Rob Ryan: Cowboys’ receivers are better than Calvin Johnson

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Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan isn’t losing any sleep preparing to face Lions receiver Calvin Johnson on Sunday, because Ryan says his defense practices against better receivers than Johnson every day.

We work against better receivers with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant,” Ryan told the Dallas Morning News.

Between Ryan’s two and Cris Carter’s six, we’ve now identified at least eight NFL receivers who are better than Megatron. By the time Johnson’s critics get done, the league leader in touchdown catches will be out of the Top 10.

After saying Austin and Bryant are better, Ryan did offer that Johnson is “almost that good.” But Ryan isn’t too concerned about Johnson extending his streak of two-touchdown games to four in a row.

“We’re going to get after him,” Ryan said. “I know he’s on some touchdown thing like that, whatever. [Lions offensive coordinator] Scott Linehan has done this before with great receivers with Randy Moss. If the guy is as good as Randy Moss I’m going to go in there and hide. Thank God he’s not, but he’s a pretty [expletive] good player.”

Pretty [expletive] good. Just not good enough to be anything more than the No. 3 receiver if he played for the Cowboys, according to Ryan.

160 responses to “Rob Ryan: Cowboys’ receivers are better than Calvin Johnson

  1. Does Rob Ryan go to Renaissance Faires on a regular basis?

    I can figure out no other reason for the look he has cultivated.

  2. Maybe as far as 5 people are better than 1, sure. But hell I’m not even a lions fan and I’ll bet Johnson at 80% is better than any of the Dallas receivers. Do any of the Dallas receivers have a cool name like Megatron? No. So shut up.

  3. I’m convinced now that Ryan likes to say things that get a rise out of people. Cowboys haven’t had a receiver better than Megatron since Michael Irving.

  4. He Needs to put down the jelly donuts and get a clue. That whole family has a warped sense of reality.

  5. Your WR’s are so great, they don’t even know where to line up. Maybe if your OC worried about actually teaching those guys you wouldn’t have to push all your injured players to play because you have no depth. A+ coaching there.

  6. I’m starting to worry about the Ryan brothers. Mental illness is a serious problem and needs to be addressed.

  7. I can’t see megaton getting less than 18 td’s this year. Probably closer to 20-23. We’ll see if either of those guys hit 10!

  8. What do you expect him to say? REALLY? We all know that Calvin is better than his receivers but HE needs to back his guys. Winning games in the NFL comes from confidence. Good on him.

  9. Obviously, this interview was conducted in his spacious double wide trailer, and the propane was leaking…..

  10. Yep..this proves it! Rob may very well be even more retarded than his lard azz brother Rex! What a couple of clowns! Not since Mike Irvin have the cowboys had anybody even remotely close to Megatron! The dude is a stud!

  11. He’s yapping quotient has gone up over the last year. Perhaps he thinks it’ll get him more of a spotlight so he can get a HC gig like his obese, loud-mouthed brother.

  12. Ryan can flap his gums all he wants. Trust me, Calvin & the Lions can give a rats ass about what he says. See ya tomorrow fat man!!!!!!

  13. Not since the Groucho Brothers have any brothers made such a great living out of just being a couple of buttclown, gas bag, blowhards.

    I’d love to see both Ryan mouth breathers crash and burn this year.

  14. Buddy needs to put a beat down on his kids and tell them to just shut up. These Ryan boys say some pretty asinine stuff, but this one takes a cake.

    No receiver the Cowgirls have can even hold a candle to Megatron…not even close.

  15. Im a ryan brothers fan but he is 100% wrong on this one. Miles austin is a very good receiver but isn’t even close to megatron. Dez bryant has the potential to be a top 10 receiver but has the mentality of a 5 year old and is a scumbag and is yet to play a full season.

    There is only 2 recievers in the nfl that can even be considered in the same class as megatron. One has the same last name and the other is named fitzgerald. 3 guys that let their play do the talking

  16. This is the kind of hubris that makes me wish I had Johnson on my fantasy team.

    Rob Ryan isn’t this special, and he certainly isn’t so good he can scheme well enough to make this type of comment.

  17. Whats wrong with you guys, of course he’s gonna say that,I’d be pissed if I were a Cowboys fan and he DIDN’T say that, besides he’s playing head games with Calvin Johnson, it may work or backfire, who knows.

