Reggie Wayne keeps pushing for Painter

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When the Colts signed Kerry Collins roughly two weeks before Week One, veteran wideout Reggie Wayne didn’t react well.  At least one Indianapolis-based columnist gave Wayne cover, claiming that Reggie was simply trying to give Peyton Manning extra motivation to will that pesky nerve to regenerate.

On Thursday, Wayne made his feelings clear.  Appearing on Michael Irvin’s radio show on WQAM in Miami, Wayne explained that he believed the team should have relied on the guy who already was on the roster.

“It took me two years to learn this offense,” Wayne said.  “Now, you mean to tell me you’re gonna bring in somebody and he’s gonna learn it in 18 days?  That just didn’t sit right.  That just didn’t sit right with me.  And I know we had Curtis Painter who’d been here for three years.  You just gotta give him a shot.  We gotta give him a chance.”

Wayne said that the move conjured memories of his second year with the Colts, when the team brought in Qadry Ismail without giving Wayne a chance to show what he had learned and how hard he had worked to show that he can play.

“I may get a lot of flak about this, but that’s all the way different from what our whole motto is.  Our whole motto’s always been ‘the next man up.’  And then we went and got somebody else.  I’m like, ‘Well, that’s not how we roll, really.'”

Wayne’s comments come at a time when it appears likely that “the next man up” approach will give Wayne exactly what he wants for Painter.  Though the team won’t use the “c” word, Collins apparently has a concussion.  And Painter apparently will play on Monday night at Tampa.

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  1. Not a Colts fan but…
    Wayne was entirely right from the start and even right for his reasoning. I didn’t believe him at first either, but Painter has made tremendous strides in his game. When the coaching staff let Painter call audibles and run the game by himself on the field, the Colts offense was able to drive down the field. Painter already knows all the stuff Manning would do on the field, he’s watched in practice and in games for 2 years and had live game reps. Collins, on the other hand, was basically out there managing the game and not really making any plays which I guess the Colts FO thought they had enough talent to crank out a few wins without Manning on the field with.

    That isn’t to say we’ve seen the last of the Painter that missed an open Garcon or fumbled the football, but if Painter can play even half as well as he did on the final drive of that game when he humiliated Troy Polamalu on national television, then the Colts are going to win a few football games this year. This guy can actually run the COLTS offense that they were running with Manning on the field. That isn’t to say he’ll be able to execute it, but he knows what is going on and he knows how to call the audibles.

    Also important to note is that Reggie Wayne wants a new contract. Would he really be clamoring for Painter to start if Collins was better at getting him the football? Or better at getting ANYONE the football for that matter?

  2. Curtis Painter has never started an NFL game, I don’t see why he’s so undeserving of a chance. Yes, he played horribly against the Jets and Bills, two years ago, his ROOKIE year. I hope he gets a shot he deserves it. I’m not saying Painter will be any good but it is worthwhile to remember that Painter came from the same college system/coaches as Brees and Orton did.

  3. Unless the Colts plan on running the table for the next 13 games, their season is over already. May as well see if Painter can play.

  4. Collin would be a better option if this was a flag football. But he knows next hit will probably kill him so he’ll throw early and mess up the play.

  5. i’m not a colts fan, but i think he’s right why not give painter a shot? you have to know what you have before you possibly draft andrew luck right? also i know it was preseason but painter played pretty well against the packers. give him a few games, the seasons a wash anyway colts. even if you make the playoffs colts your not winning anything without peyton.

  6. Wayne is absolutely right. Without Peyton the Colts paniced. They knew he was the only reason they were as good, so they threw caution to the wind hoping to catch lightning in a jar. They now sit there comically frazzled and sooty, wondering what went wrong.

  7. butthead?

    For what? For speaking the truth? For being honest? Dude is right. That’s been the teams motto ever since Dungy got there and now they want to go out and get some dinosaur QB when the backup has been there 3 years.

    That’s dirty and most of us, if it happened at our jobs would be raising hell but the Painter kid took it in stride and good for a veteran to step up and defend him.

    King Manning should have defended the kid as well.

  8. Non-story. All indications Painter is going to start this week. So why push for a guy who has taken all the 1st team reps this week?

  9. I’ve never really known what to think of Wayne, but this story makes me like the dude.

  10. Good on Reggie speaking up for the bench warmer of 3 years. Painter deserves a shot he’s had 3 years to learn the Colts offense that has to count for something. Collins is not going to cut it give Painter a chance…Who knows in a game that was actually planned around and for him starting he might actually do well.

  11. the only thing worse than a Quarterback who doesn’t know the system is an old immobile quarterback who doesn’t know the system. Wayne is right, they should have given the job to Painter and signed a veteran to back him up.

