Bernard Berrian: “I’ve been getting open…I’m doing all I can”

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Through three games this season, Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian has one catch. He wants everyone to know that’s not his fault.

I’ve been doing the same things I’ve always been doing,” Berrian told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “I’ve been getting open. It’s just that we haven’t been able to connect. I’m doing all I can do, really.”

Let’s see. If Berrian has been doing all the same things as usual, and he’s getting open, what could the problem be? Could it be new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave or new quarterback Donovan McNabb? Berrian didn’t mention their names, but if Berrian is getting open and still isn’t getting the ball, it would seem to be an issue with the play calling or the quarterback.

Berrian has been on the field for 132 snaps, or 74.2 percent of the Vikings’ offensive plays. A receiver who’s on the field that much and has just one catch is basically a waste of space on offense, but he says he’s not stressing about everyone pointing out that he’s not much of a contributor.

“In some ways, it’s getting easier and easier to deal with,” Berrian said. “I hate to say this. But it’s almost like you get used to [the criticism]. Look, I can only control what I can do. And I can’t let myself get stressed out over things that I can’t control.”

And Berrian can only control whether he gets open, not whether McNabb gets him the ball.

63 responses to “Bernard Berrian: “I’ve been getting open…I’m doing all I can”

  1. But now he’s got a QB who’s a stiff, won’t work with his coaches to improve his technique and is out there going through the motions to collect a paycheck.

  2. What’s he making now, $7-8 million? No, that’s fine Mr. One Catch, we won’t criticize you…

  3. McNabb needs more weapons.

    Get ready for the McNabb smear machine to kick into full effect. We’ll hear lots of stories all of a sudden, from unnamed sources, about how bad Berrian is.

    Because that’s classy.

  4. The question is, is Berrian correct? I don’t see alot of Vikings games so could someone who watches them tell me if Berrian is getting open but not being targetted? or is he just a stiff deflecting the blame?

    Regardless, McNabb is a stiff at this stage of his career.

  5. McNabb doesn’t need more weapon. McNabb is done and needs to retire. He hasn’t really played at an high level since 2006. I don’t know who are worst, the Tim Tebow supports or the McNabb supporters. Both supporters think that Tebow and McNabb should play based on past glory.

  6. McNabb is just so awful…The Eagles knew this is 2009, which is why they gladly traded him to a DIVISION RIVAL! Shouldn’t that have sent up a big red flag to everyone else in the league that this guy was done? Apparently, the Vikings weren’t paying attention to that or his horrible play with the Redskins.

  7. Lets face the facts of dealing with Mcflabb as an NFL Qb. All receivers have suffered from playing with the guy. All except 1. And whether or not you like T.O the fact that he was great enuff to succeed where all others failed says something. T.O didnt handle his situation in Philthy properly but his assessment of Mcflabb’s work ethic and skills seem to be on target. As for Berrian. 0-3 and spiraling downward fast! Who cares???

  8. Instead of running your route, go out five yards and fall to the ground. McNabb will hit you right in the numbers.

  9. Berrian’s bad, but last Sunday he only had 4 targets. McNabb doesn’t like to throw to him, I hear. Sounds like it’s both their faults, especially because the passes to Berrian were terribly thrown in particular.

  10. Favre threw for over 4000 yards, made Sidney Rice the best receiver in the league (when he stunk before), and made no-names like Greg Lewis look good. And even then, Berrian did absolutely nothing. The ONLY person in Minnesota who thinks Berrian is good is Leslie.

  11. I wanted Leslie fired before he coached his first game, for the pure stupidity of keeping Berrian and his $6M/yr salary, when there we so many other free agent receivers available. That being said, Berrian was open one time last game. It was a pass Favre never missed, would have been a TD, but McNabb missed him.

  12. He needs to get surgery…….cut his hands off and attach them to his shins. It seems like that’s where McNabb throws the ball a lot anyway.

  13. yeah Benard, you’ve been doing the same things you always do… being a terrible WR. Get him off the field and get some of these young guys a chance.

  14. You are wrong. Nothing is ever McNabb’s fault. If only the Vikings had All-Pros at every position, like the other 31 teams, he could win.

    And he needs a HOF coach.

    And every player needs to be in their prime. And healthy.

    And they need home field advantage.

    McNabb can be successful if they could only make these things happen for him in Minnesota. But they disrespect him by choosing not to do so.

  15. Frazier’s fatal flaw is he is a nice guy. Thats not a good thing for a head coach. Because of this his career is doomed if he doesnt change.

    Can you imagine what Bill Belichick would do if he had Qb with bad mechanics who refused to try to fix it and WR who blames all of his problems on everybody but himself?