  18. I don’t believe Calvin Johnson cares if he is the number 1 receiver or 101 best receiver.

    Calvin will be happy with a win.

  19. The Cowboys beat two 2-1 teams and were handling another 2-1 team until two costly turnovers.

    The Lions beat a 2-1 team and two 0-3 teams so why is everyone so high on the Lions? They barely beat the Vikings and well high school teams could beat the Chiefs.

  20. ezmoover,

    How sad to be such a hater and to expend all that negative energy. What a waste of time.

    I am a Cowboys fan, and Ryan, I have to disagree with you. Megatron is unbelievably good. Bryant could possibly be in the neighborhood of Megatron if he can stay healthy, and Austin is also a very good WR, but between those 3, I take Megatron.

    Ryan is entitled to his opinion, and he obviously sees Austin and Bryant every day as his D has to go up against them, but Megatron is a stud. Ryan is also doing exactly as he has been doing with his D by saying what he said about Bryant and Austin – praising them to show the players on the team that he believes in them, and guess what? The Cowboys D is # 1 in the NFC, and leading the league in sacks. Positive reinforcement is obviously working for the D. It can work for the offense as well.

    Megatron, Fitz, and Andre Johnson are my top 3 WR’s in the league. I do believe Austin is a top 10, and Bryant is atop 20 at the present time. When Bryant can stay healthy, and play consistently week in and week out, he has the chance to move into top 5, IMO. For now, what is most important is beating Detroit. Opinions on who is better don’t win football games. Execution, scheme, and the team playing the best on that given day is what does win football games.

  21. I love CJ. He’s certainly one of the top few receivers in the NFL. But, it can’t be seriously doubted that CJ is not and will never be as good a WR as Randy Moss was in his prime. Even the man who many pick as the best WR of all time — Jerry Rice — acknowledged that Randy Moss was the most skilled WR of all time.

  22. Moss and Gaffney had decent games with Sexxy Rexy throwing against his beloved D on Mon. What is going to happen with Stafford throwing to Megatron?

  23. I wish DAL would somehow get Megatron and due to public perception, be forced to line him up in the slot.

  24. what a stupid thing to say, even if it were true (which it isn’t).

    this isn’t fantasy football, as a coach, you play the game with the players you have. so he needs to shut up and do his job.

  25. I am a Dallas fan first, but have loved the Lions since I was young and my Pop Warner team was named after the Lions.
    All I have to say is sshut up rob. MAYBE one day Bryant may be as good as Johnson, but right now, NO efin way.

  26. schmitty, uh 0 TD’s for neither Moss or Gaffney in that game was obviously pretty effective D – only one pass to Moss was for over 20 yards. What will happen with Megatron remains to be seen. If the Cowboys D can get consistent pressure on Stafford, Megatron may be held in check. He can’t be stopped. He can only be contained. The 3 defenses Megatron has faced have all been in the bottom 1/3 of the league in passing defense – 21st, 23rd, and 29th. Dallas is 12th against the pass, and first in the NFC in overall D. This is Detroit’s first game in going against a top tier D, and remember, this game is in Dallas.

    No doubt Megatron will be a challenge, but he can be limited, especially if Stafford is pressured and sacked throughout the game. Time will tell. Megatron could certainly break out, but he could also have a quieter game, and I say he is due for a game in which he was held in check.

  27. This family is an embarrassment to football. Smart coaches, for sure. But they act like they suit up in pads every Sunday. They write checks they know they won’t cash.

  28. That’s like the 50 year old equivalent of “my dad can beat up your dad.” Kids always think there stuff is better than everyone else’s.

  29. The fat from his stomach is being squeezed upward to his brain. Ryan is the worst kind of loser, a disgusting fatbody. If he cannot control his own habits, how can any owner trust him to run a team of his own? He is a DC forever, and only an average one at that.

  30. LOL

    Close caption to Rob Ryan. Ask your brother how shooting your mouth off has worked out.

    My only hope is that Stafford repeatedly throws it up for Megatron b/c there is no DB in Dallas that can defend it.

