Akers misses first field goal try against Philly

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One of the most underrated story lines of Week Four comes from the return of kicker David Akers to Philadelphia.  Akers capped a dozen years with the Eagles by missing a pair of field goals in a playoff loss of the Packers, at a time when Akers was dealing with a serious health issue — the question of whether his young daughter has cancer.  (She did, but she is now doing well and her prognosis is good.)

After the game, coach Andy Reid called out Akers.  And even though the Eagles applied the transition tag to Akers, they drafted a new kicker (Alex Henery) and then after the lockout the tag was rescinded and Akers moved on.

He’s back in Philly today.  The Niners’ first drive sputtered at the Eagles’ 27, and Akers (who has made a pair of 50-plus-yard field goals) missed from 44.

After the play, San Fran coach Jim Harbaugh was livid (is he ever not?) and for good reason — a replay showed that Eagles receiver Jason Avant jumped onto the back of a lineman in order to get some extra spring.

The ensuing Eagles drive ended with a deep ball from Mike Vick that was intercepted by cornerback Carlos Rogers, who did something he rarely did in D.C.:  He caught the ball.

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  1. The Dream Team……..They bring out the best in teams..
    They cheat and.still loose
    Another Eagle lose.
    Cry Eagles cry, on the road to misery,,,,E A G L E S ….Stink !

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