Redskins blitz will create problems for shaky Rams line

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DeAngelo Hall may not have liked Washington’s all-out approach on Monday night’s decisive play against the Cowboys.

For the most part this year, however, the Redskins blitzes have been effective.

Rich Campbell of the Washington Times writes that the opposing quarterback’s passer rating when the team rushes four or less is 85.2. On rushes involving five or more, that number drops to 68.5.

Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett says he’s called an all out blitz ten times this year, resulting in three turnovers.

“We won nine of them and lost one,” he said. “It’s a great defense. It really is.”

We agree that the Redskins defense is dramatically improved this year. It will be a weapon, especially when they face a shaky offensive line like in St. Louis on Sunday.  The Rams can’t protect Sam Bradford right now.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch broke down all the reasons why Bradford has been hit so much.  Ultimately, the Rams have poured a lot of resources into their offensive line and it has underperformed badly.   Both tackles (Rodger Saffold and Jason Smith) have struggled.

Look for the Redskins to blitz plenty with effectiveness Sunday in St. Louis.

37 responses to “Redskins blitz will create problems for shaky Rams line

  1. I am more concerned with how they plan to contain jackson…he has hurt us in the past…if they can do that, and Rex can somehow find it in himself to produce no more than 1 turnover then the Skins will be fine

  2. Unfortunately, it was the one time out of ten that didn’t work that cost us a game.

    If Jenkins hadn’t gotten hurt for the year, this D would be really scary. And we still don’t have Buchanon back and Landry isn’t 100% yet.

    Also, I knew before clicking on this link that it wasn’t written by MF cause it’s a positive article about the Skins.

  3. Redskins better not overlook the Rams as they blitz too….Last MNF was evidence that A)we don’t handle it well, and B)Right tackle is a weakness on the Redskins

  4. Unfortunately the Redskins’ blitz also seems to cause our secondary problems.

    I know the Rams have been bad so far, but I bet they’re looking forward to playing against Rex Grossman this weekend. They’re going to be fired up as well.

  5. “The *31st* Ranked Redskins are mad about Monday.”


    This statement confuses me. The skins’ defense is ranked 16th for yards and 5th for scoring. Where are you getting your numbers from?

  6. orakpownd says: Sep 30, 2011 12:26 PM

    The *31st* Ranked Redskins are mad about Monday.

    Dear Redskins,

    Do not kick a team too hard when it’s down…unless, of course, the team is the Dallas Cowboys!



  7. Honestly, this has to be the worst match up of the week. It’s going to be 60 minutes of high school football.

  8. I think we match up well against the Rams. It’s the Cardinals game all over again…this time….let’s not settle for field goals. Run, run and run!! And then run some more. Hail!

  9. Hall is Jackass.
    Even if he is right about his ” a DB shouldn’t be left alone in coverage for as long as he was” claim, does he really need to voice his opinion and undercut his entire coaching staff? Is it really anyone business outside of that locker room?

    Haslett alwaya been known for an aggressive defense and has had success with it this year in DC.

    Hall is the kinda player to point out something that made him look bad on ONE play, at the expense of his coach and to the detriment of the entire team. What a douche

  10. I love it, we lose one game so far and we’re a high school football team. Some of you people are really misinformed when it comes to the NFL. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE TEAM?

  11. Everyone knows the Skins’ blitz schemes. Hall finally spoke up about it to make it public. Bradford knows where the blitz is coming from with them 90% of the time, and their blitz wasn’t even effective against Eli, the play-calling by Killdrive made their defense appear as if it was successful. The Giants marched right down the field three times in the first half.

    The Rams will also.

    They own Washington anyway.

  12. brandondash says:
    Sep 30, 2011 1:50 PM
    “The *31st* Ranked Redskins are mad about Monday.”


    This statement confuses me. The skins’ defense is ranked 16th for yards and 5th for scoring. Where are you getting your numbers from?


    A certain writer on this site with the initials MF ranked the Skins 31st in week 0 rankings. he also has picked against them every week and said that Beck will be starting after the bye.

  13. Anyone notice that each of Redskins first four games they’ve played an opponent from which they obtained a key free agent to this year’s team? Week1 Giants – Cofield, Week2 Cardinals – Hightower, Week3 Boys – Bowen, Week4 Rams – Otogwe. But this string ends this week, they did not get anyone from the Eagles.

  14. The only problem with The Redskins blitzes is they were way too vanilla,way too predictable.Other than that,Defense was solid until that Deangelo Hall meltdown.I believe that the Redskins are a QB away from making this team a serious contender weather you like them or not!.Lets say they bench Grossman in favor of Beck.Do you really think that Beck will be more effective because I sure as hell dont!….And as for everybody thinking that the Rams will get their 1st win of the season on Sunday,Let me remind you that the Rams are dead last in Run Defense and Hightower along with the rookie Roy Helu are ready to go!

  15. Of that group, Otogwe is the arguably the greatest student of the game, and often people refer to FS (or ILB) as “QB of the defense.” Imagine this might increase the Redskins’ competitiveness against the Rams this week. But probably unlike Cofield, Hightower, or Bowen he doesn’t have an axe to grind against his former team (the other were traded or weren’t paid). So it might be a wash.

  16. Rams has no WR. Bradford has no one to throw to. They also have poor Run D. Many holes in that team. They need to draft better for the next few years. Bradford can’t take more hits or he will out for the season.

    Cowgirls only lost Austin on MNF. Most of their threats played. The 3 -21 throw was a great throw. If it was one secodn late, that would have been a sack. Prop to Romo for a great throw and great catch by Dez.

    Will be interesting to see how Cowgirls play at FedEx.

  17. Won’t be pretty but I think Rams prevail. They need to put Fletcher on Moss and try and contain but I’m sure Gaffney will have a field day with Justin King

  18. @nagaswan

    you sound like a salty haytuh, if you actually watched football you would know that the Redskins are not playing bad by any means so far in 2011.

  19. @igster1

    The blitz allowed Romo to throw ZERO touchdowns and an interception.

    Just because Dallas won the game doesn’t mean that Tony Romo was magical.

  20. The lack of offensive play makers surrounding Bradford is criminal. He has by far the worst group of receivers and tight ends in the entire NFL and Steven Jackson has been a major disappointment this year after hurting himself RUNNING IN A STRAIGHT LINE! Of course it would also be the very first play of the very first game of the season.

    The coaching staff and front office should be embarrassed and should apologize to Bradford for failing to surround him with sufficient talent at wide out and tight end.

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