  16. Bernard Has been targeted 10 times this season for 1 catch. Now most of you would look at that and say wow he is terrible. But as a Vikings fan who never misses a play I can tell you that he has been over thrown, under thrown 6 of the 9 times. Yes He has dropped 3 balls directly in his hands. But to be honest It seemed as if he was shocked to be even getting the ball thrown to him in those 3 occasions. I believe Berian is doing all he can. It was not his fault he was Over thrown in final minutes of the detroit game. He put a beautiful move on Detroit’s Db and it was all for not.
    There is plenty of blame to go around this entire organization. Starting with the front office, to Leslie to Musgrave and Ultimately the players.

    The Vikings have needed a safety for how many years now. The patriots release a All Pro Safety in Brandon Merriweather for whatever reason. Knowing that is a weak spot why not give him a look? The Bears sure went and scooped him up.

    The Vikings Needed OLine help since Matt Birk left. So when Harvey Dahl becomes a Free agent u think we would at least look at him. the Bears cut for Cap reasons Olin Kreutz and the Saints scoop him right up. The Cowboys cut Andre Gurode for Cap reasons and Boom The Ravens pick him up. Now yes the last two Linemen are past there Prime but they could helped the Vikings sure up a few weak spots on the line.
    These are a few reasons the Vikings are not Class A organization like the Ravens, Steelers, etc.

    The Vikings draft Kyle Rudolph in the 2nd round. Now tell me why there not using him? He has been targeted 5 times This season! I love Jimmy Kleinsasser, he has been a class act & rock for the organization for 13 years but he is Blocking Te/FB and he as Many targets as Visante!

    Now PERCY HARVIN, He is explosive, tough, amazing. But our Genius coaches don’t have him on the field not even half the time! Even if ur not going to use him MAKE THE DEFENSE ACCOUNT FOR HIM!

    I am a Diehard Vikings fan for Life and that will never change. win or lose. The vikings have the best Running Back this generation has seen. A combination of Bo Jackson’s Power and Barry Sanders vision and elusiveness. USE HIM!!!! They put 8 in the Box and He could Still Get 4 yards! The way this team is going I fear that AP will be this generations Barry Sanders. A Star with No hope.

    0-3 could have easily been 3-0 but these issues still remain. I look forward to seeing the vikes taking this weekends game in KC. If not i will still Tune In When they play the Cardinals.

    Go Vikings.

  17. But seriously, McNabb will never throw to a guy with a defender in his vicinity. Ever.

    He’s linked his HOF delusions to a meaningless TD:INT ratio that will be forgotten 8 minutes after he retires.

    He’s the most risk-averse Eagles QB in history. That’s why he prefers dumpoffs to the RB and mid-range passes to the TE that he can hit because his protection was A++ for most of his Eagles career.

    And he likes overthrowing deep balls and sideline routes. Again, they are unlikely to get intercepted.

    He’d rather lose and throw no INT’s than win and throw 2. And if you don’t see that, you haven’t been following.

  18. The question is, is Berrian correct? I don’t see alot of Vikings games so could someone who watches them tell me if Berrian is getting open but not being targetted? or is he just a stiff deflecting the blame?

    Berrian is being targetted plenty, McNabb just can’t hit the target

  19. Berrian has had at least 5 Qbs throwing to him in his Viking career-Frerotte, Jackson, Favre, Webb, NcNabb. He has had one mediocre season and three bad ones. There seems to be a common denominator of failure in there somewhere.

  20. And with public comments like these, another wheel comes flying off the 2011 Vikings season.

    If they can’t be the Chiefs, these guys could easily start 0-7.

    Maybe McNabb will “panic” after that?

  21. Funny. Jenkins has his catches. So does Harvin. Granted, some of the throws from McPuke to Berrian have been inaccurate, but has anyone noticed how Jenkins and Rudolph have still caught passes off the mark while Berrian stands therw without effort? Sidney Rice did so with Lord Favre, and you know why? Because he’d fight for the ball. All you had to do was sit at the game last Sunday to watch how a WR should fight for a ball; hopefully Berrian watched tape of Calvin Johnson.

  22. We believe you, but your quarterback sucks!!!

    He’s only grabbing cash from the Vikes to stack up his bank account and keeping himself and his phony “Mr. Nice Guy” image in order to get a broadcasting gig.

  23. As a Viking, mind you I’m not complaining here. I don’t think its the ___________ coach or the __________________ screwed up quarterback or that __________ your mama ________ play calling. I’m just saying…………..

  24. The Vikings would be better off with a Basketball hoop and backboard out there. At least the ball would have a chance of getting stuck on the rim.

