Six fines for five players total $42,500 from Ravens-Rams game


Sunday’s Ravens-Rams game was a blowout on the field, with Baltimore jumping out to a 21-0 first-quarter lead and cruising to a 37-7 win. But at least the Rams beat the Ravens in the fine department.

The NFL issued a total of six different fines, for five players, for illegal hits in the Ravens-Rams game, and only one of those fines went to a Ravens player.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Rams receiver Danario Alexander was fined $5,000 for roughing the kicker on a Ravens extra point, Rams guard Jacob Bell was fined $7,500 for an illegal chop block, Rams tackle Jason Smith was fined $7,500 for facemasking and Rams cornerback Bradley Fletcher was handed two $7,500 fines, one for a late hit and one for a horse collar tackle.

Terrell Suggs was the only Raven fined, getting docked $7,500 for facemasking.

Add it all up, and the five players lost a total of $42,500 in income for the game. All in a day’s work in the NFL.

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  1. Let’s cut through the baloney and right to the truth of the matter. About 97% of the time when a player is flagged it’s because he missed an assignment, or making a play maybe he could or should have – and then, in trying to compensate for that, compounds his mistake by doing something stupid that hurts his team.

    To me, that is the absolute bottom line. All this noise about blaming the Commissioner, who neither sets the rules nor the fines, is a bunch of whiny scapegoating.

  2. Welcome to the No Fun League. Where every big play comes with a 5 second cheer delay allowing fans time to stare at the corner of their TV screen to see if the yellow “flag” indicator lights up.

  3. Have all these fines been handed out in the recent past or is this a new thing this year for fining someone for accidental facemask penalties?

    If it is new, how in the world did the NFLPA go for that?

  4. kenny328usa says:
    Oct 1, 2011 8:59 AM
    So where does all this fine money go? Is it christmas money for the dictator Goodell
    Once again, I’ll copy and paste this. From October, 2010.

    NEW YORK (AP) — The NFL handed out fines worth $262,500 last week. Where does all that money go?

    “Player fine money is used to support retired player programs, as well as other charitable causes as agreed upon between the NFL and NFL Players Association,” said David Krichavsky, the NFL’s director of community affairs. “Every letter notifying the player of a fine indicates where the fine money goes. I have gotten feedback from players who don’t like writing the check to the NFL, but they are pleased to know it does not go back into our coffers but to charitable organizations.”

    Fines to coaches are treated the same way, and the payments come directly out of a player or coach’s salary. In recent years, the NFL has issued fines totaling between $3 million and $4 million a season, a hefty amount for sure.

    In January, the league gave $500,000 to the American Red Cross for relief aid in Haiti following the devastating earthquake.

    Just Google “where does NFL fine money go”. It’s the first link.

  5. wryly1 says:
    All this noise about blaming the Commissioner, who neither sets the rules nor the fines, is a bunch of whiny scapegoating.
    The commish is now posting as ‘wryly1’?

    seriously, both of these points are hilariously innacurate. the commish directly determines the fines which are set arbitrarily, not by any strict rule.
    these rules have been established by the ‘competition committee’ which is an extension of the league office, ergo – the commisioner.

  6. Thought flags and penalty yards were the punishment for making these mental mistakes. I can see fines for major stuff, but this is cherry picking at best.

  7. So, you have to play perfect football, otherwise you get fined ontop of getting a penalty which hurts your team on the field?

    When will the $2,000 holding penalties and $1,000 off side fines begin?

    Roger is the commish, all fingers point to him when running the league.

  8. Are we seriously stuck with this and Goodell for 10 years of CBA? I cannot believe the NFLPA accepted a) the fining b) Goodell as sole arbitrator.

    The NFLPA majorly messed up. I understand the players were backed into a corner, but the way this is going is unacceptable.

  9. If the fines go to charity, then isn’t that a tax write off for the league, please school me because it sure seems like theres more behind the fines than just player safety. This is absurd! I hate what Goodell has done to this great game. He is a disgrace and really needs to go away. He was not meant to be a part of football. He should have been a thief instead.

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