  31. All of you have forgotten. It’s all about the Ryans. Rex isn’t happy unless he’s in front of the camera and brother Rob has lost control of his mouth also. While he may be “talking up” his receivers, (I doubt they’re smart enough to know.) he should know how and when to pick his battles.
    Maybe he and Rex can find a different use for their mouths. Rex’ wife does have two feet.

  32. “Pretty [expletive] good. Just not good enough to be anything more than the No. 3 receiver if he played for the Cowboys, according to Ryan.”

    Not just Ryan…

    I think you’d say that’s correct statement. Johnson, would indeed be a number 3 receiver on this team.

  33. Well, it sounded like he’d take the Cowboys TWO WR’s over Calvin. Don’t try to twist his words to get some clicks.

    Austin AND Bryant > Johnson.

  34. why do players love playing for these fat asholes?

    Because they always have donuts

  35. I’m so glad this guy is gone from Cleveland. Nothing worse than a big mouthed coach who constantly brags and makes an ass out of himself… and then calls soft defensive plays in the 4th quarter and watches his D collapse. It’s a miracle that didn’t happen against the Redskins- but let’s face facts: the Redskins imploded because Rex Grossman pulled a Rex Grossman.

  36. I’m mystified by the megatron mania? What did this guy do for all these numnuts to come crawling out of the woodwork?? The guy is a top 5 receiver. Plus he comes to play every down. He was throwing vicious blocks downfield in the Viking game. Let’s see Dez do that. What a joke.

  37. They are blowing his comments out of proportion and dumb Lions fans are feeding off of it. WHatever it takes to get your team excited about the game I guess. I saw this interview live. What was he suppose to say? Dez and Miles suck? GTFOH. Johnson is a damn good receiver but I wouldn’t trade Dez and Miles for him. One thing for sure. It is a long season and time will surely tell who is more valuable.

  38. Rob Ryan figured out real fast that if he spouts crap like his brother Rex that it will keep his name in the news. Neither one of them has ever backed up a single thing that they predicted or bragged about. The real question is why does the media give either of these clowns the time of day or exposure that they do when all they are is a couple of blowhards!

  39. Ahhh..No wonder Detroit is a struggling city. Comprehension is sorely needed to even be a productive citizen. I actually feel sorry for their sensitive

  40. Better than Megatron? Where did that come from?

    No, not even better than Welker. Look it up.

    The Ryan’s are the biggest lardass blowhards on the face of this planet. They exhale such hot gasseous materials that it is possible they could single handedly be the reason for global warming.

  41. I hope no one on here really thinks that Ron Ryan believes this nonsense. Clearly he is just trying to make the lions one dimensional, but if I were a qb I would throw to that one dimension all day.

  42. With Dallas’ scheme and poor secondary play, not exploited by that awful QB in Washington, he’s gonna be eating a lot of crow after Mega destroys them and after the two games vs. NYG.

  43. I hope Calvin catches 4 TDs or more. If Dez Bryant does not play, this could get ugly. Their only offensive passing target will be whitten.
    But thanks Rob, the Lions needed another little kick in the pants to get up for this. Schwartz says the Lions do not use “bulletin Board” material, but Between Cris Carter and now Rob Ryan running their mouths this week they won’t need to post anything up.

    Should be a close game, but if it is not, don’t blame the Lions for throwing jump balls to Calvin if they are up big in the 4th quarter.

    I’m sure the rest of the coaching staff was pleased he said that…..

  44. When will these two realize that all this talk is more hurtful than helpful? I hate how the media caters to them. All they do is show these two whenever their teams play. I dont even know what Jason Garrett looks like because all they do is show Rob Ryan. I wish everybody, including PFT, would just stop talking about them and reporting every comment.

  45. greeneblitz says:
    Oct 1, 2011 12:44 PM
    Whats wrong with you guys, of course he’s gonna say that,I’d be pissed if I were a Cowboys fan and he DIDN’T say that, besides he’s playing head games with Calvin Johnson, it may work or backfire, who knows.
    It’ll probably work the same way Cris Carter’s words worked.

  46. jsrdc,

    I am no Lions slappy…..I agree, your DEF could cause problems for the Lions.

    But, I am thinking that when / if CJ is “contained”, Nate……and / or now Titus will be open (not to mention the possibility of Best, Scheff or B-Pett)……..

    But, I am just Liontomyself.