  12. I agree with Wayne. Sure Painter didn’t throw too well against the Steelers last week. But that is largely due to lack of practice with the first team. First thing I noticed with Painter last week was how he ran the offense. He knew what to look for in the defense. He knew the playbook and knew the audibles. He knew where the receiver would be open. His only issue was accuracy; which I really think will improve drastically with more practice reps with the first team offense.

  13. He is right. Has anyone watched Collins so far this year? He is a shell of his former self.

    Take the play call… go to the line… snap the ball… lock in on his first reciever… go through his elongated ugly throwing motion… rifle the ball to that first option regardless of coverage… incomplete pass.

    It’s seriously hard to even watch. Painter, although he makes some mistakes, is capable of miving that offense down the field. We saw that on his TD drive against the Steelers. It was the best drive the Colts had all year.

  14. Wayne has been right from the start.

    No, Painter is not going to be the next Peyton Manning. But he’s sure as hell more likely to put points on the board than Collins is. Yeah, he’ll make more mistakes than Collins, but you don’t need a guy who’s only going to not make mistakes with this team, which is designed from top to bottom for a quarterback that’s going to put points on the board.

    The Colts just have to learn to deal with it, like about 29 other NFL teams have to deal with. Not everybody’s gonna have Peyton or Drew or Brady at quarterback. For the first time in over a decade, they’re just going to have to realize one guy isn’t gonna be able to carry them, and some other guy who’s just not gonna take any risks at all isn’t gonna get it done, either.

  15. R. Wayne is correct with what he said. Painter should have had the opportunity to take over for Manning. Why was he Peytons back up for 3 years if they weren’t gonna give him a chance.

  16. Based on what exactly do some of you think Painter is a viable option on any offense??? He’s not Rodgers, holding the clipboard for 3yrs behind Manning hasn’t helped him any. Let’s review his career stats from 2009-2011, but he didn’t even get a snap in 2010:

    13 comp/39 att = 33% completion rate
    143 yds / 3.7 ypa
    0 TD / 2 INT / 1 FUM
    Career passer rating = 23.8

    These aren’t fluke numbers, watching him play this is the statline you’d expect.

  17. One needs to ask themselves if Reggie Wayne is even that great of a receiver?

    Manning has made guys named Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon, and Jacob Tamme look like perennial pro-bowlers.

    Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark are “just guys” without a good QB. The numbers prove it.

  18. robigd says:
    Sep 30, 2011 10:08 AM
    One needs to ask themselves if Reggie Wayne is even that great of a receiver?

    Manning has made guys named Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon, and Jacob Tamme look like perennial pro-bowlers.

    Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark are “just guys” without a good QB. The numbers prove it.
    Maybe from a fantasy perspective I will agree with it. When guys don’t have a stud QB throwing them the ball naturally their numbers are going to take a hit. That doesn’t mean they suddenly aren’t great players. It just means the guy throwing them the ball sucks.

    But, you can’t say Reggie Wayne has put up together the amazing career he has had JUST because Peyton was throwing him the ball. Wayne is a beast. He does have 200 yards and a TD in 3 games (projected 1,066 yards and 5 TDs for the year) with the absolute worst QB play in the league behind him. That’s not that bad all things considered.

  19. @klunge-

    I don’t think anybody is saying he’s Rogers or even has the potential to play like a Rogers. Painter has had a total of ~1 game of playing experience in 3 years, it’s been bad. For you to list his stats out like you did is misleading. When painter was inserted into those games against the Jets and Bills in ’09, so were other Indianapolis backups. I.e., it was very close to Indy’s 2nd string vs. the oppositions 1st string, not a situation a rookie generally excels in.

    Like I said earlier, there’s a big chance Painter is no good but there is no reason a 38 year old QB with only 5 weeks to learn the teams offense should be starting over the established backup.

    Polian has proven that he isn’t the great GM many people thought he was, including myself.

  20. This whole situation begs the question as to why Curtis Painter is on the roster in the first place. If Jim Caldwell doesn’t trust him, then why is he second in line to one of the best QB’s in the NFL? It makes no sense whatsoever. You see teams like the Eagles, the Saints, and Packers and they all have top-flight QB’s right behind Vick, Brees, and Rodgers.

    Curtis Painter must be doing something right to justify his roster spot. I agree with Wayne. He couldn’t possibly have done any worse than Kerry Collins.

  21. jmsincla says:
    Sep 30, 2011 11:27 AM

    I don’t think anybody is saying he’s Rogers or even has the potential to play like a Rogers. Painter has had a total of ~1 game of playing experience in 3 years, it’s been bad. For you to list his stats out like you did is misleading.

    From now on I’ll stop misleading people with facts, and just give opinions which are apparently more meaningful. I got nothing against the guy, he just appears not to be NFL starter quality material, which describes most QBs coming out of college. That’s the impression I get watching him play, before I even got around to looking up stats.

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