Flacco, Sanchez turn in dreadful games as Ravens beat Jets

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An NFL record five return touchdowns helped make up for some of the ugliest quarterback play you’ll ever see as the Ravens beat the Jets 34-17 in Baltimore Sunday night.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had a lousy game, going more than two full quarters between complete passes and checking in with a passer rating of 37.4 — and he was the better quarterback on the field Sunday night. The Jets’ Mark Sanchez had a passer rating of 30.5, and in an NFL season in which quarterbacks have been putting up video-game numbers, it was shocking to see two well-known quarterbacks play so badly.

But there was plenty of scoring, despite that terrible quarterback play — or, really, largely because of that terrible quarterback play.

It started with Ravens safety Ed Reed knocking the ball out of Sanchez’s hand and Jameel McClain picking up the fumble and running six yards for the game’s first score. On the ensuing kickoff, Joe McKnight raced 107 yards for the longest play in Jets history to even the score 7-7.

Baltimore’s Jarret Johnson later scored on a 26-yard fumble return to put the Ravens up 27-7, but New York’s David Harris got the Jets back into it with a 35-yard return of a Flacco interception.

The Jets failed to keep it interesting, however, as Sanchez telegraphed a pass to Santonio Holmes and Lardarius Webb stepped in front of it and ran 73 yards for a score.

Flacco and Sanchez both completed less than one-third of their passes, but someone had to win, and thanks to those three defensive touchdowns, it was the Ravens.

78 responses to “Flacco, Sanchez turn in dreadful games as Ravens beat Jets

  1. The only bright spots were on the defense. SOOOO inconsistent. This offensive line needs to get it’s poop together or the Jets are dead in the water before the season even starts. That game was gross. (Happy, RichM? See you next week 😉 )

  2. I guess it’s too soon to put busts of these two next to Otto Graham in the HOF, huh? When D coordinators get enough tape on their opponents, this is what happens. I just hope the media will start to soft peddle their seemingly insatiable desire to find “elite” QBs. That was their line over the past two years with both these dudes, as it now is with the new rook in Carolina. Get enough tape on them, see how Ds scheme against them, and THEN, if they’re successful, start planning the creation of the statue in Canton.

  3. Ravens defense absolutely DOMINATED the pathetic Jets/Sanchez offense.

    Note to Rex Ryan:
    Spend less time on your foot fetishes, less time at the buffet line, and MUCH less running your mouth and more time letting others coach your team and maybe you will realize your team AND yourself are highly overrated.

    Jets: biggest frauds
    Ryan: biggest foot freak jerkoff
    Sanchez: biggest freak period

  4. Just a wild guess, but after watching my Steelers this afternoon and the Jets tonight, I believe we’re going to see two different contenders in the AFC Championship this year. The Ravens can get there … but if Flacco has more games like this one, someone will have to protect him from his own defense 😉

  5. Both teams have defenses that can make QB’s look very bad. Joe started off strong but looked terrible after the beginning of the second qtr. The difference is that our running game is better, our line today was better and our defense is way better than what the Jets trot out on the field.

    Finally, our coaching staff is better. Rex is still pissed that he wasn’t hired for the Bmore job. Since he has run the Jets he has played us twice. Once at home (the opening of the new stadium) and once here. Both games were Raven wins. The first by one point the second by 3 scores.

    Let’s dispense with the notion that Baltimore made the wrong choice by taking Harbaugh over Ryan. The reason our front office took Harbs is because they didn’t want the bombast that is Rex. The other reason is that in his interview Rex basically through Brian Billick under the bus in order to try and get the job. That really turned off Ozzie and Steve B. So he really has no one to blame but himself. I loved Rex as a DC. I think he is a very good head coach, but I think his shelf life is limited because of the way he does things.

    In any case, another win by the Ravens. Time to shut up Rexy. And for all the Jets fans out there lets give a cheer….

    J-E-T-S….. Jets! Jets!! Jets!!!