  25. If the Vikes lose to Kansas all _____ will break out. I could only hope Kansas has a great break out game.

    Word here is tickets sales are slow and the game could be blacked out. The owners and the advertisers do not want a black out but 11,000 tickets are a lot to chew. They are saying if they get to 1,500 tickets its considered sold out.
    I know the owners only pay a percentage of the ticket costs but 11,000 is a lot. The advertisers who do not want to lose business have been buying the tickets for the last several games.

  26. Vikings are about two more losses from signing Moss, firing their coach, having the roof collapse and McNabb texting his McNuggets to a sideline reporter.

    Berrian has been open–even for long TD’s, and McNabb didn’t throw the ball anywhere close to him.

    That being said, neither did Favre, or Jackson, or any other Vikings’ QB. If you’re looking for the short list of most-overpaid players over the past three years, he’s near the top of that list.

  27. All I know is Fairyan was wide open last week for a game winning TD against the Kitties and McNabb overthrew him by 5 yards. McNabb sucks but Fairyan doesn’t do his QB’s many favors by trying (fighting) to get open.

  28. Take it from an Eagles fan Bernard, it’s not McNabb’s fault. And even if it is, he’ll find a passive- aggressive way of telling the media that it is not.

  29. I don’t watch Vikings games normally but I happened to see the last few minutes of the Detroit game because they showed it on TV. I saw Berrian get open and McNabb overthrew him badly in the endzone. I wouldn’t be surprised if this has happened a lot. The problem is much more likely to be McNabb than Berrian.

  30. moochzilla says: Oct 1, 2011 9:23 AM

    You are wrong. Nothing is ever McNabb’s fault. If only the Vikings had All-Pros at every position, like the other 31 teams, he could win.

    And he needs a HOF coach.

    And every player needs to be in their prime. And healthy.

    And they need home field advantage.

    McNabb can be successful if they could only make these things happen for him in Minnesota. But they disrespect him by choosing not to do so.
    See, insert “Drew Bledsoe” for McNabb and the arguments amongst a lot of us Pats fans were similar. Neither is a bad guy but both had huge flaws in their games (and personalities) and never got better and didn’t respond well to being coached. They both usually stunk it up in the playoffs as well. But because each of them were juuuuuuusssssttt good enough to help keep the team competitive usually…excuses got made like crazy. Though I do think Bledsoe was a better player, there’s such huge comparisons between them to me that McNabb’s always been an interesting career to follow.

    RE: your take on his ints, I always got the impression from the games I watched that his INTs were low because he usually threw too low instead of too high, which are the balls that get picked most often.

  31. Yo Minny, cut Bernard and check with us about james jones…. (or new england with ocho)

    at least you’d get a solid run blocker/route runner.

    and bench mcnabb already, see what that Ponder kid is made of.

  32. Jenkins is getting catches but no real yards after the catch. McNabb hasn’t hit anyone in stride & has been missing Berrian this season. I did not want him on the team to begin with but with the lockout I could see why they got a mobile veteran. Isn’t working.
    I don’t know if throwing Ponder in right now is a good idea. It has worked out well for rookie QBs so far this year but each case is different. I say put Webb in with maybe a few packages for Ponder to get his feet wet & see what works out best.

  33. I do believe Berrian reworked his contract & is not getting paid as much as he was before.

  34. I think they’re happy with Ponder as “The Future,” what I think is more likely is they aren’t “sucking for Luck” as much as for downtown LA. A horrible season will result is less revenue, so they could try to justify running. New home, new coaches, and IF they get the top pick, major trade power for anyone in dire need of a quaterback.

  35. Bernard is a lover on the field, he loves blaming the other 10 guys. He’s not a fighter either, doesn’t fight for positioning, cathces, or playing time. Win lose or fail, the check always clears…

  36. Karma…Karma…Karma. 18 months ago mcnabb said he didnt what to go to the Raiders or 49ers because he wanted to play for a winner. Wow, a year and a half later the guy is getting trashed throughout the league and media..and will be lucky to have a starting job in 3 weeks.

    So much for HOF.

  37. Man, Berrian was so good in the Chicago offense. It could be that we had nobody to compare him to, but still, he put up numbers with Sexy Rexy and Neckbeard throwing to him.

  38. Maybe he is open because the defenses know he can’t catch a cold let alone a pass-LOL
    I’m not sticking up for McNabb but there are a LOT of factors involved in every play- who’s the main target, is he open, does the qb have pressure, is he running for his life, do the other recievers come back to the ball etc- Berrian is a moron and needs to shut the F up

  39. As a vikings fan let me clear a few things up. Berrian restructured his contract and is making $2.2mil this year and then can opt out next year. He was wide open and had his man beat by 5 plus yds in the SanDiego game and would have walked into the endzone to win the game. McNabb overthrew him. Last week he was streaking towards the endzone and had 3 to 4 yds seperation and McNabb threw the ball 5feet over his head and out of bounds.

