Bone-headed penalty takes away Texans touchdown

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: The Texans have absolutely dominated action Sunday, but have kept the other team involved because of missed opportunities.

Houston held the ball for over 21 minutes in the first half against Pittsburgh and lead 10-0 at the break.  It should be 17-0, but a penalty overturned a blocked field goal touchdown as time was running out in the first half.

Texans safety Danieal Manning was called for a block in the back that killed the touchdown.  He was hitting the holder on the punt (Daniel Sepulveda) who was 15 yards behind the play.  Oy.  It was Houston’s eighth penalty of the half.

On the bright side, Houston has looked like the better team by far despite Andre Johnson’s injury. Then again, the Texans looked like the better team in the first half against New Orleans last week too.

UPDATE: The Texans are calling the injury a hamstring problem. For now.

24 responses to “Bone-headed penalty takes away Texans touchdown

  1. There is not enough profanity in the world to accurately depict the swell of negative emotions emanating from me at that moment…

  2. People never cease to amaze me. Every flag has been shown and people still want to b@@@h about cheating. Last week against the SAints the Texans had 59 yards worth of penalties. I guess the refs were cheating then too

  3. Actually, the only real 2 bad calls of the first half was the ULC on Mike Wallace for taunting (c’mon, he was nowhere near anyone – he was not in anyone’s face – let that go), and the PF on Pouncey (get real, if you watch the replay the whistle had not blown yet, excuse me, one is supposed to play to the whistle).

  4. pitt fans sure can’t cry and whine about the officials calls in this game – omg………………. it looks like goodel and his boys went heavy on pitt today

  5. Jg725 u r watching this game right? U have seen all of the replays right? U can’t possibly think that u r getting cheated on anything. U can’t dispute it when u see it with ur own eye. Quit ur crying

  6. yourjustjealousofoursoontobe7th says:
    Oct 2, 2011 2:42 PM
    Watch out for the second half. The steelers will dominate, as usual.

    My God kid, how many usernames are you going to make!? Were the first dozen (6rings, 7thlombardiontheway, etc) all blocked or something?

  7. How many tackles is the “great” Polamalu gonna miss? Every game I watch he’s either getting run over or missing tackles. He makes some great plays but dude is a little over hyped and dare I say overrated.

  8. I’m convinced that there are several people using the “six rings” thing on here – hard to believe that just one person could be so moronic.
    As to the game; I’m of course pulling for the Texans to win…..but I can’t help but notice that the announcer – Dan Dierdorf – has some kind of man-love thing for the Steelers. Not often have I heard soooo much bias for a team as he’s showing today!

  9. Hey jealousandugly – I’m not a texan fan at all – and I am watching – I just find it funny how you all think the league “is out to get pitt” and pitt has sure had a bunch of calls go their way today

  10. omg – I just now saw your post about IQ’s – is 188 the cumulative IQ of the entire town of pittsburgh – very funny…..

  11. Matt Schaub has to do better in the redzone…

    idk what’s up, but from what I’ve seen the dude is throwing all kinds of imcompletions down there. Guy has runningbacks/tightends/wrs/oline… dunno’ whats up.

  12. @Mr. Wright 212 …

    Yes, you can tell from the score how hard the refs are cheating for us today. First they kept our skinny wideout from terrorizing the poor Texans defenders with his taunts. that killed our first healthy drive of the game. Then they penalized our only effective o-lineman for playing to the whistle, ending a TD opportunity. Yes … I’ll be sure to send them thank-you notes. 🙄

  13. @ravensman …

    Pretty sure it’s one dude, but he’s not a Steelers fan. He’s just riffing on a couple of our super enthusiastic fans. His stuff is so over-the-top I can’t believe people think he’s serious.

    Dierdorf played for the St. Louis Cards. I’m not hearing any extra love from him for us. He just thinks Houston is making absolutely moronic mistakes–and he’s right. We may deserve to lose for not playing a great game, but they deserve to lose for being stupid …

  14. What was he thinking?!?
    That’s just it. Professional athletes are splendid physical specimens BUT THEY DON’T DO ALOT OF THINKING. When they do, they get themselves in trouble! LOL

  15. @Deb;
    Every game I watch that Dierdorf announces he seems to show bias toward one team. When it’s the team you support, he’s almost tolerable. But if he likes the opposing team he is highly annoying. Nothing against you or any other Steeler fan, but when the Steelers play, I’m cheering for the opposing team – for obvious reasons. 🙂
    The horrible penalties against the Texans turned a decisive win for them into a nail biter. Had it not been for those boneheaded plays, they would have had 14 more points on the scoreboard. Definitely a lack of discipline on a few of the defenders.
    I don’t think the troll(s) is a fan of any team. Trolls only like to stir things up. On one board he had over 1100 thumbs down; which shows him that people are reading and reacting to his statements – giving him fuel to continue.

  16. Hey Deb,
    I agree, the guy is just a jerk who is trying to give Steeler fans a bad rep plus generate posts for PFT.
    I think any true Steeler fan would be humbled by the way our team is playing this year.

  17. @ravensman …

    I know people dislike Dierdorf, but I’ve always been okay with him–probably because he’s an ex o-lineman. He pays more attention to play in the trenches, and I like that.

    No offense taken. But I’m having a hard time remembering I’m supposed to be rooting for the Jets 😉

    @rougwave …

    Yes, I think it’s going to be a long year for us.

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