  6. nyjalleffingday

    How can you post such negative things about the Dolphins all the time when the Jets are a non playoff team as well?

    The Jets are horrible this year!!!!!!

    At least the Dolphins can look forward to Andrew Luck next season, you guys are still stuck with Sanchez and as long as he is on the Jets they will continue to keep the longest streak in the NFL of wining another Superbowl.

  7. thepowerofgreen says:
    Oct 3, 2011 12:01 AM
    The refs and the Jets worked together to lose the game…the Ravens didn’t beat anybody

    The Ravens defense out-scored the Yets offense…

    There’s your game.

    Can’t blame the refs for the Yets offense out-sucking Joe Flacco.

    Next week the Yets (and their fans) get to back up their trash talking of New England. Of course, if they get their a$$es kicked, either it’ll be the ref’s fault of it will be a “meaningless regular season” game.

  8. Haha, the Jets’ coach is so fat. He must eat a lot of food on account of how fat he is. Cromartie has a lot of children. Our quarterback is overrated. What an overhyped loud-mouth team.

    But you know what? We’ll never give up. Because we’ve lost so darn much before Rex showed up. And we believe in this team. And we need this team. And you can hate, and you can hate, and we can lose, but as l0ng as Rex is our coach, we’ll never give up. Because we deserve to be the loudmouths. We deserve to win at last. And anyone who’s ever seen their team struggle can understand that.

  9. Hey Rex maybe you and your O.C. should spend more time in the film room and less time sitting in your office talking about how great you guys are……… just saying.

    Go out and get your a _ _ kicked like a Jet !

  10. lol u crazy jets fan, the ravens OWNed the jets in everyway! is rex ryan seriously going to stick with sanchez? when all is said and done and he is fired in a cpl years for never cashing in on guarantees he is going to look back and regret giving the ball to mark f ing sanchez.
    2-2 coming to FOXboro good luck.
    -in bill we trust

  11. the refs seem to either not know the rules or are blind……

    when a kicker hits the turf there are reasons for it.
    when a dude calls for a fair catch and runs anyway, that is a penalty…..
    well today it wasnt

  12. Ravens would have been better off not letting the offense on the field (with the exception of Ray Rice). 14 points the Jets scored that didn’t go against the Ravens defense.

  13. yea flacco had a bad game. the team won against the jets. it was a team win. if you can win against a good team while your quarterback stinks, that is a good sign. i’m happy for the ravens at 3-1 going into a bye week.

  14. What a yawner, even the guys in the booth were bored. It took 20 minutes for the clock to go from 11 to 9 in the 4th quarter.

  15. Jets fans: get used to this. These games will happen when you have an awesome defense and lackluster offense going up against a great defense. To me, the game was anything but gross, but that’s because I’m used to the ravens winning with defense.

    You guys will get better, you have a good coach and a good core on D. Missing your starting Center didn’t help. Good game, because I have learned to love these defensive struggles here in Bmore. Go get the pats next week.

    Go Ravens!

  16. @ thepowerofgreen:”The refs and the Jets worked together to lose the game…the Ravens didn’t beat anybody”


    Yeah, except the Jets!

    They lost!

  17. No truth to the rumor that Flacco and Sanchez were seen in the tunnel before the game having a chugging contest with bottles of cough syrup. It just looked like that watching them play.

  18. Just think how great the Jets would be if they had a good quarterback like maybe, Freeman? But on the other hand, Sanchez got more wideouts to show up to his USC pro day in Los Angeles than Freeman did in Manhattan, Kansas, so the Jets did right

  19. I really felt like that one fumble should have been an incomplete pass.And as much as everyone would like to jump on Sanchez for his poor performance, you really can’t blame the guy. Seemed like he had guys in his face every time he dropped back.

  20. The Jets should be 1-3 actually. They’re horrible. And Sanchez might be one of the three worst QBs in the league. They certainly “played like a Jet” today.

