Osi Umenyiora thinks he can play, still feels completely disrespected


It sounds like Osi Umenyiora’s knee has healed up enough for him to get back on the field.

The chip on his shoulder still remains, however.

In comments released by the Giants on Friday, Umenyiora said that he feels like his surgically repaired knee is well enough for him to play against the Cardinals, but that the final decision about traveling and playing remains up to Tom Coughlin. If Umenyiora is cleared to play, he doesn’t think that the team will hold him back.

“I don’t think I’ll be limited. I think they wouldn’t even put me in that situation if they thought I was going to be limited. If they allow me to travel and dress and play, I’m going to be full-go.”

Jeff Roberts of the Bergen Record shares those comments, but also adds some other topics of conversation that weren’t in the transcript released by the team. Umenyiora is ready to put his injury behind him, but he’s not quite ready to put the other drama of his brief offseason holdout and participation in the players’ lawsuit against the league in the past.

“I always have a chip on my shoulder. I feel like I’m constantly disrespected,” Umenyiora said. “And I always feel like I need to prove myself, and this season is no different than last season and the season before and probably going to be the same way next season. Something’s going to happen. I’m going be disrespected again and I’m going to go out there and have to prove myself all over again. But that’s the way it is.”

Umenyiora said he felt disrespected “in general” when asked specifically if he thought the Giants disrespected him. Since the Giants are the team that isn’t giving him the new contract that he wants and since this is an annual issue between him and the team, it is hard to imagine who else he feels the need to prove himself to before being disrespected again.

Umenyiora’s fellow defensive end Justin Tuck responded affirmatively when asked if he planned to play on Sunday. He returned to practice after missing Thursday’s session with neck and groin injuries, although he said his body “felt like crap.” With Jason Pierre-Paul playing very well so far this season, anything at all from their two veteran defensive ends could make Sunday a long day for Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb.

30 responses to “Osi Umenyiora thinks he can play, still feels completely disrespected

  1. My wife was watching MTV Cribs yesterday and alerted me that Osi was on. And judging by the size of his mansion, about the last thing the Giants have done is “disrespected” him monetarily.

    And I’m Giants fan. When I explained his hissy-fits to my wife (not in any way a football fan), it just made me all the more annoyed. Just shut up and play.

  2. Any grown man who talks about being ‘disrespected’ is a punk, plain and simple. Dude picks up the soap in the prison shower room.

  3. Soooo, let me ask the obvious question: For a guy who can ONLY rush the passer, what kind of respect do you deserve?

    This guy is such a diva, maybe he should switch to WR.

    Do something FIRST, THEN complain you need more respect.

  4. “disrespected” osi, if healthy, will go out and wreak havoc and chaos on the opposing QB….in the end thats all that matters. tuck, osi, and JPP on the same d-line (tuck routinely lines up at DT) is a nightmare. on ONE line you probably have THREE of the top 15 DE’s in all of football (and that’s not even including “LB” kiwanuka).

    and before anyone feels bad for osi, he’ll either sign a re-worked contract after this year or wait until after 2012 and sign a lucrative FA deal. he’ll never have to worry about being hungry.

  5. It had a lot to do with the trainer’s misspelling his name above the locker. “Osi, Ur Manure, Ya!”. Then they added the letters “L O L” at the end for some strange reason.

  6. Osi is a playmaker. He’s created turnovers and got at the QB year. The good thing about Osi is rather than shut it down because he’s frustrated, he tends to step it up a notch.

    Compared to the recent prices for playmaking DEs, Osi isn’t getting paid at a level equal to his production, but the fact of the matter is Osi got into a contract that he’s stuck with for now and he doesn’t have much recourse other than to STFU and play… and the Giants know that.

    That’s life. Stay healthy, have a great year and make them pay you then.

  7. Idiots who only parrot what hacks at BSPN say (they themselves only watch even more than a half of a Giants game when they’re playing a team BSPN loves) are always coming out in droves. Osi holds the point against the run. This is not 2009. If you watched the team last year, you would know that.

    Or before he originally injured his knee.

  8. Osi,
    Do you want a new contract? Go out & be a monster on Defense like you usually are & someone will compensate you. I think its about time to shut up & sack!!!!!

  9. sicklife1 says:Sep 30, 2011 5:12 PM

    Do you want a new contract? Go out & be a monster on Defense like you usually are & someone will compensate you. I think its about time to shut up & sack!!!!!
    i’m thinking that’s exactly what he’s going to do!

  10. Disrespected? Osi, I USED to respect you, man. But your non-stop whining has reduced you (in my eyes) to just another punk athlete who has no grasp whatsoever of what’s happening in the Real World.

    Think your disrespected now? Wait ’til you’re Tiki’s age and… well, ’nuff said.

  11. Osi, you want to get payed like a top 5 DE, then go prove that you are one. You didn’t get trade value like you’re a top 5, you haven’t played like one in years. That’s why you’re not getting top 5 compensation.

    TL:DR Put up or shut up.

  12. Osi, as of right now you are being OVER-paid for your production on the field.

    What have you done for me lately? How silly would the Giants have looked to give you a massive re-worked deal with more years only to have you out of the line-up dealing with more knee issues?

  13. Translation: Osi is living welll beyond his means with that gigantic overpriced mansion, fancy cars, jewelry, etc. That’s why he wants the “new” contract even though he already signed a monster contract. What a joke.

  14. ygkr85:

    Have to agree with you, he wants to complain about his contract but how much money did he just get paid to miss the first 3 weeks of the season? He’s always hurt and he wants more money the guy is such a d-bag

  15. It’s probably not true, by Giants’ players seem like they have more estrogen pumping than any other team. The majority of the squad probably isn’t like that, but it’s the talkers that keep on running their mouths.

  16. Hey ~ really think about it… isn’t it kind of crazy awesome that there are actually jobs in America right now in this economy where if you simply refuse to show up for work long enough it becomes a legitimate means to leverage a raise?!? I mean, that’s baffling right?

  17. “disrespected”? Oh just shut up and play already, how rich do you have to be for playing a freaking game before you feel “respected”( and really who gives a crap when you’re a millionaire as a result and you would have been flipping burgers otherwise)? Respected? They’ve put up with your whiny crap haven’t they? These “diva” athletes are so tiresome. Just shut up and play.

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