    His best season as a Viking came with TJack as qb? Go figure.

  40. If I was McNabb I wouldn’t even throw his way. He has proven if the ball is in his hands he will drop it. He’s consistently bad game after game and year after year. Drop him or just let him sit on the bench there’s no reason he should be playing let alone starting. But McNabb has not looked that bad. He isn’t a good qb anymore but he’s servicable and he’s doing what he has to do to try win. But let’s all be honest we have the worst coaching staff in the league we are better off letting singeltary coach or pagac because fraiser and musgrave are making a mocery of this franchise.

  41. Folks, it’s quite simple…..if a WR is claiming “I’m open”, what they really mean to say is “I can’t get open at all, and it’s both frustrating AND embarrasing the hell out me!!” That being said, Bernard Berrian wouldn’t even make the Packers roster as a #5 WR (Cobb would beat him out) – and what’s even more funny is that he’s getting Greg Jenning’s type money! Look it up if you don’t believe me.

  42. Berrian drops the ball, plain & simple.

    Harvin & Shaincoe still drop as much as they catch.

    Instead of always playing on Twitter, these idiots needs to pull a Jerry Rice & practice, practice, practice on not dropping the F’n ball!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. He has beaten man-to-man coverage several times but McNutt overthrows or underthrows him. Except for the preseason game when it didn’t count.

  44. All receivers have suffered by playing with McNabb? That is easily the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen on here? He has made productive receivers and tight ends of guys that were borderline NFL players. Todd Pinkston, Torrance Small, Freddie Mitchell, Chad Lewis, Greg Lewis, Hank Baskett, Kevin Curtis, etc.

  45. Berrian is 100% useless but he was open for so many plays during the Vikes vs Bucs games. I had upperdeck 50 yd seats and on every play action Berrian was wide open. Much like favre…McRibb doesn’t trust Berrian

  46. Donovan McNabb doesn’t care anymore. He never did have any heart/intensity/fire. Now that he’s at the back end of his career he just doesn’t give a crap and he’s not going to put forth the time, effort or commitment it takes to excel. He has no passion to win and never has. Now that he’s fat, rich, complacent and content it’s just even more so the case. At this point McNabb is just very happy to lackadaisically go through the motions and collect a big fat paycheck.

  47. If the “best season ever” by Favre was only one season removed from the less than impressive season last year, and it wasn’t an anomaly as so many bandwagon Viking fans maintained, then why in the hell wasn’t everyone begging the guy to come back and avoid the “next best thing” in the persona of McNabb? Wouldn’t Favre make more sense than this guy? Favre had the charisma that made the team feel like they could win. He knew this team. Favre gave up on this team. I don’t want to hear that his arm feels as good as ever. He quit. He asked for more chances than any one player deserves and after getting the chance of a lifetime (his preferred choice by the way…the Vikings that is,) he quits. One season removed from his best ever? He quits? And his arm is as strong as ever?

    Do you all finally understand why..despite all the good he can bring (and brought,) Favre is a self-centered egomaniac that ruined the Vikings for years to come? If he was all he says he is, he would be taking his lumps one more time to pay back the team and the fans that put all their faith in him.

    He made the Vikings rudderless and very likely paved the way out of town for a franchise I have always respected and looked forward to facing every year.

    What’s my point you ask?…..Favre does not deserve your admiration. He is a golden calf and McNabb is a sorry alternative.

  48. @Mr. Wright212 said:
    “Hands of stone. He’s just fast, that’s all.”

    More proof that the Vikings will move to LA. Everytime a WR drops a pass their team moves to LA, which is a superior football market to Min.

    Cincinatti 1985
    Oakland 1983
    Tennessee 1991
    Houston 1995
    Jacksonville 198

    Anything else dummies?

  49. The Vikes have the worst offensive line in the NFL. Until they fix that, the offense will stink. They were the worts last year , so all they did was ignore it in the draft, then down grade from McKinnie to Johnson. Frazier actually managed to make the O-Line worse than last year.

  50. Berrian is a bum.
    Don is done.
    NFL fans are pissed that the Vikes are wasting Young All Day’s prime with this joke of a team that is tussling over a stadium instead of doing us ALL a favor and trading him to a team that will use him effectively.
    The Vikes are tanking (just not blatantly) obviously. They’re losing that stadium battle and will be free from their lease after the season. They’re going to be in Cali, and the NFL will ensure that Luck won’t have to do anything more than head down the PCH to get to his home games next season.

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