  21. Shucks … don’t be so hard on your own QBs. They were probably extremely hard and now they feel terrible. This isn’t going to cheer them up.

    If they have another game in the post season, it will be an entirely different kind of outcome.

    Our back-up QB got into the game late in the 4th quarter and threw a ball too high and it got deflected and then picked off. The game wasn’t in danger …. but no-one is going to criticize him for coming in cold and taking his best shot at a third and long. Next time he gets an opportunity to uncork one he’ll probably do much better.

  22. @305phinfan

    Because 1) the Jets are a playoff team recently, 2) the Jets hit a nasty rut because of the complete collapse of the offensive line, 3) we have one of the best centers in the league coming back to help next week and one a really good O-Line coach to help get us out of that rut and 4) The Dolphins have just all out been miserable, and are clearly sucking for Luck at this point. That’s why.

  23. bspurloc says:

    when a kicker hits the turf there are reasons for it.
    when a dude calls for a fair catch and runs anyway, that is a penalty…..
    well today it wasnt
    A) One of those reasons is getting shoved into the kickers plant leg by a blocker. Don’t worry, Collinsworth didn’t see it either.
    B) He actually has to make the fair catch for that rule to apply. The ball hit the ground.

  24. thepowerofgreen employed what had to be sarscasm and says: “The refs and the Jets worked together to lose the game…the Ravens didn’t beat anybody”

    The best part of this is that even the homer analysts won’t be putting the Jets near the top of their power rankings now. Joe Willie was right.

  25. Jets fans are right, the refs really looked crappy letting Revis hold Torrey Smith all night, he torched Revis.

    Whos defense is old, not the Ravens, Lewis looked like he was 25. Who has holes in the O line, not the Ravens, they pounded the Jets

    I dont think I saw Bart Scott. Keep talking Jets, no one is listening.

  26. Mark Sanchez is lucky he’s good looking or else he would be stocking groceries by now. I keep waiting for him to break out, and he does show flashes of talent every now and then and he’s very solid in the post-season, but there are only so many times you can sleep walk through the regular season and get away with it. Most of the time, Sanchez just has a very vacant, shallow look about him. He just seem lost out there.

    Jets fans – you must know by now that Mark Sanchez is not going to lead you to the promised land, right? Be honest with yourselves. It’s time to start looking for a new franchise quarterback.

  27. The media love to play up the games as battles between quarterbacks. Quarterbacks get too much credit and criticism for their teams success and failures.

    In tennis, it’s one person and the criticism is warranted. But last time I saw, football is a team sport. individuals don’t win the game. Teams do.

  28. Rex is right, the jets defiantly look like a Superbowl contender. I think Mark should do another GQ spread, cause his football career still don’t look very promising. Go lions!!

  29. Neither of these QB’s are leading their teams to a Super Bowl. Last night exposed both of these guys as the overrated names that they are.

    Flacco was 0-12 between the 2nd and 3rd quarter! 0-12!

  30. backindasaddle

    Did you even watch the game the defense was playing pretty good and no the Baltimore did not ram the running game down their throat, maybe watch the game next time before you comment.

    Oh yeah by the way the o line lost the game for us

  31. “well-known QBs” does not mean “good QBs”. Their performances are actually pretty consistent with expectations of these two. Some early playoff success, due largely to their defences, has brought media attention to Flacco and Sanchez, but neither warrants it. Middling QBs at best who will disappoint more often than not.

  32. i found it amusing when the ref, after reviewing one of sanchez’s many fumbles announced “after reviewing the play, the quarterback’s arm was moving forward……[Rex starts pumping his fist wildly] …….WITHOUT the ball”. Ryan was so incredulous he called a timeout to complain.

  33. hay1111 says: Oct 3, 2011 12:03 AM

    Imagine what the Jets could be if they had a QB. Sanchez stiiiinks
    So true, yet the Jets and their fans haven’t figured it out yet, crazy.