    Good luck to your team tomorrow…..but I hope the Leos win.

  47. quit trying to be like your brother, oh wait, you will be just like him. All talk and no action. The Lions are going to kill you and your QB. Suh will finish what the 9 ers and skins didn’t do. Johnson and Stafford will take apart your sparse DBs and will make America’s team look like America’s fools. Cut your hair Rob Ryan, unless you fail in the NFL and are trying to get a part on the Sons of Anarchy.

  48. The Cowboys receivers are good,I will give them that. But the Ryan brothers both have severe diarrhea of the mouth. Until they back up what they say,it’s only bulletin board material for other teams. JMHO

  49. jsrdc says:

    The 3 defenses Megatron has faced have all been in the bottom 1/3 of the league in passing defense – 21st, 23rd, and 29th. Dallas is 12th against the pass, and first in the NFC in overall D.


    wow that’d be impressive if the QBs dallas faced weren’t Grossman, Sanchez, and Alex Smith

  50. It takes more than a big mouth to win championships.Buddy,Rex and Rob are entertaining and can coach a defense but all lack the “it” factor that brings Super Bowl wins.Miles Austin is close to Megatron but Bryant will be out of the League in 2 years

  51. Bad enough your brother is making a fool outta himself with his excuses for losing in the black hole, now you open your trap with nonsense like this? Ill take Megatron over Dez and Miles all day every day. Cant wait to hear you two bafoons when you both finish in last place! Go Lions!


  52. All I’m going to say is Rob, you better be right. I like the bravado, but do something your brother hasn’t been able to get his players to do yet… Back it up.

  53. Whats wrong with you guys, of course he’s gonna say that,I’d be pissed if I were a Cowboys fan and he DIDN’T say that, besides he’s playing head games with Calvin Johnson, it may work or backfire, who knows.

    Coaches every week talk UP their opponents, simply as a matter of respect.

    Apparently dooshe-baggery runs in the family, he’s talking just like Rex.

  54. so um… just sayin…

    cowboys 35 det 19.
    cj 6 rec, 46 yds, 1td
    bryant 3 rec, 8yds, 1td
    austin 2 rec 7yds 2td.

    now, the excuses are that both teams were playing with their backup qbs. so the main differences between last year and this year will be stafford will be back, and the cowboys will be playing without austin, with bryant @ way less than 100%, and romo @ way less than 100%. not to mention jenkins is less than 100% and scandrick is out.

    lions, you can take advantage of a hurt team and take your vic if you can pull it off. but you better hope you don’t meet this team @ 100% in the playoffs. cuz when big d gets healthy, every team will be on notice.

  55. Calvin Johnson is continuously disrespected. He’s not Randy Moss so people deduce that he therefore isn’t good. He’s “Miles ” ahead of any Cowboy receiver.

  56. trseann says:
    Oct 1, 2011 2:45 PM
    jsrdc says:

    The 3 defenses Megatron has faced have all been in the bottom 1/3 of the league in passing defense – 21st, 23rd, and 29th. Dallas is 12th against the pass, and first in the NFC in overall D.


    wow that’d be impressive if the QBs dallas faced weren’t Grossman, Sanchez, and Alex Smith


    wow that’d be impressive if the qbs detroit faced weren’t mcnabb, cassel, and freeman.

  57. Don’t really appreciate the ‘Boys but the Lions spotted the Vikes on the road 20 by half …… They were fortunate that the Vikes imploded again in the 2nd half …… That won’t happen against the ‘Boys or any other team in the Lions final 13 …… In other words, the Lions have already received their ‘2011 gift’ ……

    Dallas by at least 10 points in this one ….. Then we’ll see what all the foul-mouthed Lion Fans have to say …..

  58. other than not losing sleep worrying about calvin johnson,his best claim is the fact that he has never missed an ample time to eat at least 8 full meals a day!
    i bet he craps out 200 lbs a week! he and rex have inherited buddy’s awful habit or bragging about something long before they fail to do it!

  59. Hopefully he will give Calvin 1 on 1 coverage then. If so, it will be a LONG day for Dallas.

    Dallas is overrated and Detroit is going to make a statement. If you look at yards Dallas is top in both offense and defense. But isn’t scoring what matters? On offense Dallas is 13th in scoring and Detroit is 4th. On defense Dallas is 16th and Detroit is 3rd.

