you don’t know until six months down the road. You see how the healing process goes. You can’t gauge what will happen, whether there will be any narrowing with the [spinal] canal or remaining tissue. That will be the determining factor as far as his career. It’s all based on the healing process.”

Collins is not in pain and can perform the normal function of daily life, and he might not have needed the surgery at all if he were just an average joe and not a football player. But Collins wanted the surgery because it gave him his best chance to return to the field. He still has a long way to go before he’ll know whether that’s a realistic possibility.

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  1. Nick Collins has been a class act and a quality football player his whole career. I’m no Packers fan, but I’m an NFL fan, and everyone who watches football will have been robbed of watching a great young player with tremendous talent and work ethic that plays football the way it’s supposed to be played.

    Good luck with your recovery, Nick. And good luck to the rest of us, because we’ll all have lost something if he can’t get on the field again.

  2. Football is a fun way to earn a living but this I bet has him thinking more about his life without football. Hoping all the best for him.

  3. Chin up Nick, and give Bob Sanders a call, he’s been doing this Injured Reserve thing for a few years now, he can show you the ropes….

  4. Unlike Manning this is only his first neck surgery.

    The slow motion replay of the twisting of his neck just before the main force of the impact went longitudinally down his spinal cord was sickening.

    Hopefully he can be cleared to play during training camp next year.

    It will take 2 offseasons for the Packers to find the necessary replacements for Lee, Bush, Collins, and Woodson. The Packers may be drafting for need next year for the first time in years.

  5. I don’t care if he is a cheeser, I hope he recovers 100%. Playing in the NFL following cervical fusion doesn’t sound too smart though.

  6. orangeflh says: Sep 30, 2011 7:53 PM

    Good luck, Nick. May you recover fully and quickly.

    Packer fans everywhere.

    Good luck, Nick. May you recover fully and quickly.

    Football fans everywhere.

    There. Fixed it for you.

  7. Best thoughts and wishes to you Nick, a lot of people are thinking of you. Thanks to all of the NFL
    fans from all the different teams who have given their good words for him.
    Not talking to you stairway, a man is down and you come up with the most classless remark.

  8. tinbender2000 says:
    Sep 30, 2011 8:11 PM
    orangeflh says: Sep 30, 2011 7:53 PM

    Good luck, Nick. May you recover fully and quickly.

    Packer fans everywhere.

    Good luck, Nick. May you recover fully and quickly.

    Football fans everywhere.

    There. Fixed it for you.

    Good luck, Nick. May you recover fully and quickly.

    People everywhere.

    There. Even better.


    Seriously though—Nick is crazy fun to watch play; every time the ball is in the air I am holding my breath waiting for him to make a play because he was always involved and made the game that much more exciting to watch. Like Ed Reed when he hit his prime.

    Those kinds of players only come so often-so losing Nick from football literally takes away from the quality of the game.

    Thanks for the news on how he’s doing; it’s good to hear he will at least be fine going about regular activities.

  9. My heart sank a little bit when I read this. I can’t imagine what a player the caliber of Nick Collins is thinking when a doctor tells him he might not play again, but I think it would make me want to crawl in a hole and die. I hope we haven’t seen the last of him, he always flew under the radar because of the (deserved) high praise for Reed and Polamalu.

    As far as the team goes, Morgan Burnett certainly looks the part. It would’ve been awesome to see them both roaming out there this season though.

  10. Man! That is terrible. When people wanna complain about their millions they need to look at how Collins got injured and realize how quick their careers are over. I hope he can play again, not just for my packers but because its such a freak injury and I know he is sick to his stomach. Best wishes to him and his family

  11. Hopefully Collins is okay after neck surgery. It sounds bad, but maybe he should have opted not to get the neck surgery and call it a career.

    Neck surgeries are no joke. Hopefully Collins can come back to full health and stay that way in retirement.

  12. very good news that he has all functionality. he’ll be back.

    for any other team, an injury like this would about destroy their defense. the packers can fill the void with ease. truly amazing testament to their system.

  13. stairwayto7 says:
    Sep 30, 2011 7:25 PM
    Packer fan can start their excuses now when they do not win Super Bowl!