    He has a popgun arm and when your DB’s sit on the quick hitches, he’s done.

    The Jets will go nowhere with him at the helm, he’s holding them back.

  34. forthelove says:
    Oct 3, 2011 9:16 AM
    Can we please stop calling Flacco and elite QB now.

    Voted down 5 to 3 (as of now). Haha keep praying Ravens fans. Middle of the pack at best.

  35. forthelove says:

    Then again, gotta respect you guys for standing by your QB. Unlike the donkey fans….
    Oh come on. I’m no Broncos fan, but Joe has taken the Ravens well into the playoffs every year since his rookie season. He deserves the props. In Denver, Josh’s tinkering cost the “Donkeys” a Pro Bowl QB and left them with a guy who talks a good training camp and isn’t worth a nickel once the season starts. All those fans want is a look at their first-round, National Championship-winning, Heisman Trophy-winning QB. I don’t think Tebow has the system knowledge or throwing mechanics to make a successful NFL QB, but you can’t blame them wanting to see for themselves.

  36. Flacco is not elite, yet. But he is a darn good QB and will get better. He has a nice touch on the softer throws. He has a cannon to get it down field and overall is pretty accurate.

    Give the defenses credit for making both QBs look bad last night.


  37. Flacco hasn’t taken the Ravens anywhere and deserves no props. If anything, he’s held back a team with a great defense and running game,. Flacco in the postseason has completed 47% of his passes w/1 TD and 6 INTs. Balti keeps bringing in receiver after receiver and nothing helps.

    Cutler wasn’t McDaniels fault, he shot his way out of Denver. Although he did make the Pro Bowl in 2008, now they’re trying to run Cutler out of Chicago. He’s no bargain either. Orton is way down on the huge list of Denver’s probs. Fox inherited Tebow and knows he’s not an NFL QB. Just another one of Denver’s poor draft picks(McDaniels was not the GM) during that period. Can’t just throw away the season.

  38. Listen to ppdoc, still apologizing for Stinky Joe Flacco — I guess every horrible excuse for a pass was Rice’s fault, too? Tsk tsk. When will you learn, the Ravens are a good team with a lead weight for a QB, who will eventually sink them come playoff time.

  39. @tedmurph …

    Okay, I’m not a big stats hound. Prefer going by what I see. In last year’s divisional round against Pittsburgh, both of Baltimore’s veteran imports, Housh and Boldin, dropped on-the-money passes from Flacco that would have won the game for Baltimore. How is that Joe’s fault?

    People love to point out Ben’s horrible Super Bowl stats, too. But I can tell you from going through those 21 years between Bradshaw and Roethlisberger–years in which we had top-ranked defenses, great running games, and some of the best offensive lines in the league–that you have to have the field general to win consistently. Without Ben, the Steelers would never have made SB XL or XLIII. Of course you need more than a QB to win. But for every Dilfer and Brad Johnson, Super Bowl history has many more Starrs, Bradshaws, Montanas, Bradys, and Aikmans.

    I’ve been a longtime critic of Ben’s because I don’t think he works hard enough and isn’t as good as he could be. But he’s gifted with natural ability and sandlot instincts. Flacco isn’t that good, but he’s still better than most QBs in the league. Zorn had his numbers up across the board last year, and they fired him to satisfy Cam Cameron. Maybe instead of blaming the QB, the Ravens should be blaming the OC … you know, that guy who took the Dolphins to 1-15.

  40. Flacco had his hands tied the first 3 seasons. This year they are letting him go. Last night he made an OUTSTANDING play as he shook off defenders, scrambled around the pocket and finally unloaded a pass to Rice for a first down. NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THAT PLAY TODAY. But they should. And they will when they start seeing that on a more regular basis.

    Watch out you all. Flacco is only just beginning to show his talents.