  60. Obviously Rob has to back his team. However making statements like this to the media the day before you play the team you’re talking about is dumb. It’s bulletin board material for CJ and Stafford. Talk big in private with your team and let your actions on the football field speak for you in public. The Ryans have yet to master this concept.

  61. 1369 thumbs up for calvin johnson that has to be a world record for thumbs up. and i agree

  62. No, Rob Ryan is correct. In fact, he’s so correct, he should single cover Megatron all day.


    A Lions fan that would just LOVE to see 4-0

  63. Im a cowboys fan but this is just ridiculous! Theres no better reciever in the league, i know cause megatron is my favorite player in the entire NFL

  64. AJ, LF, CJ are top 3 – lots of receivers in discussion for rest of top 5. Austin may be at the edge of top 10 discussion.

  65. combined, yes, by themselves, Miles Austin has the yards, but Johnson’s size and speed and hands is just insane and Dez Bryant has potential, but he’s NOT better than Johnson.

  66. Please don’t tell me back in the 2007 draft he was the lone coach who advised Al Davis not to draft Calvin Johnson…..

  67. Doesn’t even matter “IF” Dallas had a better receiver or receivers they don’t have anybody to throw them the ball. Just because the media thinks Romo’s noodle arm is elite doesn’t make it so.

  68. jbpanthers says: Oct 1, 2011 12:52 PM

    Why do all the Ryans talk out of their ass?


    Because there’s so much of it when their mouths run out of gas.

  69. Well, that’s nice… but I know something Rob Ryan must not:


    So even if they are the two greatest receivers to ever play the game, they can’t do much if they’re not healthy enough to play!

  70. Buddy should have taught his boys how to STFU every once in awhile.This might be the dumbest thing i have ever heard anyone say.

  71. Can’t wait until the Cowboys bring the Lions back down to earth. If Dez Bryant could stay healthy, he is every bit as good as Johnson. Miles not so much.

  72. I am a Cowboys fan.

    That said, I do not believe that Austin or Bryant are better than CJ. Or even close.

  73. I don’t know if anyone has said this but did the ryan brothers eat a lot of paint chips when they were younger? I’m not a lions fan but calvin johnson is a special player. If u said roddy white or fitzgerald were better, umm ok but austin and dez not even in johnsons league. Sorry cowboy fans. Truth

  74. Megatron is going to go OFF on Dallas this weekend. Thank god he’s on my fantasy team!

  75. totallyuselessme says: Oct 1, 2011 12:44 PM

    Great. Make Matt Stafford and Megatron even angrier the day before the game.

    Dude’s gonna catch 4 TDs now.


    I can only hope. And to whoever said if Rob is so confident he should single cover Megatron all game. I’m pretty sure that would result in more than 4 TD’s… Just sayin’.

  76. Hmmm a D coordinator that can’t even recognize Calvin Johnson as a top tier receiver. Johnson will obviously burn their secondary this week with the added motivation. Smart move coach!

  77. Yes Megatron is a great reciever. But if Rob Ryan is still running the defense in Cleveland its not big time news. If there’s anyway to light a fire with your own players. I would say this is the way to go especially for the Cowboys defense that mainly lacked confidence last year with basically the same personnel.

    If they do shut him down, it’ll be great for the Cowboys but if not at least he is putting his a$% on the line with these comments. As a COWBOYS fan I like it. It’s a good contrast to last years Cowboys defense.

  78. I reside in Texas, but not a Cowboys fan. The Cowboys will get blown out by the Lions. Ryan’s defense “will not” be able to stop the Lions’ high-powered offense — let alone Calvin Johnson. He is just too big and strong for any of the Cowboys’ cornerbacks to cover — another two touchdown game for Johnson; perhaps, even more to shutup Ryan.

  79. Bryant may be close, but Austin, come on. Another big mouthed Ryan=another big mouthed loser.

  80. For all the bluster, and the blubber, and the arrogance, can we please remember what all THREE Ryans (including dad Buddy) have won either as coordinators or as head coaches in the the NFL? A big fat one Super Bowl title as a coordinator in Chicago in 1985. And the league took all of one year to figure out how to adjust to the max blitzing schemes.

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