    Hey stairway….maybe you paid attention to last year, you know the year, the one where the Packers had 16 “excuses” and low and behold they still won the Superbowl. I can only surmise by your name, that you are a Steelers fan, so suck on it chump. How was Superbowl XLV to watch for you….???

    Crawl back under the rock you came from loser.

  14. he should at least take a season off, the c3-c4 affects arms and also internal organs(heart). Lower back although more common is not as life threatening.

    hope he just enjoys life either way, just a sport

  15. Have some sympathy. stairwayto7 is probably 12 years old, lives mostly in his parents’ basement and gets out only with wifi.

    Hang in there, Nick! Get well… play if you can, but GET WELL!

  16. That’s a terrible injury. Likely a career ender, especially for a DB. Makes your realize how overpaid MLB players are.

  17. I really hope this is a non-issue, but if it doesn’t pan out thanks for the solid years Mr. Collins.

    As much as it stinks to think this way, TT will have a plan for this.

  18. How weird; just a couple of days ago I intended to go to a Packer thread to ask if there were any updates concerning Collins.

    It seemed like the info on Collins just stopped after they said he was done for the year and possibly for good. I didn’t see anything that said why exactly.

    While I’m glad to see it looks like it won’t be life altering, it’s ashame if it ends his career. Despite him playing for a foe, you want to see a player like that back on the field. It’s better for the NFL and guys like him are why it’s so enjoyable to watch this sport.

    Wishing you a successful recovery Nick Collins!

  19. Even though I’m a Packers fan I’m more concerned that he just simply be well and a normal functioning person than returning to football.
    Life first.
    Football second.

  20. Dude does a lot for the community, shows up to schools, reads books for kids, etc.

    This neck thing bothers me…. I mean, idk. after Sterling’s career was cut short, Terrance Murphy’s & Jeremy Thompson’s careers never got a chance to start… idk man….
    I hate to see someone get hurt, especially if it’s career/life threatening and what not, it’s absolutely the worst part of any sport.

    just makes me puke.

  21. stairwayto7 says:
    Sep 30, 2011 7:25 PM
    Packer fan can start their excuses now when they do not win Super Bowl!


    Right. The first team to three-peat in the Super Bowl era wont need any excuses. By the way, what is Led Zepplin’s excuse for ripping off other artists songs and calling then their own?

  22. best wishes for a speedy recovery nick, you’re in our prayers. cant help but think about how neck injuries prematurely ended the careers of sterling sharpe and leroy butler, makes you realize how quickly things can change in life.

  23. Funny to hear another loudmouth Steelers fan -Stairwayto7 – come on here and criticize the Pack for making excuses when they just whooped the Steelers in the SB minus a few of their best players

    And really classy when a great player’s career is in jeopardy

  24. stairwayto7 says: Sep 30, 2011 7:25 PM

    Packer fan can start their excuses now when they do not win Super Bowl!
    Ah….the life of morons. They are such a happy lot.
    Ever trying to knock people down in an effort to make themselves feel normal. Too stupid to know how stupid they are. Blissful indeed.

  25. 38169
    stairwayto7 says:
    Sep 30, 2011 7:25 PM
    Packer fan can start their excuses now when they do not win Super Bowl!
    ——————————————————————————————————————————– i often wonder what life would be like with no girlfriend, or having my parents leave me at an abandon gas station when i was a child. and then i met stairwayto7, and realized that being a 500 lb manchild who can’t see his winky would really sukkkkk. f-off stairway.oh and thanks for that pathetic showing by your steelers last year.

  26. Nick. Get well soon and think about calling it a career. There is life after football. spend it happily with your family.

  27. Best of luck, Nick. You are a class act, a true sportsman and a great teammate. You deserve another shot at the NFL, but if it doesn’t happen then be happy in knowing that football fans everywhere truly enjoyed your contributions to the game.

    Lions fan.

  28. Dear Lord Jesus, please help Nick heal up according to your will. Please touch his neck and miraculously heal any minor thing the surgeons might have overlooked. Provide wisdom to Nick to make good choices about playing football again. And finally, please provide encouragement to his team as they do their best to fill the big void his injury left behind. Amen.

  29. Nick, if you can’t make it back to my Packers on the field…..we’ll keep jersey #36 available for the next great Safety to take your place, just as we did for the man before you. But never worry, your excellence will not be forgotten.

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