  41. @Deb

    You just made my point for me. I wouldn’t criticise Roethlisberger’s stats. He ain’t pretty sometimes, but he’s a proven winner that can usually make a big play when he needs to, an elite QB. What’s Flacco ever done? Even when the Ravens blew out the Pats in the playoffs he only threw about 6 passes. It’s a QB league. Also, I have yet to see an OC throw a pass. Miami sucks because they don’t have a QB either, or much else for that matter. CCameron didn’t have much trouble coaching Rivers in SD. Even Sanchez is more help to his team than Flacco, with less natural ability. Wouldn’t say Flacco is better than most, middle of the pack.

  42. @tedmurph …

    Don’t think we’re that far apart in our assessment. You have Joe in the middle, and I’ve got him closer to the upper third. This season will tell the tale. It should be the Ravens’ year. If Flacco doesn’t step up to the next level, we’ll all have to admit something’s lacking.

  43. Fair enough, but I’m not giving up on the Pats just yet. I know it’s blind loyalty, still, no trophy given out in Oct.

  44. @tedmurph …

    I’d never give up on any team with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick at the helm. I don’t want to give up on the Steelers, but I’m so angry about our mess of an offensive line I could just spit.

  45. Yeah, not looking great there. Pats were real lucky to get Waters off the scrap heap. Steelers can’t stop the run either. 8 out of last 11 SB losers didn’t make the playoffs. Weird. Still, you never know. Looking at the sched, I don’t see too many losses, even the way they’re playing. Should almost make the playoffs by default.

  46. tedmurph, you got to be kidding me. What has Flacco ever done?!!!!
    – Playoffs in first 3 years as QB. A nice winning record so far:
    2008 13-6
    2009 10-8
    2010 13-5
    2010 3-1
    Total 39-20
    You want to talk about the Pats game? Why should he pass when the Pats can’t stop the run? You keep running and run the clock out – game over. Anybody can figure that out, except you I guess.
    Sanchez is more help to his team? Man, your comments get stupider the more you type. He couldn’t climb his way out of a paper bag and he is more of a help?!!!!
    You, are the reason most forums suck. I bet if you called any talk show with this nonsence they would laugh you off the air.

    Granted Flacco isn’t Aaron Rogers or Peyton Manning but he is sure a heck of a lot better than most, Stop hating fool.

  47. You’d think so, but with that line my nephew’s pee wee team could get to Roethlisberger. The run defense blows my mind. It’s like 2009 Redux. I understood why we missed the playoffs after SBXL. Ben was playing hurt and Cowher had already checked out mentally. But 2009 and again this season? It’s like they hand out Kryptonite whenever we leave the Super Bowl. Although watching the lackluster way the team ran into Jerrah’s World in February, I believe they got their dose early for XLV.

    Still think we could turn it around if we bring back Flozell and make some other adjustments. But if they’re determined to play with that line, they should pull Roethlisberger now. He costs too much to sacrifice to stupidity.

  48. Ravens record is despite Flacco not because of him. They win because of defense and running game. Not a Sanchez fan, but can’t argue the fact that he’s been to two AFC championship games. Made many big plays in the postseason. Can’t think of one big play by Flacco in his 4-3/ 53%/4TD/7INT postseason performance. Not a top 12 QB by anyone’s standards, except a blind fan. 2010: 20th in NFL passing. 2009: 18th. 2008: 28th. This yr: 19th. The very def of mediocrity. Laugh it up pal, those are the facts.

  49. Watch out you all. Flacco is only just beginning to show his talents.


    22nd in passer rating this yr, just behind Tavaris Jackson.

  50. The Ravens have won SEVERAL games BECAUSE OF FLACCO. You obviously don’t pay attention to what he has done. And I’m not going to waste my time pulling up the drives that he orchestrated in games to win. You keep hating and I’ve taken note on your man crush for Sanchez.

  51. tedmurph says:

    Not a Sanchez fan, but can’t argue the fact that he’s been to two AFC championship games. Made many big plays in the postseason.
    Excellent point.

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